Title: Something Sweet

Author: WickedGame

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Category: Romance, fluff

Rating: PG or T

Pairing: 1+2+1 (or 12 depending on the ML)

Warnings: Shounen ai, foul language, maybe a touch OOC (hopefully not), AU.

Disclaimers: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Notes: Written for the GW Bakery Challenge "Baked Goods". Beta-ed by Adaina.

"You work zee dough velly, velly kayfully. Do not work zee dough too too much oh else zee dough vill be too too tough," Duo had the staff of the bakery he worked at laughing as he rolled out the crust for his favorite lemon meringue pie. It was true though: pie crust dough can get incredibly tough when it isworked too much. Yet when the butter is distributed just right throughout the dough, the crust cooks up flaky and soft.

Duo laid the dough out on top of the tin and then gently pressed it down with wet fingertips. Using a pair of kitchen scissors and a fork he then cut the crust to size and crimped the edge. Into the oven it went to pre-bake. When it was done Hilde would pour in the lemon custard and then pipe on the meringue before letting it bake again to turn a golden brown on top.

Duo dusted off his hands on his apron and stepped out into the lobby of the bakery he had been working at for years now. Racks of breads, cakes, pies, and other assorted concoctions covered the walls behind the counter. The air smelled like a mix of coffee, cookies, and freshly baked bread. The decor was simple and mostly French in influence. Big band and blues music was piped in through hidden speakers, and a low hum of customers only added to the atmosphere.

Duo looked at the clock. Two hours until he could go home to his fish and ferret. He didn't do much else than work. He went to the movies a lot, though he was usually alone. Every once and a while he went out with friends from work, but that was not too often. He liked his solitude to some extent. He had grown up around a lot of people, so being alone now was almost refreshing sometimes.

Duo was checking expiration dates on pre-packaged cookies when Hilde called him into the back.

"What?" Duo asked her once he got back there.

"Look around the corner really quick," Hilde instructed him.

"That's kind of vague," Duo argued.

"Right in front of the doors in the parking lot there is a red truck. Leaning against the hood is one of the best looking men I have ever seen."

"Oh! Do you want me to go say something to him for you, Hilde baby? Want me to tell him how hot for him you are?" Duo teased and made to walk away. Hilde grabbed his arm and yanked him back.

"You idiot! Let me finish! He has been out there for an hour...and I am not the one he is looking at," Hilde winked, and Duo's jaw dropped open.

"A gorgeous guy is out there looking at me?" Duo asked, a little incredulous.

"Don't blow it," Hilde kissed Duo's cheek and pushed him back through the swinging doors and into the front area of the bakery.

Duo gave the front door a cursory glance, 'Damn! Hilde was not joking!'

The man was beyond gorgeous. He was not all that tall, maybe just under six feet. He was slim but not skinny. His hair was dark and his eyes were piercing even from this distance. His face seemed slightly angular in places, revealing the fact that he was not entirely Caucasian. He was wearing these sinfully low-rise jeans in this amazing dark wash and a dark t-shirt that was clinging to a toned chest.

It took several of those cursory glances for Duo to gather all that information. The whole time the man just stood there, watching Duo with definite interest.

Duo darted into the back, nearly knocking over a bread-toting Hilde in the process.

"Hey!" she called out.

"I have bread dough to knead," Duo told her as he headed for an unused section of the butcher block.

It took all of five minutes for Hilde to peek her head into the back and call out, "Duo! Someone's out here to see you!"

Duo grumbled but abandoned the dough and walked out to the front. Standing in front of the register was the man from the outside. He was trying not to look nervous but he was failing miserably. Duo smiled as the sympathetic streak in him took over. He took off his hair net and let his long braid fall down his back as he reached the register.

"Can I help you?" he asked as calmly and nonchalantly as possible.

"When are you off?" the man asked. Duo was startled by how soft and low his voice was.

"Hi, my name is Duo, what's yours?" Duo held out his hand to the confused looking man. Then comprehension dawned on his handsome features and he took Duo's hand in his own.

"Sorry. My name is Heero. I am not so good at these things."

"What things?" Duo found himself asking as he let go of the soft hand finally.

"Askinggorgeousmenout," Heero said quickly. He all of a sudden looked abashed.

"I'm sorry?" Duo was not quite sure what that one long word was.

"That came out all wrong. This is not how I pictured it. Let me try again," Heero cleared his throat, "Asking gorgeous men out."

"That's what I thought you said," Duo fibbed and then smiled, "How do you even know I'm gay?"

