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So here it goes

Summary: Zenon has now grown up, she is now married and still lives in her home in space. She has two daughters named Jessica, who is 14, and Kylie, who is 7. Jessica finds out her home is being destroyed by nothing ordinary and her sister seems to be acting different after the incident but why?


"Hey Jessica you want to watch a scary movie in my house today?" Rachelle asked

"Because I'm free today" she continued

"Super nova, but..." answered Jessica.

"...I've got to go home" Jessica continued

"See you afterwards though, bye Rachelle" Jessica said running to her "home"

When she reached the door all she heard was silence and she expected her mother, Zenon, not to be home but "creeeek!" when she opened the door...

"What's up mum?" greeted Jessica.

"Hey sweetie" Zenon replied.

"Mum Rachelle asked me if I could watch a movie at her house so could I?" Jessica asked

"No honey, I have to attend a meeting and it's very important so I need you to stay home and take care of Kylie" Zenon answered

"Why mom? Why? I don't want to take care of that spoiled brat you call a daughter, which means she is my sister and I don't believe that" Jessica said with rage in her voice

"Now Jessica, don't say that about YOU'RE sister and you'd better take care of her this time" Zenon said as she started to enter the master bedroom

"Why am I stuck with her? Why today?" Jessica muttered soft enough so that Zenon couldn't hear her

I guess I gotta page Rachelle about this bad and totally horrible news Jessica thought bitterly

I just wish if I could use my mom's teleport machine if only it wasn't highly dangerous and completely out of bound!