Title: That Famous Smile
Rating: K+
Denny thinks while trying to call Izzie. One-Shot
Freeing Alys
Not mine. I'm just a crazy fan.
Author's Note:
My second Denny/Izzie story. Have I mentioned I'm like a huge fan of the ship? Well I am. So I'm writing the meaningless ficlets. And again, I don't know if this is good or not, so let me know.

That Famous Smile.

She had a smile that I'd never seen before. One that lit up my heart the second it reached her eyes. The kind that made me say the most stupid things, just to see it. Izzie was a girl that I was automatically drawn too, and that didn't happen very often. I was never the kind of guy to start a relationship with a girl like how I did with Izzy. I was the kind of guy to stand back and wait for her to come to me. But when she walked into my hospital room on that first day I had to say something, I had to do something, she was a girl I didn't want to get away. So I said what I had to and I did what I had too, and I drew her into me.

Every night when she'd leave to go home, and I was lying in that same hospital bed I still wouldn't be able to believe that we had had the conversation that we had, or that she had looked at me that way she had. But it did happen it was all real.

Izzie cared about me when I was in no condition to be bringing someone into my life. She walked into my life and she wouldn't let go, no matter what she knew. And she knew it all, she was my doctor after all. Izzie is a girl that I've always wanted, a girl that could change things for me.

After the operation I packed up the few things that I had and prepared myself to leave Seattle Grace Hospital and I didn't know if I was allowed back. I set my backpack on my shoulders and walked out of my room. Sure, Izzie kissed me, but it was right after I got out of the OR, she was scared. It might have been nothing more then a 'I'm glad you're alive and not dead' kiss. It might not have been anything.

I walked out of the doors of Seattle Grace and I heard her call me. "Denny!" I turned around and she was running towards me.

I smiled at her and waved my hand. "Izzie." I replied.

"Wait." She panted out as she reached me. And that's when she grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me again, just like our first kiss slow and soft.

"What was that for?" I asked her after she pulled away.

"Call me." She answered. And she flashed me that smile again and turned away. I stood there watching as she went back into the hospital and back to her job.

And now I'm sitting at home with her number sitting in front of me and the phone in my hand. With eight too many questions swarming in my mind I'm trying to decide if I should call her. Sighing I push the talk button and dial her number before I can think about it. "hello?" She lightly mumbles into the phone.

"Izzie…" I let out and I hear her laugh, and I can almost see that smile.