Wow, two drabbles in one day! This is a drabble in response to a challenge I read about, and thought it was a cute idea. I hope you all enjoyed it, though I bet it's not what everyone expected.

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Kitten Kisses

Kazahaya sat on the park bench petting the kitten in his lap, it was sooooo cute! On impulse he bent down and kissed the top of it's head affectionately.

Rikou stared at him as if he had just gone crazy, which, in the darkhaired man's oppinoin, was all too possible.

Kazahaya looked up at him and smiled brightly, holding the kitten out to him, "Isn't he sooooo cute!" He asked out loud, not even waiting to hear his answer, "Don't you just want to kiss him?"

"Not on your life!" The other teen snapped in discust.

Wow, that was even shorter then the previous one! I hope you enjoyed it!