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The sun rose, letting its light drip over the dim grey landscape. Birds flew about, the day's business already well underway.

On opposite sides of a tall apartment building, two of the brightest students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stirred in their beds.

As the beams of light peeked through gaps in the curtains intensified, they woke up, rubbing sleep from their eyes.

After a moment of contemplating, reality set in and two loud groans echoed through out the building.


Draco Malfoy could not believe the hand fate had dealt him yesterday. He had changed sides, helped Potter and his followers win the war, turned the name Malfoy into that of loyalty and strength.

What was his payment? His reward? A month with none other that Hermione Granger.

Just as he was thinking this, Hermione was sitting holding her head in her hands, trying to comprehend the cruelness of her friends. Well, except for Ron who had been on her side about the whole idea.

They had insisted that unity be promoted all over the country. It was called 'Post-War Relations'.

They had arrived at the apartment building the previous evening. Both only exchanged brief greetings before escaping to their rooms.

Now that dawn had come, they were to go out and face the public as any couple who were deeply in love with one another.

Oh the torture of it all.

With small mutterings they both got up and began preparation for the day or days ahead.

Draco thought that he was probably required to go and pick Granger up or at least go to her apartment. He locked his door and made the long journey down the corridor.

Just as Hermione was making her bed she heard a knock on the door.

"Yes?" She called out putting down the pillow and going to the door.

"It's me, are you decent?" Hermione froze 'Great' she thought grimly 'Malfoy has come to wish me goodmoring.'

"Yes I am, come in." She replied turning around, knowing he could unlock the door himself.

"Morning Granger." He said closing the door with a flick of his wand.

Hermione set the cups and kettle to brew some coffee and set about making some toast for her and her fiancé.

"Morning Malfoy, did you sleep well?" Hermione replied faking a cheesy smile.

"Very well." Draco drawled in reply. He sat on a stool at the breakfast bar and watcher Granger prepare breakfast.

He had agreed to this because he had been very drunk when Potter had asked him for a favour. Unfortunately, Granger had been rather pissed too so both of them had signed their lives away without knowing.

"Really Granger, there is no need to cook for me." He smirked at her.

She looked at him down her nose. "I don't believe in slave labour Malfoy."

"Oh come now, we've talked about this before; house elves like to work." He said continuing to smirk.

"They are slaves and don't know any better!" Hermione retorted angrily.

Draco tilted his head side ways as though contemplating something "No fiancé of mine will have to cook and clean."

Hermione couldn't be more angry with his arrogant attitude. "I thought you said the Malfoy name had changed."

"It has. That doesn't mean the public can see you doing chores." He replied pompously.

Hermione shook her head firmly "I'm not going to let you tell me what I can and can't do."

Draco stood up "You will get a house elf." He said tightly.

"No!" She snapped.

Draco sighed in exaggerated frustration "You are so stubborn Granger! It's not good for the Malfoy name if you go around doing dishes and cooking your own food!"

Hermione leaned over the bench to poke Draco in the chest "You don't get to order me around like I'm some kind of maid. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself; I don't need a house elf."

Draco brushed her hand away angrily "It's not a matter of needing one. It's a-"

"Way of showing everyone that the Malfoy's just like to throw their power around and enslave innocent creatures!" Hermione interrupted.

Draco was steaming with anger. "You have no idea what I have done for my family name Granger, you dare stand here and lecture me!"

Hermione knew he had tried, they had fought together but that didn't make him any less irritating.

"You're not over the fact that you're going to have to give up some of that power and money in order to restore you're reputation!" She gave him a disgusted look and turned away.

"You think it's easy? Do you think I can just throw my money to the poor and set all my house elves free then everyone will like me?" He yelled to her back.

Hermione stiffened, this was getting personal, something she didn't want to get with Malfoy.

"No, its not. That doesn't mean I have to start acting like your mother."

'Opps' Hermione thought. She could feel the flames of Malfoy's anger licking at her back.

"How dare you talk about my mother that way." He said quietly. Hermione came to realise he was very intimidating when he whispered that way.

Silence stretched between them, Hermione too afraid to face him but not really wanting to move either.

"I'm sorry." She finally said, stepping further away from him and turning to face him. He was tight lipped and in his eyes, an angry fire was roaring.

He continued to unnerve her by staring into her eyes.

"You will never understand me Granger, because you don't want to." He whispered. Some of the fire died down but she knew it could easily flare up again.

"Can you blame me?" She replied just as quietly.

He looked at her, a curious expression on his face "No, I don't think I could."

Hermione stepped closer and placed two slices of toast onto a plate for him.

"How much do you hate me?" He asked her as she reached into the bag for some more bread.

She was taken aback by his question and how intimate it was. It felt like he was doing some soul searching, but she could hardly help him.

"I don't hate you." She said giving him the plate and popping her own toast down.

He came around the counter and opened the pantry door. Hermione stood watching him in slight awe as she sifted through her spreads frowning as he read the labels.

Finally he pulled out the peanut butter and returned to his seat.

"I find that hard to believe Granger." He continued opening the jar and looking around.