Heero blinked roughly and then spoke, "If you were not gay then why would you continually look at me through the window?"

Duo chuckled, "I'm kidding. I'm off in about forty-five minutes now. Do you want to give me your phone number? I can call you later."

"How about I buy a cup of coffee and a slice of pie, and then I will wait for you to get off?" Heero proposed.

"That's not necessary, really. Why can't I just call you after I have the flour and sugar washed off of me?" Duo asked.

"I like you covered in flour and sugar. Plus, if I leave now then you have a chance to back out. Have dinner with me," Heero insisted.

"Okay, sit," Duo pointed at the tables and chairs that peppered the bakery.

"What do I owe you?" Heero asked as he took out his wallet.

"It's on me. You can pick up the dinner tab," Duo winked as he walked over to the pie case. He removed the apple pie and cut a fresh slice. He set it gingerly on a plate and then piped on some fresh whipped cream. He poured a cup of coffee and set the cup on a saucer before snaking his way between tables. He set it down in front of Heero, who had elected to sit near the window.

"Thank you," Heero told Duo.

"Well...I've got to get back to my bread dough," Duo smiled and walked away.

Heero watched Duo go, entranced by the long braid that brushed back and forth across the top of his ass. He sighed as it was swept up beneath the hair net again. He had not known about the braid when he had first seen Duo two days ago.

Heero worked across the street from the bakery as a chef in a very popular French restaurant. Two days ago he had showed up to work early for some reason and had decided to go over to the bakery for a cup of coffee. He not only came away from the place with a great cup of coffee but he had also come away from the place with an intense crush.

Duo had been sweeping the floor while Heero had been standing in line. The hair net was on his head at the time, but that was not what drew Heero's gaze. Instead it was the huge violet eyes that were set into a very delicate face. Those eyes twinkled as the sweeping man had sung easily along with the Etta James that was playing in the background. He almost seemed to be dancing as he swept. Heero had not been the only person looking at the Duo either; other people in line watched him with expressions of amusement and attraction. He was something to look at with that turned up nose and those kissable lips.

That was why he was here on his day off. He had asked plenty of people out before, but none of those people made his palms sweat like Duo did. None of them made his heart beat this fast or made his head spin with just a look. He was downright dizzy for Duo, a pastry chef of all things.

Heero had sat outside the bakery for a long time watching the phenomenon named Duo before the girl named Hilde spotted him. Duo worked hard and chatted amiably with customers. Duo was obviously a people person, unlike Heero. Heero had always had a hard time socializing. He hoped that maybe Duo could help him learn to be better around people.

Heero had caught the girl named Hilde staring at him a number of times. She always pretended to be interested in something else when he turned his gaze to her, but she was a bad actress. Then he had seen Duo come into the front again. This time Duo started to look at him. They were little glances, but he had looked and that's what counted. The glances went from curious to interested. That was when Heero had decided to go inside. He had ducked his head as he went indoors, an old habit. When he had finally reached the counter Duo was gone and Hilde was there instead. Hilde had taken one look at him and then had stuck her head into the back to call out the object of his affections.

Those eyes and that smile were all of a sudden right in front of him, close enough to touch. That baritone voice was greeting him, and a flour-covered hand was shaking his. Did Duo even know he had a smudge of flour on his cheekbone? Did he know how impossible cute that smudge was?

The smell of him curled up inside Heero's body and took up residence there. It was not something he could ever see himself forgetting: how many men smelled of fresh-baked bread and vanilla? It wasn't the cheap cosmetic vanilla smell either; Duo smelled like the seeds inside a fresh vanilla pod, all clean and sweet.

Heero had wanted to hold Duo and never let him go from the first moment he saw him. Now he would sit at this table, sip coffee, and eat pie until Duo got off of work. Heero was not about to let Duo go now that he had him within reach. He would not let Duo go until the man was as smitten with him as he was with Duo.


Duo threw the last batch of sourdough bread into the ovens and then took off his apron.

"I'm off!" he called out to Hilde as he walked towards the break room to gather his things.

"Good luck! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Hilde grinned as her co-workers back disappeared from sight and into the small room in the back.

Duo hung up his apron and threw out that day's hairnet. He took a brush from his locker and took out his long braid. He ran the bristles through the hair until it shone, and then left it down. He tucked his hair tie into his pocket though, just in case. He pulled out his boots and stuffed his sneakers where they usually sat when he was not working. In a matter of minutes he was ready to go.

