Beach Paradise

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Chapter 4:

The winner for the bet is…

"Mm…" She tightly closed her eyes that were currently shut. She squinted her eyes when emerald met yellow light rays of the sun. 'Argh! My body is so aching! What happened?' She thought and remembered everything that happened. She suddenly felt a warm presence that mixed with her body. She looked to her right to see her boyfriends' peaceful, sleeping figure; snoring lightly as he wandered into dreamland.

She smiled at the sight and slowly got up, not bothering to wake him up. But even before her feet could meet the wood pavement, two strong arms were wrapped around her waist; followed by warm breath caressing her nape. She reached out for the figure without even looking at him.

"Did you enjoy last night?" He asked as he kissed her neck again from the back. His hands were traveling near her chest again, making her moan. She stood up in front of him, still naked, making her breast face him, which he gladly 'accepted' and sucked on.

"Mou, Sasu-kun…" He leans forward, making her fall on her back again. He starts to do again whatever he did the night before; massaging her breasts, fingering her core and again tasting her cum. Feeling of getting into it again, she wrapped her arms him, one around his neck and one was on his waist; pulling him for more intense pleasure.

He repositioned himself in her again and pushed in her, slowly but surely, sliding down gracefully with the help of her juice; making it slippery. She moaned in pleasure when he was inside her as a whole. He started to pump slowly and looked at her sweating-like-hell-with-matching-flushed face; she was red all over, her cheeks, her ears and more on, her clit. He leaned forward to kiss her and made another dance number with her heating tongue, sucking and licking each other at times.

A couple of minutes have already passed; they still had the same position they had. Feeling her become tight, he flipped her over so she could be in all fours. He slowly slipped himself in her again, making her moan from the arousal he was giving her. She was still far from having an orgasm, so he thrust in and out of her, slowly feeling his surrounding inside were tightening. Slowly making it fast in each groan and moan; from each thrust and pump he made; the digging of her nails in his neck making small scratch marks that mixed with his sweat that pained him.

Before he could even release inside her, he withdrew himself and laid back. Sakura noting and knowing what he wants went to his laid down position and pick up his member; slowly making her lips meet with it. She kissed the tip, slowly opening her mouth when he gets bigger, her left hand holding it, making it go up and down with her mouth's movements.

"Ahh! Shit Sakura! You're so soft!" He grunted and laid his head back down on the pillows, staining it with sweat. He grunted again, a loud one. He knew he was coming, so he controlled himself and gave out a little in her mouth making her look like a sex goddess. He lifted her up and screwed her down to him again, then and there, he released her making her moan from the released liquid that went contact to her inside. He held on to her hips, she touched and balanced herself in his strong, lean chest; and started to bring her up then down againg making those serene movements over and over again.

Slowly, she could feel that it was her time to release hers as well, she was trying hard to stop her from doing to enjoy more pleasure but she couldn't. She released together with her very loud orgasm, messing up Sasuke's shaft; staining it with her cum. She slowly plopped down in his chest, panting hard from the activity.

"Mou… mou… mou…" She was like a lost child whimpering in the street, but it more like pleasure in his ears. He lifted his arms and wrapped it around her small waist and lifted his hands up and down in her back, making her relax. She mimicked it by stretching her arms wide and embracing him. "I love you, Sasu-kun." She whispered softly as she closed her eyes.

"I love you too, hon." Sasuke said as he too, closed his eyes.

"Where the hell is teme and Sakura? And why is Itachi with us?" Naruto questioned when he rose up from his bed. Surely, Sasuke and Sakura weren't there, only to be replaced by Itachi, who was still down because of having a drinking session with Asuma and Tsunade. Kakshi just sighed and went inside the bathroom.

"As what Itachi have told me last night, Sasuke borrowed his room together with Sakura. I think the two had sex." Kakashi yelled from the bathroom. Naruto slumped down in his part of the bed and crossed his arms across his chest. "Humph! I don't care!" He sighed. "Hey sensei! Make it fast! I still need to change. Let's go to the beach!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever." Kakashi said as he stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in his swimming attire.

"So Sasuke, how long?" Neji asked with a smirk on his features while drinking his booze. They were again in their usual place… the bar. The Uchiha only drank his share of booze first before he spoke.

"First try, four hours. Second, two and a half." He simply said. Neji and Shikamaru's jaw dropped in the table, shock at the experience of the Uchiha. At first, when they made the deal, he was the one saying that he doesn't want to devirginize his girlfriend unless they were married. He was also the one who said that he was anti-premarital sex, but it looks like he was the one who broke his own thoughts.

"Whoa Uchiha, you sure had a good night." Shikamaru said as snickered and drank his beer. "Actually, the other was this morning. That's why we went out late." Sasuke simply said, he averted his gaze at the shore where his girlfriend was savoring the heat of the sun lying down in her stomach, facing him. He could see the full view of her cleavage which made his shorts tighter than it used to be.

"I almost killed Tenten if she didn't cooperate." Neji said as he eyed a certain object between the table. "How about you Shikamaru?"

"After prying her head off that starfish idea, I quickly pinned her down. I caught her off guard to speak the truth."

"So who's the winner?" Naruto, out of nowhere, asked. "How the fuck did you know about this?" Sasuke asked, really pissed off about the idea that Naruto knows about their bet. Naruto used his lips, pouted them and pointed to the Hyuuga.

Shikamaru and Neji said at the same time. "Sasuke." This made the said person smirk.

The four days and three exciting nights have passed and it was time to go back. They all loaded in their cars and vans. Neji, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Sasuke shared in one van that was clearly for twelve seaters. Naruto was the one driving; Hinata was in the passenger seat. Neji and Tenten were in the middle seats, Ino, Shikamaru, Sasuke and Sakura were in the back seats.

"Mou, Sasu-kun…" Sakura whimpered as Sasuke started to kiss her neck yet again. This alerted Ino and Shikamaru, they suddenly stood up and went to the middle seat and pulled down the jump seat to give more privacy to the making out couple at the back.

They all heard the moans, the grunts, the orgasms and heck! They even felt the shaking of the van when Sasuke thrusts in her.

In the car behind the van, Itachi was snickering at the actions of his brother. He could see clearly that Sasuke and Sakura were making out at the back of the van. More or less, when they stop at a certain stop light, he would take notice of the vibrating and shaking van.

"Foolish little brother." He said snickering and making his head go to the left then to the right.


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