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'I am deeply ashamed of myself,' breathed Bill regretfully.

Fleur shook her head, 'There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is 'ardly your fault at all. With my awful thrall combined with your uncontrolled werewolf genes, you are not to blame.'

'But there is my fault! Remus offered assistance and I spurned him!' retorted Bill bitterly.

'Let's just be glad that no one was seriously harmed,' wheezed Remus.

Bill rushed to his side and clutched his hand, 'Remus, old friend, take an apology from a fool. Consider me your disciple of discipline, if you'll still have me of course.'

Remus placed his hand on Bill's bowed head, 'Of course. I wouldn't deny a friend in need.'

Tonks sighed in relief that the drama and pain was all over. She sported a nasty bruise and winced each time she moved her torso.

'I'm sorry. I wish I 'ad thought of it sooner and saved you the trouble of being overwhelmed with emotion,' apologised Fleur.

Bill glanced at her and gave her a weak but understanding smile. Hermione watched warily as Bill tried extremely hard to keep his face neutral. She could tell that he was still fighting the urge, but after seeing them kiss, was in better control. She handed him a cup of hot chocolate, 'Well, Bill. I am all for helping you, so if you need something, just ask and I'll see what I can do, okay?'

'Thanks Hermione. I'll remember that,' he replied gratefully.

They sat in silence for sometime, contemplating what could have happened and what they would do in future. Understandably, Bill was eager to have Remus teach him methods and exercises to channel his thoughts. They decided that for the time being, Bill would take up a guest room in the mansion until his training was complete.


'Fleur? Are you awake?' inquired Hermione, poking her head around the bedroom door.

She had been up early, making breakfast for everyone. Remus and Bill had already been up even before her. She was glad that Bill was making such an effort. Tonks had slept on the couch that night because she had been up late watching adult movies. No one else had wanted to join her so she had decided to watch it at night. Hermione had shivered involuntarily when Tonks had invited her to join her. Fleur had just given Tonks a roll of her eyes, saying that she had a lot more fun in her bedroom and would not need any fake porn stars. Hermione had thought that she would pass out from embarrassment. Tonks had laughed loudly and patted Hermione on the back whispering, 'You're that good, huh? More power to you!'

Just remembering that made Hermione blush profusely.

Fleur was not in bed. Hermione was puzzled; she certainly hadn't seen her downstairs.

'Fleur? Baby?' she ventured again.

She heard a distinct cough and the water turned on in the en suite. She opened the door cautiously after knocking, 'Are you alright Fleur?'

'Oui, I am fine. I'll be down in a minute,' came the ragged reply, followed by more coughing and retching.

This alarmed Hermione tremendously and she burst into the bathroom, to see Fleur bent over the toilet bowl, spewing out anything that hadn't digested from last night's dinner.

'Fleur! You're not fine! Shit! You're feverish!' exclaimed Hermione, dragging Fleur upstanding and sat her on the side of the bathtub.

Fleur was a mess, her hair was unkempt and her eyes were bloodshot. She seemed to be absolutely exhausted. Hermione handed her a cup of water to rinse her mouth.

'You look exhausted! If you were so tired we shouldn't have…. Last night. I, um. You should have said you wanted to sleep!' babbled Hermione.

This outburst made Fleur laugh, which then cause her to drop the cup, the pieces smashing and scattering all over the floor.

'Sacre bleu…' moaned Fleur, lifting herself up and nearly tripped.

'Fleur! I can clean it up!' gasped Hermione, forcefully pushing Fleur down to sit.

Fleur looked at her with a bleary eye, ''Ermione, it 'ad nothing to do with the wonderful loving you gave me last night. I… I must 'ave caught a cold and it's just affecting me now.'

Hermione gave her a sceptical look, 'Yeah, like I'm gonna believe this is from a cold.'

'Alright, fine. It's not a cold, but believe me, it'll be gone by this afternoon,' wheezed Fleur.

Hermione took a mini vacuum from under the sink, 'Well, you'd better stay in bed then, okay?'

She hoovered the remaining fragments and kissed Fleur on her forehead. Fleur gave her an appreciative smile, 'I will and maybe a shower wouldn't go amiss.'

'I'll bring up some breakfast for you when you're done,' called Hermione as she left the bathroom.

Fleur sighed in relief as she turned on the shower, running only the cold water. She thought that perhaps if she really did catch a cold it wouldn't matter, but then she might give it to Hermione, and she really didn't want that to happen. Truth be told, she knew that she would have to reveal her family secret to Hermione eventually. It was inevitable, especially if Hermione was the one she cared for the most. She glanced at herself in the mirror before stepping into the freezing cold waterfall, 'Face it Delacour. If you don't tell 'er, she'll never full trust you ever again.'