Heero stood up as soon as Duo came out. Duo watched his face go from calm to indecipherable in two seconds flat.

When Duo stopped in front of Heero he smiled. Heero lifted his right hand and rubbed a thumb across Duo's right cheekbone.

"Flour," Heero commented as the digit came away slightly white.

"The dangers of being a baker," Duo sighed melodramatically and then rolled his eyes. He gestured to the door, "Shall we go?"

Heero followed him to the door and then grabbed his elbow, "How do you feel about that place?" he asked impulsively as he pointed to his own restaurant.

"Too expensive. Not enough food for what you have to pay. What they give you is excellent, there just isn't enough of it," Duo said thoughtfully, "I know an excellent seafood place down by the pier. Fancy some seafood?"

Heero shook his head gently and made a mental note to talk to the owner about portions and prices, "Sure, seafood sounds great."

They hailed a cab and got in.

"Your hair is so long," Heero remarked.

"Yep. My mom liked it long," Duo explained.

"I like it too. It's unique, like most things about you that I have noticed so far," Heero smirked.

"Most things?" Duo angled himself so his legs were pointed towards Heero.

"Your hair, your eyes, that nose, the way you smell," Heero listed things that came to mind readily.

"Flattery will get you everywhere you know," Duo teased.

Heero looked like he was going to open his mouth, but then he shut it again.

"So, what do you do for a living, Heero?" Duo asked. Damn, he loved the way that name sounded on his tongue. Duo quickly wondered what Heero thought of the way he said it.

"I'm a chef," Heero chose his words carefully.

"Where?" Duo inquired.

"The restaurant across the street from your bakery," Heero said with a grimace. Duo busted up laughing.

"Oh shit! What a way to drive a perfectly cute guy away!"

"No, it is okay. You may be right in your assessment. I am going to speak with the owner about it," Heero didn't want Duo to feel bad for having his own opinion.

"Did you grow up here?" Duo asked, changing subjects.

"I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan. When I was a teenager I came here with my Uncle," Heero smiled slightly at the thought of his only uncle.

"Your mother and father stayed there?" Duo inquired.

"Passed away actually, right before I came here," Heero looked at Duo, "What about your parents?"

"Passed away in a car crash," Duo confessed.

"I'm sorry," Heero said automatically.

"Why do people say they're sorry for shit that ain't their fault?" Duo asked, curious.

"Not sorry because it is their faults. They are sorry because they are being sympathetic," Heero elaborated.


When they reached the pier Heero made a move and put his hand on the small of Duo's back. Duo felt the reassuring pressure and smiled at his date, "You can touch me. I'm not made of glass."

"Just trying not to move too fast," Heero told him.

"Sweetheart, if I didn't want you to do something I would let you know, trust me," Duo drove his point home by turning his head and kissing Heero's cheek, "Still, it's nice that you thought that."

Heero flushed slightly when the warm lips made contact with his skin on his cheek. He wanted desperately to know what those lips felt like in other places, but now was not the time.

Duo contemplated Heero from across their table once they had been served. The bay was a vast sea of blackness outside the window, with the lights from the other bayside towns twinkling in the distance. Heero was cracking crab legs for them both. Duo had never been any good at it and had asked for Heero's assistance. Heero had been glad to do it, and that made Duo smile. Heero's intense concentration on the mission was endearing.

He was glad Heero had asked him out. The man was not only gorgeous; he had many other qualities that Duo found appealing. Heero was polite, nice, and could actually hold a decent conversation. Duo could see that Heero was a touch resistant to talking too much, but that wasn't something Duo was concerned with. He had a knack for getting people out of their shells. Overall, Heero was a wonderful date.

"Heero?" Duo asked suddenly.

"Yes?" Heero countered, looking up briefly from his task. Duo loved his eyes, so brilliantly blue.

"Thanks for asking me out. I'm having a good time," Duo watched as Heero smiled gently. Duo swore that smile could turn him into goo.

"My pleasure," Heero looked down at the lumped crab meat and picked up a piece, "Crab?"

Duo leaned forward over the table and towards the offered morsel. Then, he opened his mouth. Heero moved the pink and white flesh closer until it brushed Duo's lips. Duo closed his mouth around meat and fingertips, sucking both into his mouth.

Heero swore his heart stopped beating when those warm lips closed over his fingers and sucked with wet heat. Duo was looking him straight in the eye with an unknown expression as he let the fingers go. Heero stared at his fingers like they were amazing and Duo licks his lips.

