Let's see, where to start? Well, I guess I can begin by saying that I've had a severe case of writers block, a virus that you have no doubt suffered from before. I was having a few problems coming up with a prank worthy of the ever so great marauders, but I think you will enjoy this one. Enjoy the chapter, and once again I apologize for the wait, but I had so many things on my hands, not to mention writers block. Thanks to my lovely reviewers, you all deserve a cookie for being so great! Oh and I absolutely love constructive criticism so don't be afraid of saying what you think because it will help me write a better story.


Recap: "So, have you thought of a prank yet?" Peter asked eagerly, his blue eyes glowing. James smiled. "Yeah, the perfect one, that I'm sure the professors will love...and of course, it will be memorable, just like us, the marauders." Remus nodded. "It is a rather ingenious plan, if I may say so myself." Sirius nodded. "The best one ever, now we just need placement and timing…"

Chapter Four

Harry stretched, yawning as his muscles tightened. Grabbing a towel, he quickly showered before Hermione, and dressed in the usual forest green robe and dark green cloak. While Hermione showered, he went over the lesson plans for the day, making sure that he knew the subject well enough. As he had suspected, they would be teaching each class a different topic, ranging from pixies to unforgivable curses, he would have his hands full. Hermione placed a soft hand on his shoulder, making him jump.

"I see you've found the lesson plans, and somehow managed to get water all over them." Harry frowned and looked at the paper again. There were splotches over words, making it very difficult to read. "Sorry about that, 'Mione, I didn't realize my hair was still that wet." Hermione just looked at him sternly and replied, "Please try not to do that again. It took forever to figure those out, and it'd be a shame if you couldn't practice quidditch because you're stuck inside planning lessons for the rest of your life."

Harry groaned inwardly. "Yes mother, it won't happen again mother." Hermione playfully hit his arm, and in return he tickled her. "Harry, stop it! I just did my hair, and it's going to get all messed up!" Harry frowned down at her. "Since when have you cared about your hair?" Hermione shrugged, "It was just a way to get you to stop tickling me. But my hair really is messed up now…It'll take forever to get it back into another braid!"

Harry shook his head and walked over behind her, undid the braid, grabbed a brush and began to untangle her strawberry blonde hair. After the tangles were gone, he used magic to braid it, and turned Hermione towards the mirror.

"Wow! Harry, where'd you learn how to do that?" Harry smiled, "I don't know, I just kinda picked it up after watching Ginny do her hair so many times." Hermione grinned up towards him and hugged him, then kissed him on the cheek. Harry looked surprised at first, but looped his arms loosely around her waist, before slowly leaning in and kissing her softly. Hermione pulled away and looked up at him. "I can't do this. I told Ron I loved him, and I just can't break his heart no matter how much I like you." Grabbing her coat, she rushed out the door with teas leaking out of her eyes. Harry sighed and looked out the window, already thinking of a way to apologize.

Back at the dormitories, James, Remus, and Sirius were sitting with their heads bent together, discussing their plan for the two professors.

"I still don't know if it's a good idea, guys. Dumbledore seems to really respect them, and even though they're a little, well, odd, they're still better defense teachers than we've had in a while. I mean, they really know their stuff," Remus said thoughtfully. James nodded in agreement while Sirius crossed his arms over his chest. "Remus is right, think about if our prank made them leave and got us stuck with some stuffy old man who is deaf, talks way too loud, and has no idea what he is talking about," James told his friend. Sirius sighed in defeat. "Okay, but I have another idea, and evil plot really," at this point he grinned mischeviously, "My idea is to try and get Prof. Harrison and Prof. Rose together." James clapped his hands. "There we have it! Operation Matchmaker Target: Prof. Harrison and Prof. Rose." Remus rolled his eyes but agreed to the plan, realizing it was better than their prank would have been, and besides, if they got caught they could simply defend themselves by saying they were spreading the love.

James went off in search of Peter, while Remus and Sirius stayed behind thinking about their plan for getting the two professors together. "I think that in order to get Rose to like Harrison back we will need some help from the ladies. I'm thinking Lily, Marie, and Alice would be willing to help," Remus said. Sirius nodded. "Are you sure Lily won't spill though? After all, she is Head Girl and previous times she has told on us," said Sirius. Remus shrugged. "We'll have to give her a chance, besides it might just get James a spot with Lily when she sees that all the pranks we do aren't always bad." Sirius agreed, and they continued on with their plotting.

After walking out on Harry, Hermione could be found in the library researching pixies for the second years. It helped take her mind off of Harry and their kiss, while helping her prepare for the coming day. As she was turning the page, she looked up to see Harry striding through the door, walking briskly through the library searching for her. She propped her book up and slouched down, hoping to avoid being seen. Apparently it worked, and he passed her by, mistaking her for a nerdy seventh year student. As Harry walked out of the library, Hermione released the breath she hadn't realized she was holding. If she couldn't bring up the courage to talk to him now, let alone allow him to see her, how were they supposed to teach a class together, let alone live together? Hermione shook her head and returned to her book. Although the right thing to do would have been to run after her friend, she knew she couldn't, and that if she did she wouldn't be able to say anything to him. Because she had rejected him, and she knew that would change their relationship forever. Not to mention the fact that she really did like him back, but she also liked Ron. Hermione propped her head on her hand and thought to herself, what have I gotten myself into? I'm in love with my two best friends, but also in a fight with both of them? If I choose Ron Harry will be hurt, and if I choose Harry Ron will be hurt. What am I going to do?