Hermione quickly pulled a butter knife from the drawer and handed it to him. He nodded in thanks and began spreading it over his toast.

"I don't. At Hogwarts I did, but not now." She said picking up a cup of coffee and placing it in front of him.

"Potter wants us to act as though we are in love and that nothing, not even blood and class, would stop us from being together." He chuckled without humour.

"Yes. I guess that's what he wants." She agreed warily taking a sip from her own cup.

Draco looked up at her, she couldn't see anything past the wall he had erected around his mind.

"But he wants more than that."

Hermione had never talked to Draco before, certainly not like this. She didn't know if she liked him like this or not, his train of thought was hard to follow.

"What do you mean?" She reached across and took the peanut butter. He handed her the knife before continuing.

"He wants to test my loyalty."

"What?" Hermione paused and looked at him "But you've already proved yourself."

Draco smirked "You think Potter really trusts me? No, he's testing how far I would go for his cause."

Hermione couldn't believe that, Harry had told her many times that he knew Malfoy had changed.

"It's not true, he just wants to show everyone that we can all get along. He already trusts you." She continued to prepare her toast.

"Believe what you will Granger." Draco said before taking a bite.

"I think you should call me Hermione." She also took a bite, thinking about how they would come across to the public.

"I guess I could manage that." Draco smirked. "Does that mean you have to call me Draco?"

Hermione cringed inwardly but nodded. "Yes, I will need to won't I?"

Draco took another bite and a comfortable silence fell between them.

"You're apartment is very unorganised." He said matter-of-factly as though conversing about the weather.

"Excuse me? Its very nice!" Hermione looked around, pictures and paintings her parents had sent her were hanging on the wall. She had blue couches and an antique wooden coffee table.

"Nice?" Draco raised an eyebrow sceptically "Granger, it's all different. You have no colour scheme."

Hermione could not believe how he had been nice one moment and now he was back to the rude pompous prat.

"There is! Look blue couches, blue cushions on the dining table." She pointed around the room in illustration.

"Yes, but its not consistent, look, red lamp and flowers, crème curtains, black picture frames." He also pointed around the apartment.

Hermione sighed "Let me guess, you want to hire a dozen house elves and some snot-nosed designer to re-decorate my apartment?"

Draco laughed "No, I don't think the designer would want to come in."

Hermione felt ready to burst, Draco obviously saw this too.

"I think that toady isn't the best day to spend together." He smiled falsely as he stood and drained his cup "We can talk again later."

Before Hermione could say anything, Draco apparated out of her apartment. She had a feeling he wasn't going back to his own place for a rest, he struck her as someone who was easily bored.

'Draco.' She said in her head. 'Draco… Who would name their child something so horrible?'

She sighed and sat down to finish her breakfast.


Late in the afternoon as Hermione was reading, there was a small pop announcing the return of her fiancé. 'His name is Draco' she told herself firmly.

"Granger!" He called out from the lounge. Hermione reached for her book mark but found she couldn't find it.

"Granger!" He yelled again, she could tell he was angry at something.

"Yes I'm coming! Impatient little snot." She muttered under her breath before getting up and picking her book mark up from the floor.

Draco obviously could not wait and burst into her room his eyes blazing.

"I can't believe Potter! I'm going to kill him!" He yelled. Hermione put the book mark in place and looked up at him.

"What's going on?" She pushed him out of her room but he appeared not to notice, he began pacing her kitchen while running his hand through his hair.

"I'm going to kill him." He kept saying, Hermione hoped he wasn't serious because she knew the public certainly wouldn't believe he had changed if he did.

"Why? What has Harry done?" She stood on the other side of the bench, feeling safer if something hard and solid was between them.

"What did he do?" He turned to face her, his gaze felt like a physical blow. "He arranged this whole bloody affair, that's what!"

Hermione sat on one of the stools in shock.

"Oh. But you knew that before didn't you?" She asked quietly.

Draco shook his head "He told my coach I can't play because I'm planning my wedding. Was very clear that I should, under no circumstances, be allowed to play."

Hermione suddenly understood the anger and frustration. Draco loved quiddich and not being able to play was probably something very big for him.

"I'm sure you can talk to Harry about it. It's mostly the woman who plans the wedding anyway." She tried to comfort him, but he only ran his hand through his hair again.

"I've already talked to Potter, who found the whole thing quite amusing."

Hermione frowned, she foresaw complications between Draco and Harry – not that there wasn't tension already.

"I'll talk to him." She offered.

Draco shook his head "No, he won't change his mind." He said before storming out of her apartment and slamming the door behind him.

Hermione remained sitting, surprised by his outburst. He had come to her.

When she thought about it though, she realised that he had no one else to go to. His parents were dead, he was the last one in his family alive and he had no real friends. She was his only confidant.

She understood what he meant now when he said she would never understand him. It was true he had cut all ties with people who would have helped him if the resistance were after him, he was defenceless. And his worst childhood enemies were the only protection he had from the remaining vengeful death eater clans.

Hermione decided that she wanted to understand him.


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