Now she realised that the situation was going to be a lot more worse when she awoke the next morning. She definitely needed to explain it all to Hermione as soon as possible.


'Hermione? Where's Fleur?' inquired Tonks.

'She's sick. I'm going to take breakfast up to her,' replied Hermione, grabbing several plates and a glass.

Remus had his nose buried in a newspaper and Bill was hungrily shovelling in scrambled eggs on toast whole. Hermione stopped her busy collection to stare at Bill. Bill stopped eating, self conscious of Hermione's gaze, 'What?'

'You are eating whole pieces of toast with scrambled eggs piled on top in one mouthful each,' stated Hermione.

'So?' challenged Bill.

'Bill! If you weren't a werewolf, you'd be a pig! You can't be THAT hungry?' Hermione exclaimed.

Remus coughed slightly to interrupt, 'Actually, Hermione. His training is exactly the reason he is eating like a machine.'

Hermione gave him an incredulous glare and sighed, 'Fine, but I hope that you'll be going shopping today in that case, cause we are running low on food supplies.'

'My job! I'm going shopping today! Just write out a list and I'll bring it all back,' exclaimed Tonks, hurriedly finishing her coffee.

Hermione glanced at the several empty coffee mugs around Tonks' placemat, 'A little too much caffeine, hmm?'

'Huh?' was all she got in reply.

'Yes, Tonks has unfortunately discovered the muggle poison. You really shouldn't have let her try it,' admonished Remus.

Hermione shrugged, 'Well, at least I know she'll remember to go shopping and be awake for it.'

Remus snorted in contempt, 'Yes, but you don't have to sleep with her.'

'Ah Remus? I thought that you don't swing that way,' interjected Bill, mouth wide open to take a great gulp of juice.

'Yes, you are right there, but well, maybe I swing both ways,' replied Remus.

'Oh. Right, okay,' mumbled Bill, returning to his hunger rampage.

Tonks grabbed her gently, 'Give her our regards.'

'Mmph,' came the reply from the two males.

Hermione laughed as she finished tidying up the tray and made her way back upstairs to feed Fleur.


'Fleur, breakfast, can I come in?' Hermione knocked at the door quietly, in case Fleur had gone back to sleep.

'Mmm? Come in mon amour,' welcomed Fleur.

'Hungry?' questioned Hermione, giving her love a warm smile.

Fleur yawned, 'Oui, quite. Mm, that smells wonderful!'

Hermione grinned and sat beside Fleur, she placed the tray down and kissed Fleur on the cheek, 'Feeling any better?'

'A little. 'Ermione, you don't 'ave to do that!' exclaimed Fleur, as Hermione offered to literally feed her.

Hermione chuckled, 'It's okay. No one else is here. Just you and me. Come on, let me baby you.'

Fleur gave her an appalled look but gave in, opening her mouth. Hermione placed the forkful of scrambled eggs in Fleur's mouth and giggled.

'I am not 'aving you feed me if you are going to laugh!' huffed Fleur.

'Alright! Alright! I'm sorry. Here,' apologised Hermione.

Fleur decided that she would at least be able to drink by herself. The excitement had made her feel rather parched, so she ended up draining the juice in one go.

'Woah! Um, do you want another glass?' asked Hermione.

Fleur flicked one eye in her direction, 'Non, I am fine. Merci beacoup. Mm, this is very nice, did you add something to the eggs?'

Hermione gave her a surprised look, 'Yeah, no one else noticed. It's a sprinkle of cinnamon.'

'Really? I didn't think cinnamon went with egg. Hm. I love it and I love you,' said Fleur, tweaking Hermione's nose.

Hermione grinned, glad to be of service. She watched Fleur finish her breakfast happily. When Fleur finished, Hermione gathered the plates and placed them in a stack on the tray.

'Ermione? I need to tell you something,' murmured Fleur, taking the plunge.

Here it was, the truth, well, most of the truth, she wasn't telling any lies but she wasn't letting it all out just yet. Hermione turned to her concerned, 'Yeah, Fleur? What is it, babe?'

'For the next three days I may be very…. 'ow should I say..? ah, 'orny?' ventured Fleur.

Hermione did a double take, 'What?'

'Yes, that is probably the best word for it. 'Ermione, my darling, for the next three days you might want to lock me in the basement or something. I will be insatiably 'orny,' repeated Fleur.

