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Now, onto our story… Eurotrip!


Eurotrip – Chapter 1

"Come on Kim, it's starting! We don't want to miss this!"

Kim struggled to keep her grip on her boyfriend's hand, as he weaved and dodged his way through the crowd. Several times, she had to call back an apology to someone they had jostled in his enthusiastic attempts to get near the front. Finally, she pulled back on his hand, almost pulling him off his feet.

"Ron, the changing of the Guard isn't for another fifteen minutes, we have plenty of time."

Ron sighed, but slowed his pace, looking back often to make sure she was still behind him. Kim just grinned at his enthusiasm, it was the same way at Christmas with him.

They reached the front, and the pair stood together, hands entwined, his thumb lightly rubbing across the top of her hand as he tried to wait patiently.

"This is going to be so badical. Rufus buddy, you don't want to miss this!"

The small pink head of his little buddy poked out from his pocket, giving a huge yawn. When he opened his eyes, he quickly spotted the red, white, and black garbed guardsman standing by the entrance. His eyes trailed up the overly large, black fur hats atop their heads, and he quickly scrambled up to Ron's shoulder for a better view.

"Gonna be just a couple minutes buddy. I'm glad we were able to bring Rufus along on our trip."

"Well, it's easy to get an exemption when you save the Prime Minister of Great Britain from a Motor Ed rampage. I'm just glad Wade was able to call that in before they put him in quarantine."

Ron heard a sudden noise, and whirled quickly. "Oh KP, it's starting, this is going to be so cool."

Ron's exuberance was contagious, and she found herself eager to see this as well. Really though, she was looking forward to this entire trip. A full month in Europe, just to enjoy themselves and relax, it was something she had never really had a chance to do before. Quite often on vacation, she'd be looking after her brothers, or trying to avoid embarrassment from her parents, but for this month, it was just her and Ron, alone and together. Of course, this trip almost didn't happen.


"No, I won't let you two go to Europe by yourselves."

Kim was almost aghast. "But dad, everyone else is okay with it."

"Hon, maybe you should hear her out first." Mrs. Possible stood in the doorway, watching the conversation with rapt attention.

"I take it you agreed to this?"

Andrea just sighed. "Hon, I think it's perfectly fine for them to do this. They've just finished high school, and they'll be going to college in a couple months."

Kim jumped in at the pause, stating her case. "There are so many things we've never gotten to see, even when our missions took us there. We'd always be jumping back home before we got to see anything. Plus, you said we could before."

"That was before I learned it was just you and Ronald that were planning on going. If you really want to go to Europe, why don't you wait till next year, and then the whole family can go."

Kim's eyes widened, and she looked pleadingly to her mother. Andrea just smiled faintly. "Dear, don't you think that's a little hypocritical? After all, we went to Europe together before college."

James raised his eyebrows, as if trying to pass a message without having to say anything out loud. "And that is precisely why Ronald and my Kimmie-cub will not be going."

"James, if Kim and Ron have sex while in Europe, it's because they love each other very much, and if it's not in Europe, they'd do it here anyways, when they're ready for it."

James Possible's eyes went wide, and he sputtered, while Kim went completely red, almost matching her hair. "MOM! We're not… I mean…"

"Besides, you had no problem with them getting an apartment together for when they go to school."

"Because they'll only be twenty minutes away, and not across an ocean, where I… I mean…"

"Where you can keep an eye on them?"

Silence pervaded for a few moments, as James looked towards the floor. Finally, he looked up, and his eyes held no anger, only sorrow. "It's just… I feel like I'm losing my little girl. I thought we'd at least have the summer together before she went off to college, and if she goes to Europe… with Ron…"

Kim moved quickly to her father, pulling him into a hug and holding him tight. "Dad, I'm always going to be your little Kimmie-cub. Going to college or Europe, that's not going to change anything. Besides, I'll still be here for most of August, when we get back."

James held his daughter close, a single tear running down his cheek, as he laid his head atop Kim's. He closed his eyes, relishing the contact with his only daughter. "This is what you really want to do, is it?"

"It is."

He pulled back, and smiled down at his daughter. "Then you two make sure to have fun. Just… not TOO much fun."



Kim smiled as she remembered their departure from Middleton airport, how her father had hugged her tightly right up until the final call sounded. Her musings were interrupted when Ron suddenly pulled her forward.

