Coral Reef

Part the Third - The Armory

While Luffy grabbed the Armory key from their room, Zoro made a quick stop by the kitchen for something he knew they'd need. It took him a few minutes, but he found it. Who would think to look for vegetable oil where the balsamic vinegar was? Damn Sanji…

He poured a generous helping into a little container and screwed the back lid on. This way when the left the Armory much later they wouldn't receive the jokes that Zoro so wished to avoid. It wasn't that Zoro was ashamed (not in the least. Luffy was quite a catch, after all, and he didn't care whether the others agreed or not), but there WAS a matter of preemptive damage control. Some members of this crew -no matter how old they claimed to be- were incredibly young, immature, and tactless when it came to… well, anything at all.

By the time he got back out, the armory door was open, so he walked down the steps and headed over to it.

He entered to see Luffy spreading a comforter out on the floor. The boy had cleared an area and kept the blanket folded in half for cushion, and was smoothing out the corners. The Armory key was on the floor, and Luffy didn't seem to be aware that Zoro was inside the room yet.

The swordsman closed the door, and locked it from the inside.

Luffy heard the noise and looked up, rising to his feet as Zoro approached him.

His swordsman was looking him up and down with an almost sad kind of look, which Luffy hadn't expected. Neither said anything as Zoro slowly reached to cup Luffy's cheek with one hand. The other moved down across Luffy's tender throat, green eyes pausing there before moving back to Luffy's own blue eyes. His hand slid down over Luffy's heart and rested there.

I really scared him, Luffy thought sadly. His own hands moved to cup Zoro's and press them to his chest and cheek respectively. "I'm okay, Zoro. I'm all better now. And look," he dipped his face to the side and kissed Zoro's palm, "I'm still touchable."

Apparently Luffy understood the concept of damage control, as well.

Zoro nodded slightly and slid his hand around the back of Luffy's neck. He kissed his forehead and pulled the captain into a warm, affectionate embrace, which Luffy returned wholeheartedly.

They held this for a for moments before Zoro let his hands begin to roam a little. Nothing imposing yet - nothing scary; despite Luffy's cockiness, Zoro wasn't sure how much Luffy was really ready for, and there was no rush. Luffy had issued a challenge to be impressed, and he would be, but he really had no idea what he was asking for. Zoro never wanted Luffy to feel anything but pleasure in his arms. This would be anything but a meaningless roll in the sack. This would be love making.

What an odd thing to think of it as, making love. Zoro had had sex with four women before and he had many skills in the bedroom. He'd slept with them, he'd taken them, and he'd even been gentle with them. But he had never once made love to any of his conquests.

Luffy was different. So, so different. First of all, he was male and Zoro had never intimately touched a man before. That would make this a learning experience right there. Second of all, Luffy was rubber, and a whole new world of discovery laid therein. Zoro was going to take his own leisurely time with this because he wanted to learn everything that was Luffy.

He leaned back a little, and when Luffy looked at him in question, he kissed him deeply, honestly, longingly, and with a deep satisfaction that this was really happening. Luffy was really in his arms and doing his best to respond to the kiss.

Zoro was determined to make this experience all about Luffy. He needed to make Luffy understand how much he loved him; feel how much he loved him.

Words were so easy to say. Expressing with lips and hands and body, blanketing the recipient with the love that was so much more tangible than words can ever be, conveying the expanse and reach of one's love so clearly to the other that they are overwhelmed and each simple touch suddenly has the power to render them helpless, and to feel that received through responses that would not be given lest that love was returned just as strongly… that was what making love was.

This wasn't just some claim of his captain's body, this was a claiming of Luffy's soul. Luffy already owned his, and that made Zoro feel more vulnerable and scared and wonderful than words could say. He wanted Luffy to feel the same things he felt as he backed the boy up toward the blanket. He needed Luffy to feel this with everything that he was, crave everything that was in this act, and be amazed by its power.

