Broken by WildCroconaw

(author's notes: this fic was written about a month after sunrise came out and a bit before I began posting devon's evil secret)

Summary: written I just finished Sunrise and boy was I shocked! While reading about Honeyfern's death, I was thinking about how her family felt after the burial and I got an idea in my head. Naturally I rushed to type it up before I forgot it , which has happened in ah, certain cases-

Mia1986: coughScarssequelcough

(WC ignores her) This is from the POV of Cinderheart. I don't know how was born first but I am saying that Honeyfern was the oldest and then Cinderheart, Molepaw and Poppyfrost (I have no clue if that is even correct) .I don't own sunrise so forgive me if I bungle any thing up. I am just focusing on Honeyfern and the cats that were close to her during this story. Yes I know some of the cats might I do not own any of the characters. Thanks

I couldn't believe it. Honeyfern, my older sister was dead. To me it did not seem like it was real, it couldn't be real. But I had seen the whole thing happen as did most of the clan. I think it terrified little Briarkit the most, since the snake was about to bite her before Honeyfern saved her.

Sorreltail was really distraught over her death and I can't blame her. She has had a lot of family members pass away. Molepaw, my little brother, passed away due to greencough and it really hurt her spirit. Not to mention that my uncle Rainwhisker was killed during a storm when my siblings and i were about four moons old

After the body is moved I padded up to Sorreltail and Brackenfur , who is comforting her.

"my little girl, gone. Oh Brackenfur, did I do something wrong?"

"I know, Sorreltail. It's hard to think that she's gone"

"Is this StarClan's way of punishing me for something I did?" she wept. Poor Sorreltail I thought.

"Of course not, Sorreltail. It's not your fault at all. " Brackenfur patted her on head with his tail. He turned around and saw me. "Oh, hello Cinderheart."

I can tell he's trying not to cry like Sorreltail and it's hurting him. By StarClan it's hurting me not to bawl my brains out like an abandoned kit! I went up to Sorreltail and rubbed my pelt against hers before sitting next to her. "Sorreltail, it's gonna be okay. Even though M-Molepaw and H-H-Honeyfern aren't w-with us r-r-right now" the words got stuck in my throat like a piece of fresh kill too big to swallow in one bite, "they are still with us in our hearts and minds and they are looking down on us from StarClan".

Sorreltail and Brackenfur both looked at me. Sorreltail sniffed a bit. "That's right. " she purred as she looked me in the eyes. "I keep the memories of my brothers and my parents in my heart".

Brackenfur looks at me. "I remember my sister Cinderpelt as well even though she is long gone"

"the old medicine cat that I'm named after?" I asked. According to Brackenfur I have several qualities of my aunt, such as my boundless energy and the way I flick my paw over my ear.

My father nodded and chuckled. "The very same. You remind me of her a lot, Cinderheart. In fact, what you just said seems like something that she would say. "

"And " a voice came from behind us. I turned around and saw my sister Poppyfrost pad toward us, Berrynose behind her, "You still have Cinderheart and me"

Poppyfrost reached us and gave Brackenfur and Sorreltail licks on their cheeks. I noticed that Berrynose is sitting behind her, shifting his stump of a tail looking nervous. Sorreltail smiled at us sadly.

" I know still have you two but It's just hard. my heart has been broken so many times." She let out a few sobs. "first I was nearly killed as a kit ." Poppyfrost and I shuddered. We had heard the story behind that when we were in the nursery. "then I lost Whitestorm and Willowpelt..." she trailed off apparently lost in memories.

"They still watch over you from StarClan, sweet Sorreltail." Brackenfur nuzzled her cheek a few times. She got her strength from his gesture and continued.

"..then Sootfur died when you two were born" she looked at us. I had heard stories about him.

"And then Rainwhisker lost his life in that storm and Molepaw could not survive his fight with greencough" Poppyfrost ended in a whisper.

Brackenfur sighed. "Our little family has gone through so much heartbreak over the seasons I'm surprised our hearts are not totally broken"

I thought of something. " But even though our hearts are broken, our spirits remain strong. " they all looked at me. "Sorreltail, didn't you tell Poppyfrost and I that even when you were hit by the monster and had to spend three moons in Cinderpelt's den, you were determined to resume your training to become a warrior?"

"Well yes."

"Father," I focused on Brackenfur. "When the badgers attacked and mother was giving birth to us, Mousefur told me that you defended the nursery like you were a member of LionClan, even when Cinderpelt was killed."

