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Ever present inside the recently erected Starfire Fashion building present in Gotham City was the hustle ad bustle of the business men and women. Bureaucrats and assistants made their daily quotas and established important congregations for company advancement. The building itself was still under partial construction due to new meeting areas that needed to be added to create a better environment for business related progress.

This was a designing agency, so there were many consultants buzzing about making arrangements for clients and management. Occasionally, the fashion models who flaunted their clothing would stand around with their image consultants and designers to discuss new happenings.

Kori Anderson was not the C.E.O. of the corporation, but she was well fitted into the business, not only as a fashion icon who appeared on numerous catalogs and magazines, but also was famous for designing the various clothes she wore for herself and the company. She also had good stock and a well earned reputation, which provided her with a great deal of perks. One of these was offering and hiring new employees for positions in marketing, promotion, advertisement, and modeling.

And in the center of it all was the front desk you usually see in most big office buildings. The one desk that must always be first visited if anything is to be done anywhere in the industry. Usually the person at the front desk is an annoying and obstacle-like girl who passes out directions and is responsible for telling the newcomers that the person they seek is unavailable. But this one is different.

"Hello? Calling for Mr. Register? Absolutely, sir, I can patch you in immediately, please hold." Raven Roth was currently working hard at the front desk, making sure to regulate staff and operating maintenance. Her most often task, though, was connecting callers to the important executives and company management. She was damn good at it too.

"Raven, there's someone on line 4 who needs to speak with you about the Fall fashion line contract with our promotional executive," called a voice from across the hall. Raven looked over to her and acknowledged the information.

"Thanks, I'll be sure to pick up," Raven replied. She put down the investment files she was currently notarizing and answered the phone receiver. "Hello, Starfire Fashion corporate office…"

It was an uncomplicated job, which left ample time for her to spend with her beloved daughter. She was also very lucky for the opportunity to have it without any uncomfortable interviews. After some deliberation with Kori, they both decided that she would fit in perfectly with the new branch of her modeling company.

Because Kori had a heart as big as the building, she was kind enough to offer her longtime friend a suitable job based on her good high school grades and strong workers recommendation. It was fairly easy to start Raven off as the new front desk operator of the office, as well as Kori's personal assistant. Raven was content with both positions and Kori was enthralled to have her so close while at her job.

Today she had plans to follow Kori to a meeting with a few of her designing advisors. Her office shift would only last a few more minutes until Kori was coming to pick her up.

"Thank you, sir, I'll transfer your message right away," Raven said while she put down the receiver and pressed a few buttons to connect the callers. Her shift for today was now over. She looked up to see her replacement operator ready to take the calls and quietly sat up. She then headed towards the exit where she would wait for Kori.

A few minutes passed until a white car pulled up and said red-head waved for her to hop in. Raven shuffled to get to the car and quickly sat down. She said hello's as they sped off towards the advisory meeting.

"So, was your day productive, Raven?" she glanced over while stopping at a red light. Raven nodded in approval.

"It was. So, who exactly are we meeting today again?"

"No one really important, just a meeting for bureaucratic reasons, so you will not need to take notes this time," she said. Raven nodded again and put her writing assistant back in her purse.

"Now, important things…" Kori began, "is Gale prepared for our trip to the park tomorrow morning?"

A thought in Ravens mind just clicked. That's right. Tomorrow was her day off and also the Friday morning she was invited to have breakfast with Gar. She couldn't believe she forgot to tell Kori and Gale about this a few days ago, because she was expected to go with them to the park.

"Really good, Raven," her mind scolded. She was supposed to have told them before her meeting with Gar so there would be no confusion, but it apparently slipped her mind. She quickly looked over to save herself the embarrassment.

"Oh, Kori, about that, you see…I was wondering if maybe you could escort her to the park, that is if you want to," she said. Kori looked confused.

"Of course I still want to do it, but why? You are not joining us?" Raven pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and continued.

"Well, the thing is, I made a quick arrangement with someone to meet them tomorrow morning for breakfast," she explained, Kori nodded. "And if you and Gale are alright with the idea, I was hoping maybe you could look after her while I meet him."

