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She refused to get in the way of what he wanted. That's how she always was with him, her unyielding loyalty towards his stoic presence. Always watching in admiration for his continuing accomplishments which she worked so hard to help him with. From dusk till dawn, she supported his will to prove himself to his family with her own determination to reach the strength of her idol. In the end, he finally gained the acceptance that he wanted all his life.

Tenten could only feel nothing but joy for her teammate's achievement.

Things became bittersweet for her. Her feelings of friendship towards Neji Hyuuga blossomed into a deep love. However, upon finally being truly accepted to the Main Branch of the Hyuuga family, Neji spent a great deal of his time training with Hiashi. The days of Tenten and Neji training together drew to a minimum, as Tenten could no longer offer as much growth as Hiashi could. She could never tell him her feelings, knowing that it would only serve a hindrance to his straightforward ambitions.

Then one day, she felt her heart collapse.

He was sitting against the trunk of a tree in the training grounds that they ventured to so often when they were still at the genin level. Tenten could only hold back the fast beats of her heart as Lee challenged Neji to another battle. When Neji refused Lee's offer, with a look of annoyance, he rose to his feet.

"Hiashi-sama has set up an engagement with me and a girl from another clan."

Tenten could only suppress her breaking heart. The man she had loved for so long, getting married to another girl. She felt herself shake softly but quickly repressed the feeling as she approached Neji with a smile and a steady congratulation.

She went home that day, remembering the looks of concern from Gai-sensei and Lee, both whom had secretly known about Tenten's feelings. With the door shut, lying on her bed, tears falling down her face, Tenten could only feel nothing but misery. Was it regret? Perhaps. Remembering the times where she could have told Neji that she loved him, she would have shown affection to him, she should have made the effort to. Maybe, Neji would have loved her back and it would have been her together with Neji.

Then again, this is Neji.

Stoic, handsome, emotionless Neji and she just had to fall for him. He was completely out of her reach. Even with the fact that he opened himself up to her about his life, she never felt that she could truly catch up to him despite her persistence. Maybe it was time to let go.

Time for Tenten to stop aiming for the stars.

Author's Notes: I borrowed "aiming for the stars" element from BLEACH. I'm a firm believer that Neji does have an element that makes him seem somewhat unattainable. Tenten is a strong supporting character; we all know she watches Neji with great admiration. However, I think she's somewhat the same as Renji from BLEACH. Both of them are actually strong, key supporting characters, but they get their butt kicked a lot. (Come to think of it I think Neji could totally sport the Byakuya look wait…Byakugan, Byakuya! Anyways, enough of that.) My idea is to make this a love triangle fanfic. (My choice will probably be revealed soon.) Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter ) Read, review, critique me, flame me, ANYTHING. Oh, and I would love to have someone beta my future chapters for me.