I never thought the after-life existed. It was one of those subjects I never wanted to research, even back in my school days.

I should have. Maybe I would have been prepared for this.

But is there any way to be prepared for licking yourself clean every morning?

When I died in that hospital, I expected to be united with my parents, Harry's parents, and Sirius. Much to my dismay, the visit was short, as was the explanation. And so I – or rather, my spirit – was transplanted into an animal.

And here I am in a pet store.

I'm actually glad I'm here, because look at who just stepped into the shop.

"Tony, why do you even want a dog?"

"I don't know. The house just needs one, I think."

"But I don't like dogs."

Tony grins. Age: twenty. Status: adopted. "I knew mum was right. You are a whiner."

Here's the deal. They sent me back – my parents, I mean – because I had some "unfinished business".

No, they didn't tell me what it was, but I'm going home with my family.

"Pick a dog, already," Draco complains, crossing his arms. "This place smells."


Damn myself for trying to talk. Instead, at comes out as a pathetic "mew".

"How about a cat?"

Tony looks at Draco, bewildered. "But you hate cats more than dogs!"

"But this one is really cute," Draco whispers, reaching into the cage and picking me up.

"It looks like it has a serious attitude. And look at the fur!"

I must admit, some of my human physical characteristics continue to curse me in this form. My hair – fur – is one of them.

"I don't care," Draco is saying softly, "we'll get this one."

--I know it's super short, but this is the beginning of the sequel to Life Savers Sweet Tarts. Hopefully it goes okay. Any suggestions concerning the style of writing and even plot points are greatly appreciated. I also know nothing of cats, so feel free to clue me in if you know how they "work". Oh, and I LOVE reviews. Even if you think you shouldn't, please leave one, even if it's only, "wow" or "i like it" or ANYTHING. You don't know how much I love feedback and just knowing someone is reading it. THANK YOU! Next chapter should be up... when I have time. Sporadic is my style. And I swear the next one will be longer. :)