Hiya everyone! I'm back from Vegas and, well here's a summary:

Vegas- Topless chicks, drive-through wedding chapels (I'm not kidding!), and giant smoking light-up cowboys.

Sedona (I think that's how it's spelled...)- Lots and lots of big red rocks and cacti. In some places there was so much cacti that I felt like one of them was going to get up and start dancing... (the cactuars from final fantasy)

Anyway, I'm sorry if the ending of The Ally was kinda abrupt. I didn't have a lot of time to finish it before my flight, but I wanted to post it so badly. And without any further ado, the sequel.


Soft sunlight flowed through the window and blanketed Riza's face. She tried to sit up, but there was a heavy weight on her shoulder. Hawkeye reached for her gun when she could not lift Mustang's arm off of her body. Unfortunately, someone had placed it over on the coffee table. She pushed up on his arm as hard as she could and eventually succeed in moving him on his back. However, Riza's arm became trapped under Mustang's back as she rolled him over and she was pulled along with him.

Roy awoke with a start as he felt himself tumble and someone land on his chest. Hawkeye was unable to balance herself after flipping atop Roy and their heads collided. Her lips landed softly over his and they stared at each other in shock for what seemed like hours. Riza scrambled off of Roy and breathed several almost incoherent apologies as she ran to the bathroom.

Riza groaned loudly as she sat up in her cold, dark apartment. She rubbed the side of her head with one hand and drew her covers closer with the other. Though she could remember that she had been dreaming, Riza could not recall what it had been about. She let out a sigh before looking at her alarm clock. 'Might as well get up and get ready for work...,' thought Riza as she through her legs over the side of the bed.

She stumbled over to the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom. Riza melted after the hot water in the shower slipped down her body. This was the first time in weeks that she had just been able to relax. A few days after she awoke in the Eastern Medical ward, she and Roy returned to Central. Roy seemed normal enough, but Riza still felt like she had done something wrong. He avoided looking her in the eyes and any form of physical contact whatsoever. Riza shook her head and stepped out of the shower. "I'm just being paranoid," she said, "when has Roy ever tried to get close to me in the first place?"


Roy slapped his hands over his ears as his obnoxious alarm clock sounded. It refused to stop so he picked it up and slammed it hard against his bedside table. Roy let his arm relax as the ringing ceased. In a few moments, he was back asleep.


"SHIT!" yelled Roy after his eyes picked up the current time. He bolted out of his bed and literally jumped into the shower. "Damn it! Damn it! I am going to be so late!" A few moments later, Roy jumped back out of the shower and threw on his uniform. He ran out of his house with a piece of bread in his hand.


Riza sat at her desk reading a extremely boring document. She jumped when the door of the office flew open. Roy wheezed slightly as he walked to his desk near the window. "You actually made it sir, I'm impressed," Hawkeye said as her eyes drifted back to the document. Roy let out a triumphant cry and stretched. His head drooped as the office filled with silence. The past few weeks had been sheer torture for him. From the beginning, Roy new it would be difficult to pretend nothing had happened between them, but it was much harder then he would have ever expected. Roy wanted to feel her skin against his, to taste her luscious lips, and most of all tell her how deeply he loved her.

Roy closed his eyes and ran a hand through his matted hair. He done something unforgivable when he had created that evil stone with the blood of those people. But still, Roy did not want to reverse what he had done. To him, Riza's life was more important then anything.


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