Masks and Mist

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R (just to be safe)


Snarry (Snape/Harry)

Revelations of Betrayal

The next morning, Harry watched as a familiar owl glided gracefully through his open window. Untying the rolled up letter attached to its foot, Harry patted it on the head as it waited patiently for a response to take back to its owner. Harry's eyes scanned over the letter's contents as a dark smirk crossed his face. Setting the letter down on his desk, he reached for his quill and began scratching out a response.

Yes, master...Everything's been arranged...He's here and waiting for you...And, as you have asked, he knows nothing...He will be ready when you arrive...


Rolling his response up and securing it, Harry tied it to the owl's foot and sent off, back through the open window. Just then, he felt a slight twinge of guilt. Though, he quickly brushed it aside without a second thought. He then set back to wait for Severus to wake up to begin planning his "hiding" from Voldemort. Eventually, Severus came into the living room. Harry knew it wouldn't be long before Voldemort arrived. However, he simply plastered a convincing smile on his face as he asked "Sleep all right?"

Nodding, Severus replied "I slept well enough..." And with that, they set to work continuing their planning from where they'd left off the night before. A few hours later, they'd really come a long way when they heard a small pop and before Severus realized what was going on, Voldemort addressed Harry.

"Ahh...Everything seems to be ready...Is it, Potter?" He asked, a slight air of impatience lacing his voice. Bowing briefly, Harry replied "Of course, master..." "Master"?... Severus asked himself silently. How could he do something like this?...How could he lie to me?... "Excellent!" Voldemort replied. Before Severus could fully register the entire situation, Harry had him and silenced. And as quickly as it had all started, it was over. Voldemort disappeared with Severus with another soft pop. The moment they disappeared, Harry dropped to his knees as the hold Voldemort had on him lifted. Letting his head fall into his hands, Harry asked softly "What have I done?"

Realizing what he had to do, Harry stood once again, wand in hand, as he apparated to the place he knew to be Voldemort's lair. Immediately he was surrounded in darkness. He heard screaming. Agonizing screams that sent chills down the length of his spine. His eyes scanned the room, squinting until they'd adjusted to the dark around them. There he was. Severus, lying motionless on the floor in the center of what appeared to a prison cell. Oh, God...What have I done?...Harry thought to himself, knowing that he was the sole source of Severus' pain. Meanwhile, Severus thought to himself as he just lay there, allowing himself to be beaten within an inch of his life. I can't believe I trusted him...How could he do this to me?...I can't believe I actually thought he cared...What a fool I was!...

A small light filled the room as Harry found himself face-to-face with Voldemort. Oddly enough, Harry found that he wasn't nearly as intimidated as he should have been, given the current situation. He simply narrowed his eyes menacingly as he watched Voldemort draw his wand and throw the first curse at him, one which he narrowly escaped. They continued to duel for what seemed like an eternity before Harry caught sight of Severus coming around.

"Harry?..." Severus croaked out, weakly and hoarsely. Harry's heart ached for the older wizard. "Severus..." Harry replied before ducking another shot from Voldemort. Finally, Harry'd had enough. Aiming his wand at Voldemort, he hissed venomously "Avada Kedavra!" Harry found himself enjoying the sight of Voldemort falling at his hands far too much to have possibly been healthy. Though, he didn't care for he knew Voldemort had deserved it. Snapping back to his senses, Harry ran to Severus' side and threw himself to his knees as he surveyed the damage done by Voldemort. Good God...What the bloody hell was I thinking?...How could I have possibly allowed that bastard to make me do this to him?... Harry thought to himself, fighting back the tears as he cast some sort of healing spell most witches and wizards had never heard of.

Rising, he carefully helped Severus to stand. Once he had regained his footing, Severus asked, slightly confused, "Harry?...What're you doing here?...I would have thought..." Sighing, Harry replied "Severus, I'm sorry...I don't know what the hell I was thinking...Voldemort must've had some sort of hold on me...Listen, I really don't expect you believe anything I tell you...I just felt it was my responsibility to stop what I'd started..." Turning to leave, Harry was slightly surprised to feel a hand on his shoulder, almost begging him to stop and turn back around. Slowly, he turned back around to face Severus and slowly looked up into the older man's eyes, searching for any signs of contempt or hatred. All he found was hope. "I understand..." Severus added softly. A soft smile slowly played across Harry features as he replied "Thank you..." Hesitating a moment, Severus slowly pulled Harry's face to his-searching the younger man's eyes all the while for any signs of disgust. When he found nothing but hope, he gently pressed his lips to those of the wizard who stood before him.

Both sets of eyes closed on contact. Severus reveled in the warmth and comfort of Harry's body being so close to his own and was surprised to find Harry's arm slipping around his waist, pulling his body even closer to the younger wizard's. Severus began to nibble gently along Harry's lower lip, asking permission to enter. Permission which was eagerly granted. Harry felt Severus' tongue slip into his mouth they battled in a game of dominance that neither really cared to win, just content that it was even happening at all. Once they finally parted for the lack of oxygen, Harry panted "Come on...Let's get out of here..." Severus simply nodded his silent acquiescence as Harry took him by the hand and apparated the both of them back to his home at number four Privet Drive. Turning to face Severus, Harry asked "Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you?" Severus read the almost pleading expression written in Harry's beautiful green emerald eyes.

He smiled softly as he reached out to gently caress the younger wizard's cheek. "Harry, you had no say in the matter...If you say that Voldemort had complete control over you, then I, for one, believe you...I'm just glad you snapped out of it when you did...You saved my life, Harry...And, for that, I thank you..." Smirking slightly, Harry replied "Ya know, a simple 'yes' would have sufficed." Chuckling for what had to be the first time in an eternity, Severus replied "I'm sure it would have..." Just then, Harry noticed Severus' face take on a more serious expression as Severus added "Harry...There's something I need to tell you..." Slightly confused as to what Severus could possibly be talking about, Harry asked "What is it?" Sighing softly, Severus added "I love you..."

Harry was speechless. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Severus Snape was in love with him? Finally, snapping back to reality, a soft smile played across Harry's face as he replied softly "I love you, too, Severus..." Before Severus fully registered what Harry had said, he quickly covered "Now, Harry, I'm sure you couldn't possibly..." He slowly trailed off, replaying Harry's response in his mind. "...Wait...What did you say?" Harry's smile broadened as he repeated "I said...I love you, too, Severus..." Now, it was Severus' turn to be speechless. This figure of perfection and innocence before him was in love with him? He could hardly believe it. Then, Harry stepped in front of him and wrapped his arms around Severus, almost as if to reassure him that this was really happening. Pulling back, Harry leaned forward and pressed his lips to Severus' once more, this time with less intensity and more tenderness.

Author's Note:
I apologize for this chapter being so short. I've been kinda busy lately and couldn't really figure out what to do with this chapter so...yeah...I hope y'all enjoyed it all the same. I'll try to make the next chapter longer. Sorry, again...Enjoy, mis amigos!

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