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'Ermione, you don't 'ave to if you don't want to,' said Fleur, placing the object she was holding back into its box.

'Don't put it away, Fleur. I just… I need a moment to get used to the idea of it,' explained Hermione.

Fleur cocked her head to the side, not too sure why Hermione was facing away from her, and apparently wringing her hands roughly. She didn't close the top, but left it and went to encircle Hermione with her arms. She let her head drop to Hermione's shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent of Hermione's shampoo, only to realise that her lover was shaking.

'Really, ma amour! It is not essential! Forget zat I ever mentioned it!' exclaimed Fleur.

Hermione slipped out of Fleur's arms, falling to the floor, and burst out giggling. Hermione glanced at Fleur and then laughed even harder at the blank look on her girlfriend's face.

'I told you Fleur, I need to get used to the idea of it,' said Hermione.

Fleur shrugged. She didn't understand the cause of Hermione's giggles.

'But... You did know about zem before didn't you?' asked Fleur.

'Yeah, but it's a PURPLE dildo Fleur! It's just a little disconcerting. I can't put it on because I can't stop laughing at it!' exclaimed Hermione.

Fleur blinked and then smirked. She knew a very good solution.

'So you are not averse to ze idea of using it?' she asked.

Hermione shook her head.

'On me?' she asked again.

'I would very much like that, Fleur,' said Hermione.

Fleur beckoned Hermione with her finger as she herself sashayed towards her younger lover. She grabbed the cause of Hermione's giggle fits with its harness. She spun Hermione around and used one arm to wrap around Hermione, holding her back flush against her own body. She nipped an earlobe before letting the harness hang off her wrist as she began to unbutton Hermione's jeans.

'Zen I will 'elp you put it on,' whispered Fleur while grinding her hips against Hermione's arse, causing Hermione's face to turn red.

'Please,' breathed Hermione.

Fleur smiled to herself and licked Hermione's neck. She thought to herself for a moment and then threw the dildo on to their bed. Fleur kept her hands around Hermione, but swung herself to face Hermione. She swayed side to side as she bent her knees to pull Hermione's jeans off completely, underwear in tow. She kissed Hermione's lower lips, causing a shiver of excitement to fly up Hermione's spine. Fleur gazed up at Hermione with a very lusty look.

The harness that Fleur bought had three buckles. She purposely chose one that didn't require the wearer to step into them as they would with pants. She let go of Hermione, pretending not to love the whimper that emerged from her lover's lips.

'Take off your top, and your bra,' commanded Fleur.

Fleur went to retrieve the dildo and without warning, came up from behind and placed it against Hermione's flesh, quickly buckling the straps; first the waist, then the ones that went around the legs. Fleur tugged on the dildo to check it was snug, pulling Hermione's hips forward. Hermione let out another little noise of pleased shock. Fleur held Hermione's chin and pulled her face towards to her own and kissed Hermione soundly. Fleur stepped away. She bit her lower lip gently, and much to Hermione's shock, turned away.

'I am going to shower,' said Fleur, shedding her clothes as she walked away.

Hermione stood dumbfounded and wanting. The sound of water hitting tiles snapped her out of her daze and promptly Hermione to follow her lover. Much to her horror, she bumped into the bathroom door. The pressure on her clit both surprised and pleased her. She groaned. Fleur giggled at the sight of the purple dildo between Hermione and the door.

Hermione whipped her head to give Fleur a determined look. Fleur pretended to ignore her and stepped backwards into the shower. Hermione quickly opened the shower door and stepped inside. She grasped Fleur's waist, using one hand to graze down below.

'You are so wet,' said Hermione.

'Purple looks good on you, 'Ermione,' said Fleur.

Hermione gave her a mock scandalized look and shook her head. Hermione smirked as she bumped her extra appendage against Fleur, eliciting a soft moan. Hermione slid a finger up and into Fleur, and then out.

'So very, very wet,' said Hermione, enunciating each word.

Fleur stared into Hermione's eyes, face quite serious now. She gripped Hermione's fake appendage and positioned it right where she wanted it. Hermione got the hint and pushed Fleur up against the wall, and without checking verbally, pushed her hips forwards. Fleur closed her eyes and kissed Hermione hard as she felt herself being filled. It was so much better than when she had played with the object herself before.

Hermione, ever the conscientious lover, waited until Fleur was accustomed and moving her own hips, before taking those embarrassing online videos to heart and started thrusting her hips back and forth. Her hands were draped across Fleur's wet arse, pulling Fleur towards her. Fleur's hands mirrored Hermione's, except that they were gripping each butt cheek with nails so that Hermione winced occasionally during her excited panting.

Hermione drank in the little moans of pleasure Fleur was making, keeping her ear close to Fleur's mouth to battle the noise from the shower. She bent her head, and kissed and sucked on Fleur's nipples. Fleur's moans got louder, and Hermione sent Fleur into a spiral with some stronger thrusts angled slightly more upwards, and her tongue in Fleur's right ear.

Hermione slowed her movement, but didn't stop completely; remembering reading somewhere that it would leave Fleur feeling a different type of sensitive afterwards. Eventually Fleur's breathing became more normal and Hermione pulled out completely, not giving Fleur any mercy by flicking her clit as the tip emerged. Hermione wondered briefly if her stomach would become tauter from this sort of activity. She imagined that Fleur would scold her for thinking such a thing.

Fleur smiled to herself as she watched Hermione close her eyes and lean backwards to let the spray hit her face, her own little smile etched on her features.

'You drive me crazy, 'Ermione,' whispered Fleur, eyes still retaining their lusty glaze, her hands now caressing Hermione's face tenderly.

'Only because you do it first, Fleur,' replied Hermione.

Fleur unbuckled the harness from Hermione and tossed it into the sink.

'Then let me drive you into madness ma amour,' said Fleur in a breathy tone, her lips brushing against Hermione's left ear.


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