A Rival from the Future

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. The only thing that belongs to me is the plot.

Story Summary: It looks like James had found another rival with Lily. But the strange thing is, he looks exactly like him, and his name is… Harry Potter?

Author: Sky's Teardrops

Chapter 1 – How It All Started

Harry was wandering alone in Hogsmeade. Hermione and Ron were not able to go with him because of, as Ron have said, 'some stupid Prefects' meeting'. And now, unable (or unwilling) to find another companion, here he was, not knowing where to go.

He'd been from Three Broomsticks and the Shrieking Shack. He doesn't want to go to Zonko's because he would feel like he was betraying Fred and George's joke shop. He knows it sounds weird. And he can't do anything about it.

Although he still doesn't want to come back to the castle, it seems like he has no other choice. He was about to turn and head back to Hogwarts when a shop he'd never seen before caught his eyes. It was an old building, with a sign over it, saying, Remembrance.

Out of curiosity, he entered the shop. It was full of old things, so Harry guessed it must be an antique shop. Most of the things there didn't interest him, as he had no passion for antiques. However, when he passed by the counter, he went back. He doesn't know why, but it was like something was forcing him to come back.

Beside the counter was a small glass case. Inside was the most beautiful necklace he had ever seen in his life. It was silver, while the pendant is like a face of a lion. (a/n: I have imagined it to be like Mufasa from the Lion King) Its eyes were made of some kind of a gemstone. More like a valuable gemstone.

Harry was drawn into it, and the next thing he knew, he was heading through the counter to pay for it.

"You sure you're gonna buy it? It's the most expensive thing we had ever sold in this shop. And I don't think you can afford it." said the witch on the counter nastily.

Harry stared at the necklace. Is this really worth its price? But as he looked into the eyes of the lion, he made up his final decision. He answered, "Yes, I'm sure this is what I want, and yes, I can afford it." He hand it out to her.

The witch's expression changed, looked at him for awhile then get the necklace from him. While she was putting the necklace into its container (a silver rectangular box with the opening at the center of the box, sealed with the same face of a lion) she remarked, "You know, I've been in this store for the longest time. Every time someone gets in here they wouldn't pay any attention to this necklace, which kept me wondering. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and yet nobody seems to notice it, even when I put it here beside the counter. You're the first and only person who noticed it."

"Then why didn't you buy it yourself?"

"Nah, can't afford it." She paused, as though trying to remember something. "My aunt, the owner of this place, used to say that this necklace is enchanted. She says that it's searching for its true owner, and until then, this necklace will belong to no one. And she also said that if the time comes that someone will buy this, then it has found its true owner." She stopped and asked, "Do you believe that?"

Harry shrugged.

"If I were you, just ignore it."

"Why? Don't you believe her?"

"I think she's off her rocker, you know, because of her age." She handed him the container and Harry got it, then after paying for it, left the shop.

Harry dazedly returned to the castle, all the while thinking about what the witch said and wondering if that was true. When he was near the portrait of the Fat Lady, he just shrugged his shoulders then decided to just forget about it.

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