What I Said By Danielle Franklin

x o x o x

"Katara!" Yelled a fimilar female voice. "Katara!" The voice called again, peremenantly disrupting her sleep. "Nanase, this better be good..." Katara warned as she sat up on her sleeping bag to see Nanase stairing at her. "Where you sleeping again?" Nanase asked as she stepped forward, taking a better look at her cousin.
"Yes. All of the wedding plans have been tiring me out..." She said as she sat up, pulling her thick robes on.

"Wouldn't you be tired if you where planning a wedding for a royal?" Katara asked as she stood, smiling at her cousin. "Sure! With all the frills Tetsuya wants, its now wonder you haven't already passed out..." Nanase mused as she walked out of the tent. "So why did you wake me up?" Katara asked with curiosty. "Oh, some guy named - uh - Aang, wants to talk with you." Nanase said as she recounted the events.

"Aang, huh? Cute name." Katara said as she followed Nanase. When they reached a giant tent, serving as a trading pavillion, Nanase stopped. "I told the kid to meet us here, looks like he left..." She said as she scanned the horizon for any speck of orange clothing.

"Well, if he left, can I mabey go back to sleep?" Katara asked as she stiffled a yawn. "Hm? Okay. If I see the kid again, I will tell him where your tent is." Nanase said as she laid a hand on Katara's shoulder.
"Okay, see you Nana!" Katara said groggily as she turned, immediately having a small body crash into hers.

"Gomen!" Katara shouted as she bowed to the person before her, only the figure she had slammed into had done the same, thier heads meeting in a sickeing thump. "Ow..." The smaller figure moaned as he rubbed his head. Katara's eyes where closed at the moment, trying to heal the pain that ravaged her brain.

"Katara!" The orange clad child shouted with happiness as he tackled her in a giant hug, knocking them into the snow. Once Katara opened her eyes, she was surprised to see a teenage boy on top of her, hugging her tightly.
Katara blushed profusly as his grip on her tightened.

"Um... Excuse me..." Katara said demurely as she tried to get out of is grasp. "Do I even know you?" She asked as the teen's head looked up at her. "Katara! It's me, Aang!" He said with a gigantic smile.

"Uh - Aang. We've never even met. So how could I know you?" She asked as she stood before him. "You have got to be kidding me! You are the one who saved me from the iceberg! Don't you remeber?" He asked as he took her hands in his. Katara felt a pang of guilt in her chest. This guy was insane. Suffering from a Manic syndrom mabey?

"Aang-san, I have never left this camp, let alone venture out into the tundra and rescue men frozen in ice. You have mistaken me for my coursin, Nanase. She is the one who had saved you. Not I." Katara finished as she pulled her hands from him.

"How? What? I remeber you! I opened my eyes, and I saw your face, looking down at me. I felt as if I was born again"
Aang told her as he stared into her eyes. "Aang-san, please excuse my rudeness, but mabey you have gotten a head injury from being in the ice so long. Let's go to the infirmiry." Katara said as she pushed his shoulders toward the villige infimiry.

"What? Stop!" He shouted as he spun around so he was facing here. "So, you don't think we've ever met?" He asked, this time there was a certain hardness in his tone. "I am certain, Aang-san, that we have never come into contact before the moment you slammed your head into mine." Aang stumbled back at her words. She was being sincere.

She had not met him. She had never seen him. Now she was smiling at him. The same, over used fake smile she gave all of the courtisens and courtiers. "Would you like to join my family for dinner, Aang-chan?" She asked this time, with that same smile.

"Aang-chan?" He asked as he looked up at her. "It would be my pleasure."

x o x o x

Just to let you all know, this story will only run 5 chapters. More of a short story than a continuation. Whee!