Zoro had never understood it before, but now, as he kissed his captain and felt the smaller boy shudder with each breath he took, it became very clear. This is what Zoro wanted to have with Luffy. Anyone could push someone against the wall and take him from behind. There was nothing special in a quickie. But to make it really amazing it had to be built up, anticipated, and desired to the point of breaking.

Luffy's virginity was also a factor. No matter how adaptable as his captain was, Luffy was in a precarious situation and trusting Zoro to know what to do. Such things had to be handled delicately. The first mate understood his captain best, after all. Both of them were creatures of fierce passion, but without the knowledge of how to counter a physical assault, they were disarmed. While Zoro knew many ways to accomplice this experience, he was positive that Luffy did not.

Bringing his hands back around to Luffy's chest, Zoro moved to the top button of his vest and unfastened it. Luffy wrapped his hands around Zoro's wrists, not to stop them or to guide them, but to support them. To make sure Zoro knew what he was being trusted with.

Zoro moved down to the next button, and the next, and the next until Luffy's vest hung open and Zoro could slide it off strong shoulders to fall on the floor. This time when his hands roamed, they held more purpose. Letting his fingers slide up over Luffy's ribs, and ghosting his thumbs over those perfectly dark pink nipples.

Despite knowing what was coming, Luffy still managed to be taken by surprise by the caress of Zoro's warm hands when the touches to his nipples became less fleeting and more intentional.

Luffy took a deep breath and tried not to cry out as Zoro teased his nipples, tickling them, pinching them, stroking them…

After he was sure he knew what Luffy liked, Zoro slid his hands down his captain's soft tummy and toyed with the button for a moment before undoing it, and then carefully unzipping his fly.

Luffy held onto his forearms, as if trying to learn through touch as well as sight just how Zoro was removing his clothes. It was pretty cute, actually.

The shorts slid to the floor, and Zoro walked Luffy back toward the blanket. "Lay down," he whispered.

Luffy nodded, and lowered himself to the floor before looking back up at Zoro as if to say, 'now what'? What he saw in his swordsman's eyes made him blush like a strawberry.

Zoro sat down beside his little lover and beheld all that Luffy was offering him freely. Zoro drank him up greedily with his eyes. It was amazing how one could see a person naked a hundred times, yet when the mood changed just a little, everything became new. Of course, Zoro had never seen Luffy like this:

Lying on his back, one knee bent with foot on the floor while he curled his toes curled slightly, leaving nothing hidden from view. Abs relaxed, chest expanding with slow, deep breaths that were gradually speeding up at the way Zoro was looking at him for the first time. One arm stretched out, fingers grasping the blanket as if unsure what it was supposed to be doing whilst the other relaxed beside his face. Already rock hard with anticipation, seven inches of velvet on steel hovering just under his belly button and twitching with eagerness - Luffy was an ideal size. But most beautiful of all was the way his gorgeous eyes were watching Zoro self-consciously, hoping for approval as only a virgin could.

Luffy was true eye candy. Full of promise.

Zoro hovered beside his lover and trailed his fingers from the nape of Luffy's neck down his chest, and along his tummy, drawing more little noises from the captain the lower he got. He stopped once he'd covered his belly button, not ready to go any further just yet, and let his palm rest there.

"Beautiful," he whispered.

Luffy turned impossibly pinker and smiled a shyly, doing a little internal dance of joy that his eyes shined with.

"Can- can I…" Luffy took a deep breath and let it out, trying to regain his sense of command that he sometimes defaulted to. "I wanna see you."

Zoro's could have smirked at Luffy's boldness, and he was sure this is what the boy expected, but instead his gentle smile returned, the same one he expected he would be wearing a lot in the future when they were alone together, and Luffy found comfort in the patience and love that it naturally carried.

"Okay. Do you want to the honors? Or should I?"

Luffy looked unsure for a moment, then repeated, "I wanna see you."

