There were many places that were important to Elisa. And though she'd been to them all, it wasn't because of the memories that they held a place in her heart.

The reservation reminded her of her father; Africa of her mother. Libraries always brought Beth and her endless quest for knowledge to mind; so, too, did helicopters remind her of Derek.

Her family had grown in the past two years, and so had her important places.

Hudson, for the River, dispending wise advice and bear-hugs with equal ease. Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington for the trio of troublemakers, each as different in looks as in temperament. Bronx, for the only dog she knew that was as faithful as the old saying.

The Eyrie building reminded her of Xanatos, the stronghold of her enemy, but Castle Wyvern was always at the center of Goliath. A stalwart champion of justice, steady as the rock he was by day, with a heart as big as the night sky.

He was out protecting New York City at that very moment, with the same zeal as he had his ancient home. Soon, Elisa would be on the streets doing the same. Bronx was lying by Hudson's side, getting his ears scratched while the elder gargoyle watched Night Court.Brooklynand Broadway played keep-away with Lex's computer, frustrating the youngest gargoyle to no end.

Elisa couldn't help but smile at these comforting sights. She never felt more like a part of the clan than when she was with them. There were many places that were important to her, but they could all be summed up with one word.