"Come on KP, let's go in for a closer look now that they're done."

Rufus gripped the back of Ron's head, looking over at Kim. "Yuhhuh… closer."

Kim laughed as they made their way closer, Ron practically bouncing as they made their way forward. "What's so fascinating anyways? They're just standing there."

Ron's grin belied a mischievous grin. "You can't tell me you don't want to test them out."

Kim got a very confused look on her face, as the image she received was not a good one. "Test them out? What are you…"

"Come on KP, you know what I mean. These guys apparently don't flinch or move, no matter what you say to them. I'm going to put that to the test today!"

Ron's chuckle was almost evil, sounding similar to what they had heard on occasion from Senor Senior Senior, and Kim began to worry that maybe their first stop in England should not have been to Buckingham Palace. Spending their first night upon arriving in Europe in jail would not be a great way to start, but it didn't seem Ron held the same reservations.

When they reached the guard post, Kim just sat back and watched, as Ron pulled every facial expression and body contortion in the book. If this had been Middleton, she would have been bright red with embarrassment, hoping that no one they knew saw them. Of course, she was still embarrassed, just not as much with fewer people she might know about.

Of course, embarrassment didn't keep her from laughing at some of Ron's antics. Like when he grabbed his own leg, brought it up to his face, and started licking his own shoe. It was actually quite inventive, though she'd have to remind herself to get him to brush his teeth before she kissed him again.

Despite his tricks not working, nothing seemed to curb his excited behaviour, and to be honest with herself, she was quite excited as well. Even the plane ride over had been enjoyable, considering they hadn't had to ride in the cargo bay for once.


"Oh man KP, I can't believe we're going to Europe for a whole month! England, France, Spain, Italy… ohhh… we have to stop by Switzerland for the chocolates!"

Ron was practically bouncing in his seat, and Kim had to lay a restraining hand on his arm. "I'm excited too Ron, but if you don't stop fidgeting, I think they're going to try and restrain you or something."

Ron settled down a bit, but not too much. "Sorry KP, but this is the first time you and me have gone on a vacation alone, just the two of us. A whole month with just my beautiful and bon-diggity girlfriend, no parents, no school." He leaned over, giving her a quick kiss. "This is going to be the best summer ever!"


Ron looked almost sullen when he headed back to Kim. "Nothing! Absolutely nothing! I got more of a reaction out of Quinn." He turned quickly, shaking his fist at the guard. "What kind of unfeeling monster are you?"

"Don't worry about it Ron, it's no big."

"I spent all week working on my routine. Even just a twitch would have made me happy."

Kim just grinned, giving him a quick kiss. "Well, they are trained not to react at all, remember? I mean, if they did, then… what's he doing?"

Ron looked back at the guard, and could see the expression on his face change from dead serious to a twitching grin. It was only a couple of seconds later when he started to shift about. Finally, giving up all pretense of decorum, he started grabbing at his sides, almost dancing about, and laughing frantically. A crowd drew around, watching the spectacle with amusement. Finally, after a couple of minutes, a little pink head poked out from the guards collar, and leapt to the ground.

Rufus scampered up Ron's pant leg, and tucked himself quickly into Ron's pocket, though Kim and Ron could both hear the little mole rat giggling like crazy. With Rufus gone, the guard straightened up quickly, almost as if he had never moved. The only sign he had we the tears still present on his checks, and the redness of his face from laughing and his embarrassment.

Ron pulled open the pocket to look down at the still chattering Rufus. "I think it's cheating when you tickle him like that little buddy."

Rufus just shrugged, and resumed laughing.

Kim just shook her head. "Now that you boys are done, how about we grab some lunch. I'm starving! That airplane food wasn't that great."

Ron just raised his nose, and threw in his best English accent. "Jolly good idea. I could do with a spot of bangers and mash!"

Now Kim could not hold in the laughter any further. Taking his hand in hers, they headed out. "Come on, I saw a restaurant down this way."

The pair walked quickly, pausing only briefly to take in the sights as they walked. It was several minutes later before Ron asked the question that had been plaguing him for some time. "KP, what are bangers and mash anyways?"


Author's Notes – Well, I hope you'll all enjoy this, let us know what you think. Johnrie18 has the next couple of chapters, and he has some fun ideas ahead for everyone. Stay tuned!