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Fleur tried to steady her shallow breathing. Hermione rolled over onto her side, scaring the shit out of Fleur, who only managed to stop herself from shrieking in shock.

'Are you sure you're ok? I mean, you look a little pale,' commented Hermione.

'Oui, I am fine, I just...' began Fleur, Hermione interrupted with a gentle kiss.

She pulled away just as quickly as she had started, Fleur pouted at the loss.

'Ermione,' she murmured, leaning over to brush Hermione's hair away from her face.

The bold move by Hermione made Fleur feel all the more comfortable, she knew that Hermione was surer about their new found relationship. She kissed Hermione's neck gently and slowly. Hermione made a small noise of appreciation.

Fleur moved over to half cover Hermione, she leaned her head slowly back down to nuzzle at the crook of Hermione's neck.

She then moved to lightly kiss Hermione's neck and face, gently sliding her hands down her torso. Hermione purred at the sweet touch of Fleur's dexterous fingers. Fleur grinned, sliding one leg over to rest across Hermione's. She bent her head to lightly graze her teeth across Hermione's shoulder.

'Fleur!' yelped Hermione as Fleur had traced her finger down Hermione's thighs, playfully tapping her finger near Hermione's lower region.

'Oui?' she asked seductively, half lidding her eyes, glancing at Hermione with a sly grin.

'I'm in trouble aren't I?' asks Hermione, half jokingly.

'Indeed you are, 'Ermione. You interrupted me when I was talking,' replied Fleur.

Hermione whimpered, wondering where this was leading to, 'I didn't mean to.'

Fleur growled as Hermione whipped her hand up and over to caress Fleur's ass. Hermione chuckled softly to herself and grasped Fleur closer to her, thigh to thigh, breasts to breasts and indeed, as she could feel it, sex to sex.

'Mes amie, you can't get away with it that easily. Non, you 'ave to be punished,' whispered Fleur, licking Hermione's neck and trailing down to her breasts.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'Just remember Delacour, it's my turn next.'

Fleur stopped for the moment to look Hermione in the eyes and smiled, leaning over to kiss her deeply again, tongues battling.

Hermione tried to flip her over, but Fleur had foreseen Hermione's attempt, she flashed a smile in victory.

'Enough play 'Ermione. It's time you learnt your lesson,' she whispered again, her hand trailing down Hermione's abdomen, she moved completely over Hermione.


The front door flew open, Harry and Ron stumbled into the corridor. Remus ran out of his and Tonks' room to see what the commotion was.

'Harry! Ron! You both look a mess! How did your search go?' questioned Remus.

Ron shook his head sadly, 'Nothing. Absolutely nothing, and Harry got blasted by a massive stun spell.'

Hastily, Remus took the slumped form of Harry out of Ron's arms.

'Come on then, let's get you both warmed up,' commanded Remus, kicking the door shut.

Tonks entered the kitchen, sleepily rubbing her eyes, wondering where Remus had got to. She saw the bent forms of Ron and Harry.

'Boys! You're back! Geez, you're freezing!' she exclaimed.

'Yes, so I'm heating up some left over soup,' mentioned Remus.

'Where's Hermione?' asked Harry suddenly, his head snapping up into conciousness.

'Upstairs in her room, why?' asked Remus.

'Cause I found a riddle, I need Hermione to solve it for me, I can't think,' said Harry quickly rushing upstairs, before Tonks could stop him.

'Shit,' muttered Remus, preparing himself for the possible strife soon to be caused.

Hearing a loud thud, the boys rushed to Hermione's room. They failed to hear the low moans expelled by the two occupants.

Without thinking that Hermione might have even been changing, Ron and Harry burst through her bedroom door. They had not been here at all during Fleur's stay, so they were all the more surprised when they found Hermione and Fleur naked on the bed, tangled in a very compromising position.

'What the F...!' began Ron, as Hermione promptly spelled the door slam shut in their faces.

Harry went bug eyed, he turned slowly to Ron, who himself had an expression mixed with pure horror and lust.

