Title: The Candles You Lit For Me (Drabble)

Word Count: 314
Author: Angel
Rating: PG
Pairing: ToriShishi
Teaser: Shishido Ryou is witty, bitchy and moody. But he is, by all means, not as insensitive as they thought he is.

It was dark.

He couldn't see a single thing, not even the ground he was standing on. He couldn't even see himself. Behind him, there was a large mirror but in there, he could only see his face. Ho wondered why it was so.

Back then, he didn't mind it so much.

The pace he moved with was fast. He had no time to recognise his opponents or even his friends. Thus, he was always seen as the arrogant type who saw nothing but his own face – that was what he heard people whispered.

Then there came one day when the large mirror behind him finally shattered into million pieces of useless garbage. He could no longer see anything, not even his own face. The world around him collapsed. Nothing he did helped him got rid of the absolute darkness surrounding him. He couldn't see where he was going and he felt like giving up.

Until he came.

The other person lit him one candle after another until the darkness finally lifted. The shattered mirror was somehow resurrected. This time, he could see not only his face, but his whole body as well. When he looked around, he saw the many paths he could take but there was one path lit by candles leading to a person standing at the end of the path, extending his hands, waiting for him.

Because of the other person, his darkness vanished.

Because of the candles the person lit for him, he found himself.

"Shishido-san, what are you writing?"

"Ah… It's nothing really. It was just a poem I wrote for… Hey! You're not supposed to read that yet!"

"Yet? Which means it's for me?"

He blushed scarlet. "Choutarou!"

"Hmm? The candles you… Oh, Shishido-san… This is…"

"I know, so shut up. You'd better not tell anyone about it."

"Shishido-san! I love you too!"

"Yeah, yeah… I know."