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Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Dairine, now 17, lay silently on her bed. Her arms were thrown up over her eyes so that should anyone enter her room they wouldn't be able to tell she was crying. Her mind turned in circles, memories of the last time she had seen Roshaun tormenting her. Even though it had been years since he disappeared she could still clearly see everything that happened. She could still feel the pain she had felt moments after loosing him.

In the past few years she had thrown herself into her schoolwork and also into any dilemma that came at her from her wizardry. Nita and Kit had both already gone off to college, leaving her with just her Dad and no known wizards her age. She had tried for so long to hold back everything building up inside of her that finally she just broke down.

Just as she was finally starting to calm down she heard a knock on the door, causing her to shoot into a sitting position. She let out a quick, "Hold on!" and hurriedly scrubbed her face clear of all the remains of tears.

She went over to her bedroom door and opened it, squinting when the hallway light shined right in her eyes. "Yeah Dad?" She asked, putting one hand on her hip.

"Tom and Carl are downstairs; they want to talk to you about some new assignment or something." Mr. Callahan said, then turned around and went back downstairs.

Dairine sighed, things had been weird between her and her dad ever since Nita had left, she had always been their buffer. Now that they had to work together without her there to referee things had gotten a little tense. Dairine squared her shoulders and headed downstairs, prepared for anything they had to throw at her.

When she reached the living room both Tom and Carl greeted her with a warm smile and a handshake, but then got right down to business. "Dairine, did Nita ever tell you about her ordeal?" Tom asked.

"Of course she did, she went to the "other" Manhattan, the world that the Lone One created to be just how he wanted." Dairine replied, confused on what that had to do with anything.

"Well, you see, we have to send you there. We just discovered that a wizard has been stuck there for some time, and you were assigned to go and get them out of there." Carl explained.

Dairine raised an eyebrow at them both and just sat there for a moment, absorbing it all. "How do I get there and Manhattan is a big area, any idea where I could find this person?" she asked.

"We've already got a transport set up for you, and we believe they are being held in that world's version of your house." Tom answered, looking a bit uncomfortable.

Dairine just nodded and asked, "When do I leave?"

"If you'll give us a few minutes we'll set up the transport and get you all ready to go." Tom answered. He stood up when Dairine nodded and was quickly followed by Carl.

While the two of them worked on the transit she lay her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, mind working as fast as it could. 'Why would the Lone Power put whoever it is in my house? This doesn't make sense, his only intentions are usually pain and torment, so who would be tormented by being trapped in my house?' she thought, 'Oh god, it couldn't be HIM? No, that's impossible...'

A silent tear trailed down her cheek, which she quickly dashed away before anyone could see it. Everyone knew that she still missed him, but only Nita really knew how deep it went.

"Alright kiddo, all done. Now, make sure you are very careful; I don't want any of those creatures coming back into this world with you. The transit will open up only for you and will only allow what your touching to come back through with you, so make sure that you are holding on to the wizard alright?" Carl explained.

Dairine just nodded and walked over to her dad and gave him a quick hug and kiss. "Love you dad, I'll be back soon."

"Love you too." He replied, and then watched his younger daughter walk into a darker version of their home.


Dairine stood in shock as she looked at her surroundings. Back home it had been dusk, but there had still been some daylight, there was none here. Everything seemed to have a darker, dirtier tint to it.

Almost immediately a creature crawled by, making Dairine hide behind the single piece of furniture in the room, a dirty couch that seemed to be stained with blood. Dairine shuddered, not wanting to know how blood got on the couch. She waited a few moments after the creature had left before cautiously getting up and pressing herself up against the edge of doorway.

Carefully she looked around the corner, looking down the hallway that was so familiar and completely different. For the first time in a long time she felt a familiar feeling. Looking down this hallway, feeling the danger in the air, something of her old spark ignited in her heart. 'It's been a long time since I've been passionate about something...' she realized, thinking back on the past few years.

With a new determination and a look in her eyes that not even the Lone Power would challenge, she charged down the hallway, daring an alien to get in her way. But she wasn't challenged, nothing came after her. When she discovered that the downstairs was empty she headed towards the second floor, hoping she'd find her mysterious prisoner.

She snuck into her Dad's room, then Nita's, and ran into nothing. Finally she swung her door open and froze at what she saw in front of her.

Golden hair lay in a tangled mess, framing a bruised and bloodied face and bare chest. He lay on his side, breath coming raggedly and legs curled towards his chest. He drew a careful breath and coughed, then whispered in a harsh voice. "Back so soon? I thought I'd have at least a couple of days before you decided to come back." Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at her. Shock hit him like a wave, and in a daze he started to try and stand. Dairine hurried over and helped him up, trying to refrain from hugging him.

"Da-Dairine?" he stuttered, staring at her. She got him on his feet and then stepped back, staring back at him.

She couldn't say anything, her throat was closed up, and it took her a moment to realize tears streamed down her cheeks. She collapsed onto her knees, unable to hold in her joy at finding him, and her pain at seeing what they had done to him. She started to babble, quietly at first, then gaining in volume as she was overwhelmed. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." she repeated.

Roshaun kneeled in front of her and grabbed each of her shoulders, and then shook her hard. "Dairine snap out of it, this isn't your fault. We have to get out of here, now!"

Her eyes cleared and she looked up at him. Then she started to smile, her eyes getting a crafty look to them. "Let's leave a little surprise for you know who."

With that same wicked glint in his eyes, Roshaun nodded, and in almost perfect harmony they started to weave a spell.


Mr. Callahan gasped when he saw the condition Roshaun was in when he appeared in the living room. He quickly ran over and grabbed Roshaun before he could fall over, laying him on the couch. When Dairine appeared she heaved a sigh of relief, glade to be back in her own universe.

She hurried over to the couch and hugged Roshaun harder then she should have, because he let out a small gasp of pain. She quickly let go and apologized, then hugged him again, gentler this time. Suddenly she stood up, full of energy.

"I have to call Nita and Kit, and I have to tell your parents, oh and Tom and Carl, and I should probably bring you home to recover, but hell if I'm going to stay home, I'm going with you! Thank god its summer, and Nita and Kit will want to visit, are you ok to travel? How's the medicine in you world compared to ours?" Before she could continue Roshaun grabbed her arm and dragged back down into a sitting position.

"Dairine, relax, I'm alright. If you wish me to go home I will, and I'm fine for moving." Roshaun answered with a small smirk.

Dairine nodded and headed downstairs to the gateway that she could never bare to close, and walked into the mid-afternoon daylight.


The Lone Power smirked as he glided into his version of the Callahan home. He had held captive the younger girls partner for years, and now he had finally broken the King far enough he thought he could get the information he needed out of him.

With a cocky grin he swung open the door, only to be greeted with the door slamming back in his face, hurting his nose, then swinging back open to reveal writing hung in mid air.

Hello there,

Hope you enjoyed our swinging door! I decided to warn you,

mess with him again, and I will not be happy.

-Your Favorite Foe