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Chapter 7: Breakfast Meetings.

"Are they fighting again?" asked Dan

"Yep!" replied Kara. "You should try being at school with them. Last year was particularly bad…horrible actually!"

"Why? What happened?"

"He acts as arrogant as Ryan at times, I guess he just reminded her of him too much. So she took her pain and anger out on Potter whenever he gave her the chance. Which was actually fairly often."

"Typical Lily!"

They were standing in the kitchen, in their pj's eating breakfast. Suddenly Lily's door slammed open and out rolled James covering his head, amid a hail of pillow's, obviously aimed at his head.

"Whoa…ok, ok I'm out! Geez!" called James

"This time stay out! It's bad enough you lot decided to stick around, just stay out of my Room!" screamed Lily

"Good to see the children getting along so well." Commented Kara dryly

"Yes, we raised them so well!" added Dan, wrapping his arms around Kara's waist and burying his face into her neck.

"Ahh…NOW I see why you didn't accept any offers at school." Commented James slyly as he walked over to the kitchen.

"Mmm…got all want right here!" replied Kara smirking

"Rhumph!" added Dan, causing Kara to giggle.

"She giggles? That's new, miss studious giggles!" said James

"Miss studious?" enquired Dan, finally lifting his head. "Who?"



"Wha?" asked Dan so confused his head was starting to hurt!

"Doesn't take you long to get confused does it!" joked James

"Shooshka James! Dan at school the girls and I are top of our classes. It's hopelessly boring, but the society accepts who we are. And we will have the best opportunities after we graduate, almost any job we want will be ours!" said Kara

"In other words, you're hiding yourselves again, aren't you!" Replied Dan

"The head master knows the real us, and for our final year at school we can act and dress like ourselves, we have to keep our grades up though. It's our choice Dan, we don't regret it, and I won't be forced to regret it!" said Kara strongly.

Dan just nodded; James looked at the two of them and wondered what he had missed.

Lily's door opened and out she came, wearing the shortest denim mini ever known to womankind with a low cut black top and black knee high lace up boots. Her hair was in a simple ponytail but a few loose wisps teased at her neck and face softening the look.

"Well don't you look gorgeous today!" said Kara

"Mmm…Lunch meeting thingy with Dan and the label that wants that…" started Lily

"Oh yeah, for that contract!" remembered Kara suddenly

"Damn boring lunch meetings!" muttered Dan, causing Kara and Lily to laugh.

"Hey James, Lily, Kara, Dan." Mumbled Raine around a yawn as she entered the kitchen.

"Hi Raine." The group replied in stereo. (Eerie!)

"Your breakfast is in the fridge." Added Kara

"Thanks gremlin!" replied Raine

"s'alright." Said Kara. "Time to wake everyone up and get ready for another day!"

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