Zoro laughed a little and rose to his feet, pulling off his shirt first before moving on to his pants. He'd never bothered putting on boots that morning, thank goodness, because boots slowed everything down. He wondered if Luffy had ever really seen him before. As in, all of him. Zoro was substantially more modest than the Human Streak; he was rarely naked, and rarely hard, and never at the same time unless he was alone taking care of a certain kind of personal business.

Keeping his eyes on Luffy, he stood up for his assessment, and suddenly felt -for the first time in his life- terribly nervous and uncertain about himself. Luffy's opinion mattered THAT much, and Zoro was surprised to find that he was now the one wearing that self-conscious expression.

He was so scarred and damaged, nothing like the beautiful tapestry that Luffy's body was. Since they'd met, Luffy had never failed to heal from a wound completely, and his skin was a flawless tan sheen that looked oh, so edible. But Zoro…

Thankfully, however, Luffy was not a fake person in any way, and his responses were always genuine, so when he looked Zoro up and down and then licked his lips without realizing it, Zoro felt his apprehension melt away.

Luffy smiled up at Zoro. He was perfect, just as Luffy'd always known he would be. There were scars littered across his body that attested to whole journey together, and Luffy wanted to feel and kiss each and every one of them. He would never understand how anyone could look upon Zoro (when he wasn't angry) and be afraid. Zoro was so compassionate that he had to hide it behind a gruff exterior off the ship so that people wouldn't know that he was a complete dandelion.

Luffy knew. Luffy'd always known.

Returning Luffy's smile, Zoro lowered himself back down to the blanket and crawled over to Luffy, placing one hand on either side of the boy and leaning in to capture those lips with his own. Luffy returned the kiss all too willingly, interlacing his fingers behind Zoro's neck to pull them closer together, tasting and feeling and breathing as one.

This was satisfying for a few moments, but then Zoro felt Luffy's legs begin to slide up and down along the blanket - a sure sign that he needed more. Luffy broke the kiss and looked up at Zoro with heated eyes that begged for something that he couldn't identify. Luffy looked so helpless, any thoughts of challenge clearly forgotten - for which Zoro was grateful.

Zoro smiled, kissed him softly, and then continued to pepper kisses along his jaw back to his ear, biting the edge and then continuing to tease it when a gasp of breath told him he'd found a sensitive spot.

"Aahhhh… ummm…"

Zoro smiled and listened to the music Luffy made. He would remember this place. After spending some time there, he moved down the boy's neck, feeling Luffy's hands grasp his shoulders for need to clutch something more solid than blanket if these feelings were to continue.

Zoro smiled as he focused on the juncture of his neck and shoulder, earning himself a soft moan. Nice…

He noticed that every time his fingers stroked over Luffy's sides and tummy, the boy shivered and his muscles fluttered beneath his hands.

He grazed one nipple lightly with his teeth and watched with deep satisfaction as Luffy's eyes slid closed and his head rolled back, a deep moan escaping his throat.

So expressive, Zoro thought. I haven't even done anything yet.

Luffy reached for Zoro in a silent plea, wanting to touch him, but not knowing how. Zoro smiled at the boy, took his hands and kissed them both before laying them back against the blanket. "It's alright, Luffy. Just feel."

Luffy nodded, laying his head back again, left with no choice but to surrender to sensation.

There would be time for time for Luffy to touch later, and Zoro was glad that he was eager to learn, but among the many wonders of life that Luffy had experienced, Zoro knew that this was not one of them.

He worked the other nipple over for a while before releasing them both from his torment and sliding further down, adoring the way Luffy kept his eyes on Zoro's the entire time, trusting him wholly.

Luffy's mind was awash with pleasure and confusion. It was so much different… so much different than when he touched himself. The things that Zoro was doing to him… he'd had no idea he was so sensitive before. He never knew what to expect next, and the anticipation made everything so much more powerful. It was like his whole body had been hiding all these secret erogenous zones that he'd never come across himself, but that Zoro could find and manipulate with ease.

