Heavenly Sins - Greed

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer: If I owned Final Fantasy VII, Cid would have been a datable choice and they'd have married in Advent Children. Aren't you glad I don't own it?

Author's Note: Should I have started more themes when I haven't finished my last one? Probably not, but oh well. Here we'll have fourteen CidxCloud fics based on the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. I'm putting them all here, even though they're for two different communities on Live Journal. Unless otherwise noted, none of these have anything to do with the others. Some will be during the game, some after… Maybe even a KH one. Oh, and Cid brings language, so expect that too. This fic uses an odd verb tense, but I've wanted to try it… Don't think I'll do it again though, because it's rather difficult to maintain. …Yay for crack couples!

7deadlysins prompt: 1-Greed

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Cid knows that he's a greedy man.

He just can't help it though. When he sees those unnaturally bright blue eyes, that unbelievably spiky blond hair, and the smooth creamy skin that undeniably make up Cloud Strife, he wants to take the younger man in his arms and never let him go. He doesn't care that Cloud is eleven years younger than he is, or that they're both men, only that he wants him so bad that he can taste it, clichés and all.

And he doesn't want to share. Not with Tifa, not with Yuffie, not with Aerith's memory. He doesn't think he has to worry about the latter, since someone who's been dead as long as she has isn't much of a threat, and he thinks Cloud only loved her as a sister anyways. Yuffie doesn't worry him either. She's still as obnoxiously loud and rambunctious as she was as a when they'd first met her. Not Cloud's type at all. And Tifa… Tifa might have been a problem once upon a time, because she really does love him and has for a very long while.

But she had hesitated. And Cid, being greedy, claimed what was his before she had her chance. So as she runs out of Cloud's room, tears streaming down her face after catching the two of them together, he can't help but pity her for her loss. But Cloud is his, and he isn't letting him go anytime soon.

"Should we go after her?" Cid shakes his head, pulling the younger man closer to him.

"No. She'll get over it soon enough. Hell, there's enough hard liquor down there to make her forget in five minutes. It's a damn bar after all." Cloud nods and lays his head on Cid's shoulder, the feather soft hair tickling his face. The older man knows this isn't how he wanted his childhood friend to find out about their secret. The secret that had started when they were after Sephiroth and has continued past the Geostigma incident. But it has happened, and they are finally ready to deal with it.

"Maybe I should take you up on that offer to move to Rocket Town with you… You'll have to bring me back to visit though. Marlene and Denzel won't like it, but they'll live." Cloud doesn't mention Tifa for good reason. She may never accept it, and they both know it.

"Hell, I already come here all the time to see ya' anyways. I'm surprised it took someone so long to find out." Though he doesn't say yes, Cloud understands and wonders where his suitcase is. He'll have to pack before Barret returns and starts ranting.

But for now, Cid continues to hold Cloud in his arms, never letting go of this man he loves so very much. Even with a heartbroken girl downstairs and the threat of a large man coming back soon hanging over their heads. Somehow, he just can't bring himself to care…

He may be greedy when it comes to Cloud, but it's a sin he's willing to bear.