Kori's eyes perked up at the mention of "him." She looked back over to her friend and smiled.

"I would be happy to take Gale myself if you are busy…" Raven let out a small sigh of relief. "…with him." She snickered at this, causing Raven to give a quick glance.

She realized her mistake in mentioning the word him, now it was evident that there was to be a thorough explanation of exactly who she was talking about.

Kori kept her smirk on and continued to have fun at her friends expense "So, is this him someone I am familiar with?"

There was no denying the inevitable in this conversation, but Raven decided to drag it out as best as she could. No need to rush this kind of thing.

"You might say that…" she replied dumbly. She was already losing. Kori's grin only widened larger.

"And would this person be someone I am here to visit for business reasons?" she looked over to see Raven giving yet another shy nod.

"Excellent, I will pick up your daughter at the same time you are to meet this him person, is that agreeable?" she asked, quickly changing her tone from playful to regular.

"Sure, that would be fine," she said back, relieved that this was now over and Kori wasn't continuing to torture her by wheedling out the information.

A few traffic lights later and they came up to the office location for the meeting. Before both girls stepped out of the vehicle, Kori said one last thing.

"Oh, and Raven. While Gale and I are at the park, do say good morning to Gar for me."

She knew.


Raven slightly stumbled out of the blue convertible car after her long drive home. She was amazed at how much worse traffic was down here than back at Jump City.

At least she was done for the day, and tomorrow too. She felt almost like a schoolgirl, happy to get home and enjoy the weekend. Conversely, though, she was happy with her workload and service job.

As a matter of fact, she would occasionally be labeled a workaholic by those who knew her due to the fact that she often finished quickly and did more than her quota demanded. She disregarded these thoughts, however, because being an attentive mother was far more important than any work. Or anything else.

Speaking of which, she had just now entered the apartment complex, giving a casual wave here and there to her neighbors. She reached in her file-ridden bag to get the key to her room, and daughter.

She eagerly opened the door and walked in, setting down the bag and other accessories down on the coffee table in the front room. She could hear the television in the other room as she walked in, but the sound of small footsteps coming drowned it out.

"Hi Mommy!" without any warning at all, the young toddler plunged herself into the unsuspecting arms of the surprised Raven. Raven was pushed back on her bottom and chuckled as Gale buried deeper.

The duo stayed seated on the floor for a moment before Raven raised herself up, child in arms, and walked over to the kitchen.

"Hello to you too, hun," she said, still out of breath from the playful tackle. She sat her down on the available chair and started looking inside the cabinets for ingredients for dinner.

"Hey mommy, are the parks around here fun. I hope they're like the ones back home!" Raven's face popped up to the comment in the same way it did when Kori mentioned it a few hours ago.

She turned around and took a breath. She would have to explain this now, or it will be too late for tomorrow. "Well, actually hun, I have something to tell you. To ask you, actually."

"What is it mommy?"

"I was wondering if maybe you could go to the park with just Kori tomorrow?" At this, Gale immediately took a confused look.

"You don't wanna come with us mommy," she asked, "but I thought we could have fun like we used on our old playground."

"It's okay, Gale, don't jump to conclusions just yet." She instantly calmed down and listened up.

"I just wanted to ask if that was okay because I got an invite from someone to meet me for a friendly arrangement. I was thinking if you were okay with it, I would take up the offer." Gale looked up with more confidence at the realization of her mother not abandoning her.

"But if your not comfortable with it, I'd be happy to set it up another time."

"No, no, it's okay mommy, you can go. I don't mind." Raven didn't buy it fully. She figured Gale was trying her best not to sound needy.

"Gale, I wouldn't mind at all joining you instead, it's not a prob…"

"It's okay. Miss Kori and I can have fun on our own. And you can have fun too, somewhere else," she explained.

Raven was still unsure about it. It seemed that she wanted her mother to get out more, but a thought remained that she was just saying it to please her. She had to admit, when her daughter said she could "have fun somewhere else" her mind giggled at the unmeant innuendo.