Luffy didn't know how he was doing it, but GOD he hoped he'd never stop! If this was foreplay, what was real sex like?

Zoro's hands continued to move over his body in teasing, knowing motions, and Luffy's mind was filled with a thousand thoughts a second. Should he be doing the same thing to Zoro? Would it feel as good? God, he hoped he wouldn't screw up. Why hadn't Ace ever been more specific when talking with him about developing feelings down there? Now he had them, but he wasn't sure what to do with another person who had them, too. He hadn't known what to expect when he'd come in here with Zoro, but it hadn't been anything so… sensual and gradual. His own orgasms had always been quick and to the point. But this… This meant so much more than anything Luffy had ever dreamed of. Maybe it was because he was with Zoro, but Luffy never thought that he would feel so comfortable being touched like this for the first time.

Zoro saw the questions in those hazy eyes, and smiled up at him. "Luffy, stop thinking," he coaxed.

Luffy nodded after a moment, and tried to relax his breathing again.

Starting with fleeting touches, Zoro couldn't help but appeal to Luffy's childish nature, and teased the soft tummy, smiling at how Luffy's face crinkled as he tried not to giggle at the persistent tickling. It was important to keep Luffy relaxed through this experience, and bedroom games were things that Zoro was more than willing to play with him to maintain that.

Also, Zoro had known Luffy long enough to be aware that the boy didn't drop his guard easily in unfamiliar situations. These cries and motions Luffy was making were not just virginal reactions, and Zoro's heart swelled with the realization that Luffy was reacting this way because of who was touching him. But he was not naïve enough to not miss that the cries were also due in part to extreme sensitivity. Luffy was being taken from first base to home plate in one day, and Zoro knew that sensory overload was a very feasible thing that Luffy would probably experience before the hour was out. He was determined to make Luffy's first time the most memorable moment of his life thus far.

Luffy's rubber body was the most sensitive he'd had the privilege to touch, and Zoro was aware that he would have a new concern to worry about in the future. After all, if Luffy was so sensitive, how well could he honestly handle being injured? How much of a front did he actually put on for his crew during recovery? Zoro would watch him more closely in the future. For now, he had different discoveries to uncover.

He continued moving down the pliable flesh, observing every reaction, every twitch, every gasp as closely as possible and logging away all the information he could to varying techniques of lips, tongue, teeth, fingers, lighter grazes and firm rubs. What was sensitive? What was so-so? What was ticklish? What made him cry out? Thrust? Hold his breath?

He dipped his tongue into Luffy's navel, eliciting little hiccupping noises, as though Luffy couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry out a the sensation. Zoro's hand slid lower over Luffy's skin, twirling circles all the way down to his bottom abs, watching those tone muscles flutter all the way down, and then stopping over the patch of skin between his hip and his groin that Zoro knew made his own dick flex every time it was touched.

Pinning Luffy's hips, Zoro lapped at it experimentally just to hear the little cry of surprise before he locked his lips over it and sucked.

"AAHhhhhnn… Oh, God! …What are y- aaannnn… doing to me? Zoro…" There was no sound that compared to Luffy's voice when he arched his back and threw caution to the wind. He was genuine perfection.

Luffy was beyond thought at this point. Zoro wasn't letting up on that sensitive patch on his lower tummy at all, and he was reduced to whimpers (he actually whimpered!) when his lover's fingers expanded the sensations to other parts of his body, caressing his ankle and then tracing up his calf, over his knee, and along his inner thigh.

Luffy was shocked to realize that he knew so little about his body. How did Zoro know where and how to touch him? It was surreal!

"Oh God!" he gasped and bucked up when Zoro found a patch a little over half way halfway up his inner thigh that shot straight to his raging dick. This must have surprised Zoro, too, because he paused for a moment at Luffy's shout before adopting a feral grin that Luffy felt more than saw. "W-what are you gonna do?"

