Hinata's Little Black Book

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Warning: Contains Major OOCness

Inspired by cosplay: Cup of Ramen

Love is an irresistable desire to be irresistibly desired.- Robert Frost

Hinata Hyuuga was thought to be a shy and gentle girl. Most thought she would be a better nurse then ninja. They were half right.

She was extremely shy. So much so that people assumed her 'finger pointing' was a nervous habit. She was by no means gentle. Hinata was very subtle. While her timid-ness inhibited her when fighting friends and family; Hinata could defend against enemies and poison with the best of them.

It was well known to those who knew her that Hinata had a monstrous crush on Naruto Uzumaki. No one knew why. The reason would have blown their minds.

Naruto was the vessel of the fox demon Kyuubi. Despite all laws and lies spread for her generations benefit, Hinata knew this and loved him for it. The young girl was first drawn to the boy for his ability to smile no matter what. That trait started her crush, and she stalked him.

All the jeers confused and angered the girl at first; all the hate filled looks sent at the blonde was a puzzle. Hinata put two and two together. She understood. The first few times flashes of red appeared in his blue eyes confirmed it. Hinata Hyuuga's crush turned into full-blown admiration and devotion.

So she watched from afar; her shyness preventing her from speaking out. Hinata focused only on the blonde bombshell. Bombshell. Hinata sometimes wondered when he would explode and wreak beautiful destruction.

He was her world. Her safe place; whenever the shorthaired girl saw him she tapped her two index fingers together. But it was not a nervous habit. In her mind she was counting names, each touch of fingertips striking down another for damnation.

Her blush wasn't because of her crush. At least not the way her sensei thought. No, she blushed at the thoughts of killing people. So Hinata watches from a distance, and slowly plots revenge of the strictest detail for them both.

When he cheered her on at the chuunin exam she thought she would cry from happiness. But she must not seem weak in front of her Oni-sama, so she did her best to burn family bridges.

Hinata has a little black book. She can't remember everything. Once Kiba found it; he thought it was her diary and read it. The dog user was a little upset to find the only thing in the book was a list of names that seemed to include everyone but him. Kurenai, Iruka, Shino, and most of the rookie nine were also missing from the list but he didn't notice that.

Hinata has a dream. She wants to make herself stronger. Someday Naruto-kun will reach his potential. When that day comes Hinata will be by his side with her little black book, checking off the names of the dead.