'Um... Was that Hermione?' asked Harry, mouth dry.

'Yup,' replied Ron.

'With Fleur?' asked Harry again.

This time Ron was unable to form words, he nodded and tried not to let a bit of drool escape his open mouth.

'Shit. She's gonna kill us, isn't she?' muttered Harry.

Ron went wide eyed and nodded furiously, 'Yeah.'

With that thought in mind, they rushed back downstairs, narrowly missing Tonks and Remus on their way down.

'Harry James Potter! Ronald Weasley! You come back here at once!' screamed a savage Hermione, storming down the stairs, wand in hand, wrath featured on her face.

She had dressed herself hastily, while Fleur took her own sweet time, it didn't really bother her that much. However, calming Hermione down might be a problem.

Harry and Ron ran around the living room frantically, wondering why such a large mansion didn't have any great shadowy corners that they could hide in.

Hermione stood in the doorframe, stupidly; they had entered the only room that had only one entrance. Harry quailed and Ron was about to wet his pants.

Only once before had they incurred her wrath like this. It had been a rather stressful time, during the last exams of their final year of Hogwarts. Of course, this was back when Hermione still had the thought that her entire future revolved around getting the highest marks. Nowadays she was better suited to life as any other human being. Yet at the time, Harry and Ron had pranked her, hoping to get her into better spirits by thinking it would be funny to transfigure themselves into two rats that constantly chased her and sat on her head. It had been slightly amusing to Hermione until they entered the examination hall with her. She then asked, red faced, if she could be excused to go to the toilet, and grabbed them by their necks and demanded that they turn back.

She threatened that with a vengeance she swore she would convince McGonagall to make them repeat their final year.

With her wand pointed at their backs, they surrendered and gave themselves in. Fortunately for Hermione, she was able to pass her Arithmacy finals with flying colours. The adrenalin had keep running through her during the entire test, though she never forgave them properly for it.

'Um, 'Mione, might I saw something before you kill us?' ventured Harry.

Hermione couldn't speak as yet, nodding almost forcedly, trying to calm her breathing.

'Er... We're sorry? Please take mercy on our souls, please Hermione?' begged Harry.

Ron gave her a whimpering look, trying to stop his eyes from watering too much. Fleur came up from behind her and clutched at her shoulder. She closed her arms around Hermione's waist gently, leaning onto Hermione's stiff form.

'Calm down mes amie. Think, think about it. Sweet thing, don't 'urt them. It was a mistake,' murmured Fleur into Hermione's ear.

Hermione twitched, but threw up her hands in defeat.

'I hate you both, honestly. One day Fleur won't be here to save you,' she muttered grudgingly.

Harry and Ron breathed heavily in relief. Both seemed too shocked to say anything to Hermione.

'Thanks Fleur,' said Harry gratefully.

Ron just squeaked as he walked past. Neither seemed too bothered about what they learnt that night, but rather tried very hard not to get turned on by it.

Both excused themselves and went to bed. Harry said that he would mention the riddle in the morning.

Hermione clutched at her head, Fleur rubbed Hermione's cheek softly, wondering how Hermione would react to her mother's rather violent and intruding tendencies.

'Mon amie, can I entice you to bed? And I mean sleep,' she added for good measure.

Hermione grinned at her wryly, 'What? Did you think I was gonna jump you as soon as we went back to the bedroom?'

'Why, I'd love for that to 'appen, but I thought that some rest would do you good. Too much excitement can be bad for you,' replied Fleur, rubbing her legs together at the thought of Hermione 'jumping' her.

Hermione nodded in agreement, 'You're probably right. Let's go then.'

Hermione put her arm around Fleur's waist and pulled her against her side as they walked back upstairs.

Remus and Tonks had been watching silently. Tonks cooed, 'Aw, those two are just so cute!'

Remus chuckled to himself, 'Yes, well. We'd best return to bed also.'

Tonks and leapt onto him in a hug.

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