"Delicious," was what Duo said as he picked up his glass of white wine.

Heero picked up another lump of meat and brought it to his own lips. He slipped the bite into his mouth and then sucked on the same fingers that had just been in Duo's mouth.

"I agree," he forced out once the meat had been swallowed.

Duo gave him a coy look and waited patiently while Heero cracked the rest of the legs.

"What made you want to become a pastry chef?" Heero asked suddenly.

"I love sweet things," Duo answered, "I love to create things. So, combine creating and sweets and whim-bam-boom you get pastry chef. You know what made me get into it in the first place? Doughnuts. The thought of making hundreds of my own sweet, little doughnuts," Duo took a sip of wine before asking Heero almost the exact same question, "Why'd you become a chef?"

"I had to learn to cook for myself at a young age. When I came here it was the only skill I had, so I stuck with it," Duo raised an eyebrow at the answer but let the matter drop.

"Are you harboring a secret life I should know something about?" Duo teased.

"I build robots and kill people professionally for a mad scientist in my spare time," Heero joked, "You?"

"I'm the grim reaper and I was sent here to collect you. Also, Chuck Woolery is Satan."

"What does that make Alex Trebek?" Heero asked mockingly.

"An alien," Duo chuckled.

"Anything else?" Heero queried.

"I think you're gorgeous," Duo confessed. Heero stopped laughing.

"Thank you. All things considered, I think you are much better looking than I."

"I will take the compliment," Duo stuck his tongue out at Heero in jest.

They decided to skip dessert and walk down the pier for coffee instead. When they left the restaurant Duo grabbed Heero's hand immediately.

"Okay?" Duo asked.

"More than okay," Heero answered.

Duo's vibrant hair blew around slightly in the offshore breeze. Duo stopped and pulled out his hair tie, "Sorry, I need to put it up or else it will be in my mouth constantly."

"I understand," Heero told him while secretly wishing that the amazing head of hair could always be down.

They resumed holding hands and walking until they reached the coffee stand. They stood together on the pier, looking out over the handrails at the dark water and twinkling lights. It was starting to get really foggy, which gave every light an almost ethereal glow.

Heero held his coffee in his right hand ad wrapped his left arm around Duo's waist. Duo scooted closer and laid his head on Heero's shoulder.

"Tired?" Heero asked.

"Nope. Just content," Duo told him, "I have never been on a more successful first date."

"Successful?" Heero inquired curiously.

"Don't you wanna take me out again?" Duo asked as he batted his eyelashes in exaggeration.

"If I could take you out twenty-four hours a day I would," Heero confessed.

"Let's start with kissing and see where we go from there," Duo turned in Heero's arms and looped his own arms around Heero's slim neck. Heero felt a hot cup of coffee rest against his upper back. He set his own coffee on the railing so he did not spill it.

"Kissing you," Heero murmured as those sweet lips moved closer to him. When they met his finally, he realized they were actually sweet; they tasted like sugar. He sucked on Duo's lower lip gently before he sucked it fully into his mouth. He was rewarded with a small whimper of pleasure. Duo's mouth opened, and Heero took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside. Duo tasted like coffee and sugar, all hot and saccharine. Duo moved closer and pressed the length of his body up against Heero's and kissed back in earnest, thrusting his tongue against Heero's in a war for dominance over the kiss. Their tongues met again and again as they melted into each other.

It seemed like a lifetime or two had passed before they finally came up for air. They panted and leaned into each other for support.

"I could get used to that," Duo joked.

"Maybe I should take you home," Heero suggested.

"Why?" Duo asked, confused.

"I don't want you to hate me in the morning," Heero smiled wryly and Duo made an 'o' with his mouth.

"I wouldn't, but I guess you're right," Duo led Heero over to the curb so he could hail a taxi. One pulled up finally, and Duo gave Heero a short kiss, "Come into the bakery tomorrow."

"I will," Heero promised as he opened the door to the taxi for Duo, "Thank you for coming out with me."

"Thanks for dinner and coffee. Good night, beautiful."

Heero watched the cab leave, and then he signaled for his own. On the way home all he could think of was Duo.

He vowed then and there to start liking sweets. With Duo in his life he had a feeling he would need to.

-The End-

Note: My beta pointed out that this could go somewhere. I actually wanted to leave it at this. It is just supposed to be an AU first date scenario, nothing more. Use your imaginations as to what happened. Me personally? They had a lot of smutterific sex and lived happily ever after with no angst. LOL.