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Last week I almost lost my life. But much worse, I almost lost Sam.

It was an average day, on the road- driving to the next town. I vaguely recall Sam's thundering snores as the only reason for my consciousness. We had both taken a beating in the last gig; a nasty ghost with a fetish for breaking people's necks. While we had both escaped without that misfortune, I was sporting a ruggedly handsome black eye and Sam had ten stitches above his eyebrow. We were both exhausted and lucky for Sam- he got to relieve that exhaustion as was clearly apparent from his outpour of what is most accurately described as a cross between a fighter jet and a car with no muffler.

I repeatedly found myself nodding off and at one point my head bounced painfully off the steering wheel. I was an instant away from waking Sam or pulling off the road to nap when I noticed a car broken-down on the side of the road and a particularly fine damsel in distress. Grinning weakly I realized God was smiling on me today. I pulled off the road and not bothering to wake Sammy I approached the leggy red-head who was frustratedly prodding her cell phone.

"Broke down?" I asked casually as I strode up to her, a stunning vision of a knight in white armor.

"Yah," she distractedly answered as she swatted her hair out of her face. "My cell phone's not working either, how very convenient."

"Mind if I take a look?" I questioned while bending to check under her hood.

"Oh sure, that would be great- I know little to nothing about cars," she smiled as she stuck out her hand and introduced herself as Tonya.

"I'm Dean," I answered as I took her hand in response and then bent back to peer at the car's internal organs. "Well Tonya, it appears that everything is in working order."

"Really? I can't get it to start. I've tried like a hundred times," she said indignantly.

"I'll just try it once more, for the hell of it," I smiled as I sat behind the wheel and placed the key in the ignition. The car started with perfect ease. That's when I first thought that something was up.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it! Look's like you've got the magic touch," Tonya approached me as I stepped out of her car. "I can't thank you enough."

"It was nothing," I answered uneasily; it really was nothing.

"No, it was great…" she smiled "…and that's why I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?" I queried confoundedly.

Just as the words left my mouth I was immediately gripped by four strong hands and wrestled into submission.

"What the hell?" I shouted furious at my capture.

"Sorry baby," Tonya smiled slyly as she rubbed a finger down the side of my face. "We've all gotta make a living somehow. We steal cars. And I couldn't resist this one," she laughed as she walked over to stoke my car, that…

"Bitch." I cursed vehemently and attempted again to break free from the two bearded goons that held me. I had realized with a sudden stab of pain that Sam, my idiot brother, had somehow managed to sleep through the whole ordeal and was sitting naively in the back seat of the car these thieves were about to steal.

The taller of the two goons cuffed me hard, conveniently on the same side of my face as my previously obtained bruises. I fell down without realizing why and blinked back the sudden wave of dizziness that was causing my world to tilt.

"Look," I began, hating the way my voice came out almost pleading. "My brother, he's sleeping in the back. Can you just let him out please?"

"Your brother?" Tonya cackled. "Oh this is getting interesting."

"Just let him go, you can take the car- you don't need him," I moaned while pushing myself awkwardly back to my feet. I could feel the blood running down the side of my face, could taste the salty sweat of panic.

"Greg," Tonya ordered. "Go get the brother out of the car and bring him here."

I was released by the shorter goon; Greg apparently, and quickly realized my chances of escape had increased- if I could just reach my knife…

Sam, with the look of someone just surprised from slumber, was dragged by Greg out of the car.

"Dean?" he frantically prodded.

"Umm, I kinda screwed-up," I muttered annoyed at his face of angered concern. As Sam questioned first Tonya and then Greg and even the nameless goon holding me I shifted slightly, taking advantage of Sam's badgering to reach my knife.

"Ohhh not so quick," Tonya haughtily strode towards me, catching my grasping hand and twisting it with surprising strength. I could feel bones breaking in my hand, the cracks hung dry in the air and Sam winced forlornly.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" I groaned as I keeled and once again almost fell. Tonya reached to take the knife from my back pocket and gently caressed it in front of my face.

"Looking for this?" She laughed loudly. "Here you can have it."

And with speed I was not expecting in my pain-induced state, she shoved the knife deep into my abdomen.

"NO!" Sam screamed and almost broke-free from Greg.

I blurrily recall exhaling and then realized frantically that I couldn't inhale. This time I did fall to my knees and kneeled there gasping for the oxygen that would not come. I could fuzzily see Sam fighting and kicking both Greg and the other goon who apparently had loosed his hold on me, as they attempted to drag him to the car.

Why were they taking Sam? They just need the car. I tried to call out- tried to stop them, but instead I just coughed blood. I had two thoughts as I watched my impala and my brother stolen down the road. First was "how could I be so stupid?" Second, "you're never gonna get away with this." And that's when my face met ground and all thought stopped.