Zoro nipped at his hip once in answer before redirecting his lips to follow the trail his fingers had just taken, starting at the ankle and slowly kissing and licking his way up his calf, tasting every bit of skin along the way. Luffy was both grateful for the breather, but anxious about the smirk he'd felt; that one that said 'I've got you now'. When Zoro reached his knee, he looked up to give him that smirk again before sliding further down his body and then up between his legs, giving his mouth prime access to everything between them. Zoro lifted Luffy's calf and positioned it so that his knee was resting on his shoulder, then let his fingers trail over the outer thigh whilst the other hand rested against Luffy's hip. He let his gaze wander to Luffy's engorged manhood hungrily before turning his oral attentions to Luffy again.

Luffy's eyes never strayed from Zoro's lips as they started at his inner knee and slowly… sloooowly moved higher, closer. As he worked his way along, Zoro noticed that the skin barely even felt rubbery anymore. The rest of his body, while not obviously rubber, had a slightly different density to it.

It made all the sense in the world really, Zoro realized as he pleasured the boy. Luffy ran around with most of his body exposed to the elements at all times. The ensemble of a vest that was only buttoned half the time, shorts, and sandals provided virtually no protection at all to anything except his thighs and his crotch; the only two body parts that stayed covered unless he was soaking in hot water, and that was hardly harsh on the body. Tender and delicate, these areas truly were virgin.

The captain was sweating markedly now, gasping at every nip he received, breathing faster the higher Zoro got, and Zoro knew his guess had been right. He kept his pace steady, making sure that Luffy was expecting it to continue that way, letting the boy dig his own grave before suddenly darting up several inches to the spot -the same spot halfway up his thigh that he'd - that he suspected was Luffy's starting line.

"ZOROohh ooohhhhh!" Luffy's shout trailed into moans and his head fell back, eyes unfocusing.

Zoro sucked the patch of skin into his mouth and nibbled it a little. He could feel his captain's toes curling against his back as Luffy's hips bucked, searching for contact from anything that might give it.

Zoro's own need wasn't doing much better. Luffy's fingers were clutching the blanket so hard his knuckles were white, his chest was heaving from the exertion caused by mere foreplay, and it took everything Zoro had to keep from taking the boy in his mouth to hear the screams that would echo through the Armory. The only thing that kept him in check was the painful knowledge that Luffy had to be built up gradually, because there was honestly a good chance that he didn't know what oral sex even meant, and to suddenly swallow his cock would scare the hell out of him.

He started moving again, lips and tongue moving over higher skin and driving Luffy wild. The little captain just got more sensitive the higher Zoro got, bucking up hard every few seconds when Zoro would stop and suck hard on his virgin skin. His cock was swollen and red with the need to be touched. He hadn't even known it was possible to crave relief so much. He needed Zoro to touch him and pump him and make him cum.

Zoro fingers reached up to stroke his balls, taking him by surprise and making him gasp. The only thing he could register now was that Zoro was touching him, and it felt incredible. Zoro leaned in to kiss his sac, redefining the word 'delicate' and gauging Luffy's breathing to make sure he didn't overstep his boundaries and scare him. When Luffy gasped and arched up to meet him, Zoro accepted the offering, licking and tasting soft skin, feeling it tense under his ministrations. He moved along to the base of the cock with kisses and wet nips of the tongue and lips, working his captain into to a symphony of cries and labored breathing.

Luffy's frazzled mind tried to imagine what those lips would feel like wrapped around his shaft, but shook his head in an effort to clear those imaginings. That was insane! There was no way Zoro would ever do something like that! He'd never even heard of such a thing. Still, he couldn't focus on anything but desire. He wanted, damn it! At a time like this, those thoughts he'd consider perverse were-

"Hun! Zoro- aaauuunnnnn…"

Zoro didn't say a word, but toyed with just the head for a moment, licking, hinting, tasting, taking one small warning suck that made Luffy's eyes roll up, and then freezing for a moment…before suddenly sucking Luffy deep into his throat as the boy tried not to scream in ecstasy. Zoro's tongue roamed around the sensitive underside of the shaft in his mouth as he brought his cool fingers up to tickle the velvety scrotum. Luffy gasped and writhed beneath him helplessly seeking… something. He clung to the blanket so hard his hands hurt, but it did nothing to relieve the fire burning deep inside him. It was so much… TOO much. Then Zoro deep throated him and hummed, making Luffy seize up, vision going white as the vibrations engulfed him and reverberated down deep into his prostate.

