Lily Evans was determined to have a summer of fun, despite her sister. Lily and her three best friends Kara, Raine and Willow had been sent on vacation to Glasgow, Scotland by Raines parent. But at the last minute they couldn't come. Kara's parents had been asked to be the adult escorts, but they were both too busy with work, and Willow's parents were going on a second honey moon. So the girls were accompanied by Lily's parents, who had (much to the four girls disgust) insisted on bringing Petunia and her enormous, annoying whale of a boyfriend, Vernon Dursley.

James Potter was sitting at his desk, listening to the wizarding wireless and looking through his photos from his sixth year, next year was his final year at Hogwarts, his last year with Lily, the Lily Evans…the girl, no, woman of his dreams. Smart, fiery and beautiful. She wasn't one of the fake, giggly girls followed him and his best friend, Sirius, around at school. In fact he thought she looked on those girls with something akin to pity, or could it be disgust………

He flipped to the next photo; it was of Lily, Kara and Raine sitting by the lake laughing. Willow had obviously taken the photo; Lily would never laugh like that around him.

"Prongsie old boy, so thoroughly thrilled to see you again!" Sirius announced as pompously as possible as he strutted through James's bedroom door, grinning manically.

"Hello Padfoot," said James laughing. "What's got you so hypo now?"

"Moi, hypo? Never!" said Sirius pretending to look scandalized, and failing. "I'm only excited!"

"Different word, same meaning." James muttered distractedly, looking back at the photo.

"Ah, the ever elusive, fiery redhead Lily." Said Sirius quietly, peering over James shoulder to see what he was looking at.

"Well mate," Sirius said loudly (causing James to jump slightly). "Stop mopping around, you'll get her next year for sure! But for now your gonna forget about her, cause your parents have splurged on us man! Three tickets to Glasgow, Scotland. You, me and Remus, we were going to take peter as well but we can't seem to contact him to ask, sooo it's just gonna be the three of us going. Oh well, he'll turn up always does. Oh, Remus said a new muggle club has opened there, so we can check it out. Apparently they're like a permanent party which starts up again each night, can't wait! So let's get going"

"YES! I found the room! Hurry up guys." Yelled Lily excitedly

"Hey, we are of the female persuasion biznitch! You're starting to sound like the boys! You know James, Siri and Remus." Replied Kara

"You shouldn't be so close to them! They're always in trouble and they'll just drag you down with them." said Lily returning to her studious prefect persona from school.

"Lay off Lils, its part of their charm, besides its holidays and they haven't let me get in trouble or take the fall yet, or ever!" replied Kara "Hurry up and open the door, this bag is heavy!"

"Whimp," commented Raine walking up to them and flicking her mid-back length black hair out of her face.

"Um, Raine, Where's Willow? She was with you!" said Kara looking up and down the hotel hallway. Lily leaned back against the door way and smiled, knowing full well another Kara-Raine fight was about to start and their fights were always amusing to watch. So she got comfortable and watched.

"How would I know?"

"Coz she was with you!"

"So! I'm not her mother."

"What's being a mother got to do with anything biznitch? You've gone and lost a perfectly good friend, now we have to start auditioning replacements! Do you have any idea how hard its gonna be?"


"Oh, loco, that's what you are!" Kara sang purposefully making her voice crack and sound horrible. (She was actually had a brilliant voice)

"Arrgh, you win, just stop singing!" Raine cried covering her ears.

"Yay!" exclaimed Kara while Raine rolled her eyes and Lily laughed, Willow got out of the elevator behind them.

Kara dug around in her hand bag and handed something to Raine quietly, while Lily unlocked the door and they entered.

"Oh my god, I love you Kara," Raine positively screamed when she opened the small present. "Lindt chocolate!"

"Not as much as you will after this!" Kara passed Raine a beautifully wrapped box, which was only slightly smaller than the first "Happy birthday sis!"

"Oh god, Kara it's gorgeous!" whispered Raine as she put on necklace which held a single emerald encircled by small diamonds hanging on fine white gold chain. The perfect complement to her pale skin tone and her favourite colour.

"Oh, shit! Sorry Lils I can't believe I almost forgot!" Kara mumbled as she resumed rummaging, this time producing a long, thin, straight box similarly wrapped. "Happy birthday Lils."

Lily opened the box, inside was a silver chain with a tear drop emerald pendant. It would set off her eyes perfectly.

"Sorry they're so similar, but you both like and suit emeralds." Said Kara in an uncharacteristically quiet voice.

"They're beautiful Kara, thank you!" said Lily pulling Kara into a hug. Raine followed suit, mainly because she was still speechless. (A very rare happening indeed!)
"Well, this confirms it then, nothing is going to able to ruin my holiday, not with you lot for sisters!" said Lily smiling broadly and putting the necklace on.