Disclaimer: Don't own it. Never have, oh and guess what? I never will! A.N. This is just a little drabble of Lorelais feelings on Rory leaving. I'm new, so if it has been done before, get over it. Enjoy!

Morning. Ugh, I hate it. Make it go away. Morning is just another reminder that she is gone. My precious Rory is gone. She fled to her grandparents, not me. My parents and I were supposed to make it right. But they messed it up. I swear to God we had agreed to double team Rory. I sat at the dining table. I know they were there. They promised. I heard it with my own ears. I know I did.

I walk to Luke's every morning, just like we used to do when she was here. I order my coffee he pesters me on how many I have had, just like he used to do with Rory. I know in his heart, Luke misses her too, but he is strong for me. If he breaks, I will fall further, and there will be no returning. He can not have this. He loves me too much. God Bless Luke.

After Luke's I go to the inn. I suppose it is the same there. This is one of the few places that doesn't make me remember her. I mean she stopped helping me out when she finished high school. I remember those days. She would come in her Chilton Uniform. Smile at the customers, and enter the kitchen to get some of Sookie's chocolate. Now it is only I who gets Sookie's chocolate. And it doesn't taste quite the same.

Today Sookie and had some business thing in Hartford. We mocked the cookies and coffee, made fun of the fat bald guy who ran it and left. We passed buy the house. Their house. My parent's house. I haven't been there since Rory turned 21. And I don't plan to return. To many bad things will happens, that I can't handle. This whole fight with Rory has made me realize that I am weak. I can't stand on my own two feet, and I hide from bad things, only to make other people deal with them. Maybe my parents were right. Maybe I am selfish.

I return home, after a long day. I enter the kitchen, and there it is. Her door. Everyday her door taunts me. Yesterday I was afraid of entering, but today I will. Today I will be strong. Nothing has changed in here. It still has her many books, the many books that I have made fun of. I never truly got why she read, but I know it made her happy. School made her happy. So I guess she isn't happy now.

After making myself dinner, it dawns on me that today is Friday. Every week I deal with this. Every week this is just a reminder that Rory is gone, and I am alone. Friday used to be our night. We would buy junk food, and watch a movie. We had been doing this since Rory was 5 every week, no matter what. But now this tradition is over. A thing of the past.

I am in my bed now, thinking. Thinking, I can't live like this, I have to get her back. No, I can't apologize, this is her mistake, she will fix it. I know she will, she is Rory.

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