"Are you absolutely sure, hun?"

The girl nodded contently. Raven disregarded her original thoughts as she continued to boil water and add some noodles to her current concoction. Gale wasn't always saying things to please. If she really minded her mommy going out with someone else, she would let her know.

"Well, alright then, but if you or Kori need anything, just make sure to have her page me, okay?" She received a nod.

A little while later, dinner was almost ready and Gale was still sat at the table finishing a coloring book about animals. Raven told her to put it down as she put down the plate. She served herself as well and the quiet meal commenced. Every so often, Raven would ask if the food tasted alright, and Gale would reply with "It's good."

For no particular reason, the meal lasted shorter, the food almost gone and Gale looking up distractedly from time to time.

"Who are you going to breakfast with tomorrow, mommy?" she asked. There it was, the big question that everyone seemed to be so interested in.

"Someone we both know," she playfully answered. She was not about to be the one with the awkward answers this time. If she was going to continue with this question again, she would do it her way.

"Aren't you going to tell me," Gale asked. Raven smirked down.

"You're a smart girl, you can figure it out can't you?" she challenged. Gale smiled back and wordlessly accepted the game.

"It's Miss Roxie!" This answer was easily dismissed with a shake of the head and a cocky sounding Nope.

"Mister Vic!" Raven repeated the same answer. Gale was starting to think harder now and pausing in between answers. After all, they didn't know a lot of people in the city yet.

"Oh, I know! Kori is going with you and taking me too!" Raven looked like she was about to praise her for the right answer, but…

"Nope," she said. Gale gave up and shrugged on the table. Raven took her plate and gave her head a small pat. "Don't pout now, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually."

Feathertone Apartments was closing upfor the night, and the management staff went to every room to make sure everything was satisfactory. All that had transpired was now closed as every vacant owner probably wouldn't be going out again until morning.

Raven turned off all the lights in the apartment and set up her paperwork for the day after tomorrow. She always did that. She never left anything to chance or procrastinated when it came to work, especially since she had only been working at her current occupation for two weeks. Everything was ready, now all she needed to do was visit her girl one last time and get to bed herself.

Gale continued to be a little disappointed throughout the night, until she was tucked in and kissed goodnight. Her lights were put out and the short-lived evening was over. All that was left was the confusing outing tomorrow morning.

She still stayed awake due to her pondering though. Why was her mommy being so mysterious about this? She thought about who could possibly be meeting her besides the three people she mentioned earlier.

It had to be someone recently met in the city.

Someone she knew well enough, after all she didn't meet with strangers.

Someone who didn't give her a reason to mistrust.

Possibly someone who might have done something nice for her.

Someone who…

The child's eyes widened, as did her smile. Wider than had been all day. She then yelled in an excited voice so loud that two neighbors on the other side of the wall heard her.


Across the thin hallway and into the mother's room, she awoke to the loud sound of realization. Her daughter certainly was smart.

"You're meeting with Mister Gar!" she called.

Unbeknownst to her, Raven had a small creeping rise of heat to her face. No doubt she would now brag this to every new acquaintance they had made so far. Raven continued to listen to the child's slight giggling for a time.

She knew.


Raven wasn't jittery at all this morning. She had no real reason to be, despite the fact that she would be in rich company once again. After she got up silently and took a quick shower, she tiptoed over to her glamorous wardrobe of four dress shirt outfits, three skirts, and three pairs of pants. Unmentionables, of course, would not be mentioned. Quite a variety to choose from, but only three colors to choose from. Black, Blue, and White.

She didn't think Gar would care whether she dressed casually for breakfast or dressed like the mayors wife. She decided on a black pair of pants schemed with a white, silk-like dress shirt. She checked it in the mirror to make sure it was alright. It was.

She looked over to the clock and realized it would be time to be there in about a half an hour, as long as Gar didn't decide to be fashionably late. Most wealthy playboys she noticed in magazines always had to boast about cockiness in being fashionably late to dates with celebrity women. She wasn't worried though, Gar didn't seem at all like that kind of man. But then again, one could never be too sure.