"Ahhh! Fu- OOOOHHH…"

He never wanted it to end, but at the same time if he didn't find some sort of relief soon, he was certain he would die.

Zoro's own cock was dripping steadily, but his heart was expanding. Luffy was stunning, his sounds and motions. Warm and lithe, gorgeous and completely submissive.

You are perfect. I hope you realize that. I'll teach you. I'll make sure you know how amazing you are to me.

Zoro kept his eyes trained on his captain's upper body to watch when Luffy's voice gradually rose in pitch, reaching a crescendo, and then stopped as the boy held his breath, head tipping back, glazed eyes unfocused, jaw going slack… and then the air coming out in a rush and a shout, his voice ringing out before cutting off abruptly to pant quickly before crying out again as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure gripped his total existence.

Finally Luffy collapsed back on the blanket, chest rolling in pants that gradually changed into soft sobs. Zoro pulled himself up Luffy's body and captured his lover's lips again, cupping his cheeks and wiping away the tears as Luffy kissed back desperately. Zoro understood what was happening, and when Luffy curled his arms around Zoro's neck in a silent plea to be held while shaking his head like he didn't want to be touched, Zoro wrapped his arms around the small body and sat up, pulling the boy up to straddle his lap.

Luffy's mind had been thrown into turmoil, he was filled with a sense of guilt, for he didn't understand how he could ever deserve for Zoro to touch him as he had, to love him as he did. But he was terrified to say anything for fear that Zoro would agree.

"I love you," he cried instead.

And Zoro began rocking him. His Luffy was such an emotional creature. "I know, Luffy," he whispered, kissing his head, "I know."

Zoro felt the tears continue to drip onto his shoulder as he whispered sweet nothings (another thing he thought he would never do), and after a few minutes, Luffy pulled back and wiped his eyes with a hand still shaky from the power of his orgasm. He took a deep breath and let it out.

"Zoro," he whispered to himself, as if affirming to himself that he hadn't been dreaming.

Zoro smiled and rubbed his back. "How do you feel?"

Luffy nodded, "I-I'm okay. That was… wow. How did you know how to do that?"

Zoro smirked. "That was nothing. There's so much more I want to show you, when you're ready."

Luffy looked amazed for a moment, then his gaze fell. "Zoro, you're happy with me, right?" It wasn't that he doubted Zoro, but there were some things in life that he needed to hear.

Zoro smiled and kissed him deeply. "Very," he whispered against Luffy's lips, and Luffy smiled and kissed him again.

Zoro couldn't hold back a groan when the friction of their bodies moving together reminded him of his own painfully hard erection. He felt Luffy's knowing and slightly devilish smirk against his lips before the young captain left his lips to trail his tongue along his jaw line, ending at his ear and suckling the lobe into his mouth. Hands began roaming over his skin, zeroing in on erogenous zones and teasing them mercilessly with fingertips.

"Y… you learn too fucking fast," Zoro breathed into his captain's hear.

Luffy's smirk grew, and Zoro struggled to clear his mind. After all, he'd been challenged, and he intended to set the pace for this encounter. Luffy wasn't ready to lead, though he was trying. Zoro should have realized that Luffy would never be a complete submissive to anything. Still, the only hand he had to play at the moment was that Zoro fucking wanted him more than anything in the fucking world.

You give me so much. You just give and give for me. You don't surrender to anyone in any way, so why do you surrender to me everything?

"My turn?" Luffy breathed.

So unfair, Luffy.

