Nervousness part 2 by

Plot: all kits are nervous about becoming apprentices right? But some of them have extra worries. This is part two of "nervous ness" t . The part with Briarkit and her brothers takes place during sunrise when Birchfall, Brambleclaw, Brackenfur, Hazeltail, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze are on their journey to find Sol but before Honeyfern dies.

Notes:. I wish I owned Warriors because then I would not have made Molepaw die. Enjoy!

Bumblekit, Briarkit and Blossomkit:

it was a warm leaf bare day in ThunderClan and Millie was outside the nursery with a very pregnant Whitewing. They were watching Millie's kits play. Daisy had taken Toadkit and Rosekit over to hear some stories from Mousefur and Longtail.

"Good job, Bumblekit" Mille told her son, who was practicing the hunter's crouch on a ball of moss. "you're doing very well"

He beamed at his mother. "thanks"

"You both are doing great" Whitewing commented on Briarkit and Blossomkit. They were practicing pouncing on one another.

"thanks whitewing." Briarkit purred.

"We wanna be able to surprise Graystripe when he comes back from patrol." Blossomkit added

Whitewing gave them a smile. "Why don't you practice your skills on Foxpaw when he comes over with some fresh kill?"

"That's a great idea," Blossomkit told her.

"Yeah. We can pretend he's a ShadowClan invader. He'll never know what hit him," Briarkit told her siblings who agreed.

"Okay here he comes. " Millie told them. "Hide behind me and I'll let you know when"

Her children giggled as they hid just as Foxpaw came into sight. The reddish brown tom was carrying a squirrel the size of Blossomkit.

"Here you go," he said through the rabbit's fur as he laid it in front of them although it sounded like '''re foo go"

"Did you catch that?" Whitewing looked at her mate's little brother and Squirelflight's apprentice.

He shuffled his paws. "Yeah it ran away but then squirelflight and i chased after it. It nearly ran up the Sky Oak. Where are you little ones Mille"

"Here we are!" Blossomkit leapt from behind her mother's fur followed by her brothers and tackled Foxpaw. The young tom jumped aside.

Bumblekit gave a little cry that sound like his father's yowl as he pounced on the apprentice. "Gotcha!"

Briarkit winked at her littermate as she and Blossomkit used their hunting crouch and pounced on Foxpaw as well

Through the mass of kits Foxpaw gave whitewing a look "What did I do?"

She let out a chuckle. "Nothing against you, Foxpaw, but they wanted to practice their pouncing skills"

"Oh. Okay, you win" he laughed as Millie's kits got off of him and went over to their mother.

"Wow. You guys are good" He got to his paws with dirt and leaves stuck to his fur. Privately Millie thought he looked like his father Dustpelt at that moment

He pawed the ball of moss that Bumblekit had been playing with earlier and rolled it to the edge of the nursery. "So, are you excited to be apprentices in a few moons?"

"It's that soon?" Bumblekit asked his mother.

Millie's green eyes twinkled as she looked over at her only son. "Yes, Bumblekit. Soon you'll be learning how to hunt and fight. "

"But what if we don't wanna be apprentices?" Blossomkit mewed.

Millie licked her daughter's cheek. "Why wouldn't you want to be an apprentice, sweetie?"

"Cause-cause the other clans will make fun of us for our heritage" she muttered. Bumblekit and Briarkit nodded.

Foxpaw gave her a warm smile. "No they won't. You are a part of ThunderClan and graystripe will claw-" He stopped as squirelflight called his name out. "Whoops. " the apprentice chuckled. " I think my mentor is looking for me. see you around"

"Bye Foxpaw!" the little kits told him.

"Tell Icepaw that I said hello" Whitewing added. The young tom nodded as he left them.

"What was Foxpaw gonna say?" Bumblekit asked his mother.

Millie purred. "I think he was about to say that Graystripe would claw anyone's ear off if they made fun of you."

"Would father really do that?" Briarkit pondered.

Whitewing chuckled and Millie's children looked up at her. "I'm positive he would. " She winced in pain.

Millie looked over at her Clanmate . "are you okay?"

The white cat sighed. "yes, Millie. I am. These little ones are a handful' she looked down at her swollen belly. She looked down at the dark brown she-kit, the pale gray tom and tortishell and white she cat. "anyways " continued, "you three shouldn't be ashamed of being half kittypet. Your mother has become quite the thunderclan warrior"

"But" Bumblekit interjected. "she wasn't born in the clan"

Briarkit batted her brother's ear with a sheathed paw. "Mouse brain! Look at Daisy an' Berrynose an' Hazeltail an' Mousewhisker. They were from the horseplace but now they're a part of the clan"

Whitewing nodded. "and my own father was a kittypet too so I know what you are going through." She lowered her voice . "do you want to know a secret that Brackenfur taught me?

Blossomkit, Briarkit, and Bumblekit purred. "yeah!"

" One day when I was an apprentice, I was not having the best day and I felt like I was a failure. My mentor Brackenfur, who is Brightheart's older brother, told mea a few things I will never forget. He told me that it doesn't matter whether you are a rouge, kittypet, or clan cat, what matters the most is the spirit and heart you put into your training. Also you have to remember the skills that your parents taught you. Brightheart passed on her motherly instincts as well as her determination and Cloudtail gave me his tracking abilities and white pelt"

The kits were in awe. "Wow. That's amazing"

"Brackenfur is a wise cat" Blossomkit said.

" I'm not as wise as Firestar or Graystripe" they looked up and saw brackenfur in front of them. The golden brown tom twitched his whiskers in amusement as he padded up to Whitewing. "How's my favorite pregnant niece doing"

"I'm your only pregnant niece. " she pointed out. "Unless Thornclaw fathered kits I don't know about"

"of course my brother didn't father any kits" He smiled as he sat down and nudged the squirrel to them,. The two queens and three kits immediately dug in to the fresh kill . "I overheard you talking. "

Briarkit looked up at the older warrior, bits of squirrel on her whiskers. " did you mean it? What you told whitewing?"

"Every word of it, . You remind me of Cinderheart when she was a kit, Briarkit. She was the most curious out of all her siblings.. she even asked Sorreltail which specific star in Silverpelt was her aunt Cinderpelt" he recalled the memory with a chuckle.

There was silence while the current residents of the nursery finished the squirrel

Blossomkit gave a huge yawn. "Brackenfur, what was Graystripe like when you were his apprentice?"

Bumblekit looked excited. "yeah, can you tell us? Millie told us what he was like when she met him but I wanna know what he was like beforehand"

"please?" Briarkit meowed.

"Well, since I already did a patrol and hunted, I suppose I could tell you a few stories " he looked over at the queens. Bumblekit and his siblings huddled close together.

"Okay, it was back in the old forest." He began. "I had just been given Graystripe as a mentor while my sister Cinderpelt, StarClan bless her soul, had received Firestar, who was then a warrior named Fireheart as her mentor.... ........"

The end.

Author's notes: how did you like it? I hope I didn't make the cats too out of character.