Poppyfrost nodded, she well recalled that story. Bracken purred with fatherly pride at being called a member of LionClan. "That's very true."

"Um, Brackenfur? Sorreltail?" Berrynose padded over to where we were sitting. I had forgotten the he was here.

"What is it, Berrynose?" Brackenfur asked the young warrior.

"I-I'm really sorry about Honeyfern. Truly I am. Sh-She was a wonderful cat. " Berrynose looked as if he was holding something back and couldn't stand it. "I loved your daughter. She was really special and I totally ignored her when I was first made a warrior. I shouldn't have rejected her if I knew that this would happen."

We looked at him understanding what he was saying.

"Berrynose "Poppyfrost began. ". Honeyfern was head over paws in love with you. "

He was surprised. "She was?"

I smiled. "you bet. In fact, during your warrior ceremony, she was looking at you like you descended from StarClan"

Sorreltail and Brackenfur sighed. "She truly thought you were an awesome tom." Sorreltail told him.

"She was looking at you during her own ceremony. It was like you were the only cat in the whole camp" Brackenfur agreed.

"I wish that I could have said yes to her, but I was too busy being..."

"a stuck-up mouse brain?" I suggested and my parents, Poppyfrost and Berrynose all laughed. We all needed that laugh.

"Yeah, that" he nodded. "I hope you don't mind if I sit vigil with you tonight"

"Not at all and don't forget Berrynose, she still lives in your heart" Poppyfrost meowed.

"And when I'm guarding the camp" he added. "I can see her spirit in StarClan"

"If I know my older sister, she wouldn't want us to be sad at all. She want us to help out the clan " I meowed.

We got to our paws. "Anyone up for some hunting?" Sorreltail asked.

"Sure thing" we all said. Hunting would take our minds off of this sad day.

The next day after I had gone on a patrol and brought back some fresh kill, I decided to visit Briarkit. I found her in front of the nursery where Millie was talking to her. She looked up when she saw me.

"Hi Cinderheart" she meowed.

"Hi Briarkit, hi Millie" I replied. "how are you today?"

"We're good." Millie purred. "Bumblekit and Blossomkit are taking a nap inside with Daisy and her kits. But this little one" she patted Briarkit on the head with her tail "said she couldn't sleep."

"I had a scary dream about the snake" she looked up at me with her blue eyes, so much like her mother's. I knew she was still scared.

I sat down next to her. "Briarkit, there is nothing to be scared of. The snake is gone. Firestar made sure of that."

She sighed. "I don't wanna end up like-like Honeyfern" she sobbed

"Sweetheart, that won't happen to you" Millie licked Briarkit's head once. The little kit looked up at her mother. "Remember the thorn barrier? And the mouse filled with death berries? If those don't stop the snakes from coming out, ..."

"Then we use the tools our ancestors gave us" I unsheathed my claws for a few seconds to show how sharp they were and then retracted them back in my paws.

"Cinderheart?" the dark brown she kit asked me. "D-do you think StarClan is mad at me?"

"Briarkit! what makes you say that" Millie whispered

"Cause I made Honeyfern join their ranks." She replied

"StarClan wouldn't be mad at a kit" I said. "it is not your fault at all. Sometimes, things are meant to be and other times things like that just happen. I'm sure Honeyfern saw it as her duty to protect your from the snake."

Her eyes lit up. "Really?"

Millie purred. "Of course. You're part of ThunderClan and a warrior's duty is to protect all the cats in the clan from danger from the oldest elder to the smallest kit."

Briarkit's whiskers trembled. "I never got to tell her I was sorry for refusing to eat the mouse she gave me when we were in the old Twoleg nest"

"I'm sure her spirit has forgiven you. " Millie mewed. "It's only natural that you wanted me when you were sick with greencough. Do feel better now?"

Briarkit nodded. I smiled. "Maybe you should try to get some sleep"

'K. Thanks Cinderheart, thanks Millie" the dark brown she kit said as she got up and padded back into the nursery.

Millie looked back at the nursery's entrance. "Thanks Cinderheart. I think she was feeling guilty about that."

" No problem. Would you like to share some fresh kill with me?" I asked the queen.

"Sure." She purred in agreement. "See if you can find a squirrel. "

I padded off towards the fresh kill pile in search of that squirrel

The end.

Author's note: Well, how did you like it? Did I get the characters right? Would you like to see something like this from another cat close to Honeyfern?