Heavenly Sins - Chastity

by Taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi and Cid's language

Disclaimer: If I owned Final Fantasy VII, Cid would have been a datable choice and they'd have married in Advent Children. Aren't you glad I don't own it?

Author's Note: I really wanted to put something in the future, so I picked the Kingdom Hearts universe. If you aren't familiar with it, well, Wikipedia is your friend. A big knowledge of the game isn't required anyways, since this would be post-game. Oh, and I mess with canon to fit my twisted fantasies. Let's just say you should be glad I didn't make them married like I'd wanted to. I also take great liberties with my characterization; I don't like angst, so call it OOC if you must… I don't have must else to say, so have at it.

7virtues prompt: 4-Chastity

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 05-07-06

Cloud walked towards the Gummi shop, knowing it was still far too early for Cid to have closed up and headed home. So when it came into sight and the lights were still on, the blond knew he'd been right. And he was very glad for that fact. He'd had a rough day chasing after Sephiroth, and now all he wanted to do was be with someone who didn't want to slice his head off…

He opened the door and stepped inside. Cid was sitting behind the counter, reading a magazine, but he looked up when he heard the door shut—

And the glare Cloud received made him wonder if perhaps he'd been better off fighting Sephiroth some more after all.

"Cid? Is something wro—?"

"Where the fuck were you?" Cid cut him off, an evident growl in his tone. "Ya' run off this morning without tellin' me anything, you're gone all day, and ya' still have the gall to come waltzin' in like ya' own the place?" Cloud didn't bother to point out that technically, he did own half of it.

"The same place I always go. You should know by now I'd think. Unless you're getting Alzheimer's in your old age." The last part was in a teasing tone, but Cid was not amused. His scowl deepened considerably.

"You were out chasing after that damn Sephiroth again, weren't ya'? Dammit, ya' spend more time out after his ass than ya' do with me! I'm gonna have to buy ya' a fuckin' chastity belt…" Cloud raised an eyebrow at that. A chastity belt? Surely, he didn't really think… Well, okay, he probably did, but Cloud was going to stop those thoughts posthaste.

"Honestly Cid, Sephiroth and I try to kill each other, not have sex. And you're just being paranoid if you think otherwise." Cid snorted in response, his glare not lessening a single bit. Cloud resisted the urge to tear out his hair and instead settled for letting out an annoyed sigh. "Cid, look at your hand." He reluctantly did so. "Now look at mine." Cloud held out his hand and again, the order was obeyed, but not happily. "What do you see?"

Cid mumbled an answer that was just barely heard, but it was there.

"Yes, rings. Rings that show our loyalty to each other. Do you honestly think I'd sleep around with Sephiroth after all the trouble I went through getting you in the first place?" Cid's anger was finally dissipating, much to the younger blond's relief. The only one of them that was supposed to angst was him, and quite personally, he was in a good mood that day. The last thing he needed was for his life-partner to kill that rare joy he felt.

"Nah, ya' wouldn't… It's just been a rough day. I woke up alone and then a bunch of assholes decided to come in today, and—" Knowing his lover's tirade could go on for a while otherwise, Cloud leaned over the counter and pressed their lips together chastely. …Which, of course, Cid immediately deepened, all thoughts of Sephiroth promptly forgotten.

That night, the shop ended up closing early so Cloud could show his partner exactly why a chastity belt was a bad idea.