"No… You're not ready for that yet. Besides, I'm not done yet. You don't really think that was all there was to it, did you? The main event is next, if you're ready."

"Main…?" Luffy queried.

"That was the appetizer," Zoro said, then realized he'd sounded annoyingly like Sanji.

"That was a big appetizer," Luffy said, smiling with sated curiosity. "What's the next part, then?"

Those round eyes were hazed with satiated bliss, and still radiated innocence. Only Luffy could pull it off. What an ironic creature his captain was.

I never stood a chance. Have some mercy, Luffy.

Breathing shakily, Zoro laid Luffy down on the blanket beneath him again, and Luffy relaxed in Zoro's control, curious to feel what would come next. Any nervousness he'd felt before had left him, perhaps due to the onset of afterglow. Zoro was here and touching him and loving him. The ship could have been seized and it wouldn't have mattered as Zoro leaned over him to kiss him again, their cocks brushing against each other between them.

Luffy was surprised to feel that, despite the violent orgasm he had just experienced, he was hardening up again. While it was nowhere near being at full attention, it was surely interested in Zoro's continued manipulations.

Zoro, on the other hand, felt like he was going to hair trigger and cum right there on Luffy's belly if they didn't move on to other things quickly.

He pushed himself to his knees and grabbed the lube bottle, twisting off the top and letting it fall to the floor. Making sure Luffy could see what he was doing, Zoro poured a generous amount of oil into his palm before coating it liberally over his fingers, then he put the bottle back down out of the way.

He looked Luffy in the eye and scooted back a little to get better access to his target.

"Remember, you can stop this at any time. This isn't a battle, and I won't think any less of you if you get overwhelmed and want me to stop. It's a lot at one time, I know. This is about both of us, and if one of us is ever not enjoying something, it's not worth it to continue. So if I go out of your comfort zone, let me know and I'll stop, okay?"

Luffy was nodding. "Zoro, can you really imagine me not speaking up about something like that? You're the one so sacrifices yourself and does things you don't want to, so you just have to promise me the same."

Zoro nodded. "Good," he said, "And I agree."

Luffy looked at Zoro's fingers.

"What are you going to do now?" he asked.

"I'll show you," Zoro answered. "This will probably feel weird, just tell me if I'm going too fast."

Luffy nodded, brows drawn together in confusion, but trusting Zoro nevertheless.

Zoro lowered his hands and traced one finger along the back of Luffy's balls, making the smaller boy gasp and tense his thighs.

"Try to relax," Zoro coaxed.

This was almost a funny statement to Luffy. "Relax. Right. I'm just…still really sensitive."

"I know. That's a good thing." Zoro chuckled, which helped Luffy breathe easier.

Until Zoro traced an oiled finger over his sphincter. That made him tense again, but Zoro paused, and he forced himself to relax, starting to get the idea of what Zoro was doing. He'd heard of this before, but experiencing it was quite different.

Zoro moved in slowly, then slid out gently, and then slid in a little further. He repeated this process a few times, letting Luffy get used to the feel of one finger. He could tell that Luffy found the feeling interesting, but not really intrusive because of whose the hands belonged to.

When Luffy had fully relaxed and was looking at him curiously again, Zoro said, "I'm gonna add more, okay?"

Luffy nodded. "Okay."

Zoro wasn't worried about hurting him-it wasn't as if Luffy needed to be stretched out-but he wanted Luffy to anticipate.

After adding another finger, Zoro began to feel around for what he knew was there. As he moved, the friction he was creating started to get Luffy worked up again, which seemed to surprise the younger of the two. He'd never cum twice in an hour before. Zoro smiled, knowing he was cheating a little by doing what he was about to do, but he'd been challenged.

Then Zoro touched something inside him that made his vision go white. He made a strangled noise he wasn't aware of, and Zoro smirked to himself before getting to know this magic button. He grazed it again, getting the same reaction, and then again, and then he began to torment it mercilessly.