Hermione blushed, 'Um, you said you'll be insatiable horny? Can I ask why?'

Fleur gave her an understanding look, 'Oui, certainly. It is like 'that time of the month', except I'll be extremely 'orny.'

Fleur turned away. Hermione took a while to take it all in. She whistled out a breath, 'Well, personally, after a think about it, it sounds very, very tempting.'

'But you might not want to be 'ere with me at the same time when it 'appens,' interjected Fleur.

Hermione became suspicious, 'Why?'

'Because, I will transform and get a lot wilder than you'll be used to,' sighed Fleur.

Hermione blinked, 'You'll transform?'

'Oui, but not entirely,' confirmed Fleur.

Hermione blinked again and thought a little while longer, 'Well, Fleur. I love you and I certainly don't mind a little rough play. I know you won't hurt me.'

Fleur gave a groan, 'But that is exactly why I don't want you to be around when it 'appens! I don't know if I can control myself! My 'ormones plus your gorgeous body, I don't know what I might do!'

'Hey, don't worry. It'll be fine. Wait, does this mean you'll be in the bedroom all day and night for the next three days?' asked Hermione.

Fleur gave her a grave nod. Hermione clapped once, 'I can live with that. Is this why you're sick?'

Fleur nodded again, 'Oui, it signals it.'

'Okay. Yeah, this is okay. We just gotta make sure that we'll be comfortable, plenty to eat and drink. Ah, what's three days inside? Besides, the forecast said it might rain this week. Might as well stay inside then, yeah?' said Hermione, planning aloud.

'You really are okay with this, 'Ermione?' asked Fleur cautiously.

Hermione looked into her eyes, 'Of course, I'm fine with this. I'm here to support you, be it mood swings or perpetual horniness. I will always love you.'

Fleur chuckled at Hermione's comment and gave an appreciative kiss, 'Merci, 'Ermione, my love.'

Hermione gave Fleur an extremely cheeky grin, 'Can I tell the others why we'll be up in our room for three days straight?'

'Don't you dare! Oh. Only if you really must,' replied Fleur aghast at the thought.


'How's your patient?' inquired Remus as Hermione bounced down the stairs.

Hermione gave him a dazzling smile, trying not to giggle, 'Oh, she'll be fine. Um. We're gonna be staying in our room for the next three days, by the way.'

Remus looked up, 'Oh? Why?'

Tonks added her curious eyes to the mix. Hermione felt her face grow hot.

'Well, I'd rather not tell you, but I strongly suggest that you not go near our room for the next three days,' replied Hermione quickly, shoving the dishes in the dishwasher.

Bill blushed furiously, Tonks muffled a giggle and Remus raised his eyebrow.

'Oh. Well, we'll keep that in mind,' replied Remus, busying himself to finish his paper.

'Can I join in?' asked Tonks in an amazingly innocent voice.

Hermione stared at her in amazement, 'Tonks! Are you kidding me? You better be!'

Tonks just burst out laughing and gave Hermione a hug as an apology.

Hermione and Bill avoided looking at each other. He knew exactly why they'd be gone for the next three days. Hermione was a little unsettled, but what could she do about it. Besides, Bill was over it now. He had managed to get the sad look in his eyes out of his system.

'Um, don't forget to keep your wand with you. Spell away the smaller scratches, they sting more and maybe take some Berocca,' murmured Bill as she walked past him.

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks, turned and gave him a hug, 'Thanks, Bill.'


The night came quickly upon them, or maybe just to Hermione because she was anxious about the next three days. Three, what a strange number, thought Hermione. Fleur had recovered quite nicely and was no longer hacking nor vomiting. Tonks had restocked the fridge thankfully and Hermione had taken up supplies to her and Fleur's bedroom. Guessing that excessive sex will cause excessive hunger, she grabbed extra just in case.

Fleur and Hermione bid the others a very goodnight and headed up to sleep.

'Ermione, you'd best go to sleep now,' said Fleur suddenly.

'Huh? I'm not that unfit!' retorted Hermione indignantly.

Fleur shook her head, 'It's not that, mes ami. Mm, please? Sleep?'

Hermione looked at her and kissed her softly, 'Alright, because you asked me to. Will I know when you're….. um, hot and bothered?'

'Oui, you will know when you wake,' replied Fleur, kissing Hermione again.

Hermione lay down and felt Fleur come behind and hug her. Hermione held Fleur's hand and closed her eyes.

'Thank you for being mine,' whispered Fleur, nuzzling into Hermione's neck.

Soon Fleur joined her in her peaceful slumber.

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