What I Said By Danielle Franklin

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Or so she said. Aang accidentally says he wishes Katara never freed him from his icy prison, and that it was a diffrent girl. A prettier, more skilled bender of a female. What happens if his wish was granted? AK

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"Well, I wish I had never met you!" Aang shouted at the top of his lungs as he violently shoved Katara.

Katara looks at him, tears welling in her eyes. "Fine! Find someone else to teach you waterbending!" She yells as she runs to her tent.

She stops in her tracks before making it to her tent. Turning to face him, she rips the necklace he made for her from her being. "And here, you can have this BACK!" She told him as she then turned and ran to her sanctuary.

Upon entering her tent, Katara flung herself onto her sleeping bag. Grabbing a fist full of her blankets, bringing them to her eyes to dry her tears.

"I - I ha- him..." She stuttered as she fell onto her bedding. "I wish I had never rescued him..." She sighed before falling into a deep sleep.

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Aang sat down next to the slowly dieing fire. How could he have said those things? And to the girl he loved most in the world? "Roku, what am I going to do?"

"Young Avatar..."

Aang's head suddenly looked up to see the most noble figure of Roku standing before him.

"Roku!" Aang said with surprise as he fell off the log which he had perched himself on.

"Young Avatar, did you truly mean those words you said to the Water Tribe girl?" He asked as he stroked his white beard.

"No- I- Of course not!" Aang said as he got to his feet.

"Then why utter them? She now feels like it is best you two never crossed paths..."

Aang's eyes grew wide at his teachers words. "What? You can't be serious." Aang said as he stumbled and fell to the ground in shock.

"I heard her wish. She was so distrought she prayed without even knowing what she had done." Roku said as he eyed the young boy.

"She hates me..." He said as tears welled in his eyes.

"Young Avatar, she does not hate you. But at the present time the young woman is so very saddened by your words she has wished you two never met. And I shall show you what it would be like without her... We will rewrite history..."

With a flash of blue, Aang felt his insides churn. His sences became fogged, his head hurt. In no time, Aang had passed out.

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"Nanase! Will you please slow down!" A young woman begged her twin sister. "Yui, just because you can't bend does not mean I cant use it to propel the boat." Nanase retorted back.

Yui let out a sigh. "What ever..." She said as she leaned back aganist the side of the boat. "Remind me again, why are we out here?"

"I heard some people talkin' over a guy they found frozen in the ice! I want to see if it is true!" Nanase said as she continued to propel their boat forward.

"Oh no. You said nothing about a frozen corpse! You said we where going to look for seals!" Yui yelled.

"How else would I get you out here? 'Hey Yui, lets go look at a dead guy!' You would say, 'Hell no.'. So, that was the only way to get you away from those stupid boys." Nanase said as she stuck her tongue out at her sister.

"Very nice! I see it know... I'm a hoe, right?" Yui asked, sounding hurt. "NO, you just do way to much flirting..." Nanase said with a sigh.

"What ever, it's pointless to talk to you anyway..." Yui said as she pulled her hood over her head.

"There it is!" Nanase shouted the top of her lungs. "Great. Have fun looking at the dead guy!" Yui said as she pulled her hood closer around her head. "Aw! C'mon! It'll be fun!" Nanase urged her sister.

"Go look at your dead person, then come back. Nazo wants us back by nightfall..." Yui said with a shacky voice. "Are you scared or something? It's not like it's going to jump up and say- "


Both girls almost fell into the water when the jumped up in surprise. Nanase had fallen into the boat, while Yui was climbing back in from falling into the ocean.

"Whoa..." Nanase said in shock as she leaned toward the firgure that had startled them. "It's - It's an air-" Was all she could say before the boy cut her off.

"An air - bend - er..." He said as he pronoanced each syllable. "Hi, I'm Aang!" The boy said with much enegry as he help Nanase to her feet.

"What? How? When?" Was all Nanase could stutter.

"Are you the guy they found in the ice?" Nanase asked as she slwoly got to her feet. "Sure am!" Aang said as he took a step toward Nanase.

"Hey, have you seen a girl named Katara? I've been looking for her every where!" Aang said as he looked behind Nanase to see a sopping wet Yui. "How do you know Katara? And what business do you have with her?" Yui asked coldly.

"She's well... she was my um... Girlfriend..." He said with a blush.

Nanase and Yui looked at each other with wide eyes, then suddenly burst out laughing.

"Hey, whats so funny about what I said?" He asked, slowly getting upset.

"It's just, Katara is engaged to be married! She has never courted anyone in her life!" Nanase said as she whipped the tears of laughter from her eyes.

"What do you mean 'never courted anyone'?" Aang asked as he planted his staff on the ground firmly.

"She was engaged to the Prince of the Northern Tribes since right after her birth! Our cousin has never courted anyone as she will marry Prince Tetsuya!" Yui said as she hoisted herself into the boat.

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The way she looked at me, it was heart breaking. That smile. The same polite smile she gave everybody else. Where was the smile she saved for me? Was that too gone with the wind?

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