Luffy writhed and moaned beneath him, hot and panting and absolutely helpless. He was beautiful. After several seconds of this, Zoro stopped making unpredictable motions and set up a rhythm of rubbing and prodding, watching Luffy's dick harden and begin leaking again. He poured oil over his own dick with his free hand to the sound of Luffy's cries.

"Zo-Zoro… ahhhhh… nnnnggg… wha… oooohhhhhhmmmmmm… what're yo ah ah ah ahhh ahhhhhh!"

Just before Luffy's crescendo could be reached, Zoro pulled his fingers out, leaving the boy panting on the edge, desperate to fall over it.

"Nonono Zoro don't stop…plea-!"

"Shhh, Luffy. It's coming right back." Zoro crawled up his body and kissed him before he pulled away to take in the sight of Luffy flushed with rose.

His captain's hazy eyes tried to fix on him in silent begging, and Zoro knew he was ready. He slowly slid himself in to the hilt, willing himself to make it until Luffy came first. He'd had to make sure Luffy was so close, because now he was feeling every tremble and pulse Luffy made around his own cock, and it was unbearably good. He waited several seconds to cool down while Luffy sobbed demands and made delicious noises of encouragement beneath him, picking up fairly easily how his voice was turning Zoro on, but only half caring at this point.

Zoro was so lost to Luffy's motions that if Mihawk himself had walked in at that moment and told Zoro that he was giving over his title, Zoro would just have to tell him to get the fuck OUT, because Luffy was flushed and gorgeous and begging for his touch, sobbing his name, needing him more than life itself!

I love much that I'm afraid even breathing it will jinx it, and I can't risk that because if anything happens to jeopardize how astoundingly breathtaking you are in these moments with me, I'll die. Love can't begin to express how strongly...

"Ah ah AHHH I can't...I need... please -ZORO!"

You Are Everything.

Zoro began moving at a slow pace at first as he tried to find Luffy's prostate, but once Luffy's high whine let him know he'd found it, he began to speed up, hitting it every time and trying desperately to hold out for as long as he could.

Luffy felt a fire growing beneath his skin and let it build hotter, moving through his chest and slowly burning out to the tips of his fingers and toes as sensation consumed him. When he moved to wrap his legs around Zoro's waist the swordsman took him again in his hand and began to massage him hard but smoothly in time to their rhythm.

Luffy had to remind himself to keep breathing as the pleasure mounted with each movement, growing into something he'd never imagined his body could even feel, and his voice rose higher and higher with each thrust that filled him as Zoro moved faster, faster, harder

Watching him… hearing him… feeling him… it was all Zoro could do to stay sane. He soon lost his struggle, arms almost giving out as he exploded like a geyser into Luffy and tried not to collapse on top of him in the process.


Quickly, he thrust a few more times into Luffy, stroking him fast and forcing his eyes open to watch his lover shoot according to his touches. Luffy squeezed down on Zoro as he came, and both of them were blinded by pleasure for a several more seconds until Luffy's second orgasm gradually tapered off, leaving them both completely spent on the floor of the Armory.

Zoro forced himself to roll of Luffy, and his lover helped him before fallowing his roll to curl up against him. Once Zoro had wrapped his arms around him, they both just laid there on the blanket, perfectly content as the world slipped away and left them alone in their afterglow.

"How was that?" Zoro asked.

Luffy smiled like he was considering the question. "Hmmm… Not bad."

"Little brat…"

Luffy laughed. "No, it was incredible. When can we do it again?"

Zoro kissed his head. "It wasn't strange at all?"

"Nope. It wasn't strange. It was you," he snuggled closer with a smile, and then scrunched up his face. "Which is kinda ironic when I think abou- Ow!"

Luffy rubbed his shoulder where Zoro had pinched and laughed.

"Shut up and go to sleep," Zoro tried to grumble, giving Luffy a squeeze and a tickle.

Luffy squeaked and squirmed further into Zoro's heat before resting again, content to make Zoro's instructions reality and knowing he was loved.