She rushed quietly over to the table in center of the apartment with a piece of paper and pen. She wrote down a good morning to Gale and told her not to leave the apartment until Kori arrived to take her to the park. She also wrote down that she would probably meet up with them after she was done with her other plans.

She took the note and walked into the recipients room to attach it to the bed. She then smiled and gave her a kiss on the sleeping toddler, causing her to fidget slightly.

Tiptoeing out of the apartment, so as not to wake her, she grabbed her bag and headed out.

Elsewhere, Gar had already been ready, being the early riser he was. He had gotten dressed pretty well in a Dickies combo that resembled real professional. He didn't want to look too sporty or overdone considering that it was just a meal with a friend. Or so he would like to think.

He was parked outside the Lombreau Grill and Buffet. It was a fairly immaculate place for wining and dining. Outside stood a couple of white pillars holding up the gold-painted sign that read the name. Inside was a finely assorted set of blue-clothed tables and on the right was a long buffet line complete with breads, condiments, and more side dishes to grace your plate. Everything else was up to the customers and the waiters. But there was one problem, no customers as of yet.

Gar had enough foresight to grab a reservation for both he and Raven once she got there, and before the crowds started to pile on. He hoped she would be happy with his choice of eatery.

He casually scanned the road around the restaurant for any signs of her, but nothing turned up yet. He gave her the right location and name for their meeting, but was a little concerned by the fact that it was already five minutes past their reservation time. At this time he expected some bad ideas.

"Maybe she ditched, guess she had other things to do. Maybe she needed to do something about her daughter. Maybe she's just uninterested. I mean I hope not, but…"

At that precise moment, he looked ahead to see the familiar dark hair from the blue convertible coming in his direction. He let out a little sigh.

"Well, I guess I was wrong about two things," he thought as he saw her walk up.

"I assumed too much before anything even happened…" she was about to greet him with a small smile, "…and she got even prettier since last time." He walked up as well.

"Hello Gar, nice to se you again. How have you been?" A pretty meaningless conversation starter, but Gar followed up.

"I've been great, but we'll get to all that in a second." He grinned and offered to lead her inside. "Shall we, Miss Roth."

"Lets." She said, she let him take she shoulder and lead her inside the polished white room. "Oh, by the way, what did I say about calling me Raven?"

He shrugged bashfully and turned to face her. "Hehe…right."


"Higher Miss Kori, higher!"

"Yes, of course, Gale," Kori laughed as she pushed the fun-loving child up and down on the swing set in the middle of Gotham Central Park. It was clear out and perfect for taking the kids out to play. She and the young one were currently working on breaking the all-time height record.

"Not too high, now, you might fall off" she said, hoping to God that she would not. They had been on the turning wheel and see-saw and hadn't yet so far, but needed to be extra careful. This was her friend's kid after all.

"Don't worry, I won't." The girl was to thrilled with being in a park again to let up now. She wanted to take advantage of everything. After a few more minutes, she slowed down and started to ungulate slightly from vertical dizziness.

"Are you alright, Gale?" Kori rushed to the youngster's side. The girl, half listening, nodded her head and jumped off. "Are you done with the swings now?"

"Yep, lets got to the monkey bars now." She said, while quickly grabbing Kori's hand.

This had gone on for about an hour now. She and Kori would travel from activity to activity, sometimes they played together in the jungle gym with some other kids. It was remarkable. Kori had no idea kids were this fast and energetic when it came to fun-time. That didn't mean she didn't enjoy it however.

"Alright then, this way," she took the girls hand and started off to the bars. A second later, she looked down to see a smile not plastered on her face, which was strange because this had not happened since she picked her up.

"Is anything the matter, little one?" Gale turned her head to face Kori's and quickly changed her demeanor. She didn't want to spoil the good vibe.

"I just kinda wish my mommy was here with us."

"Oh, don't worry, she will. I heard she was planning to meet with us if she has time after breakfast with…" she paused. Both girls looked at each other.

"…with Gar." She finished. After which, both shared a small chuckle at Raven's expense, and Gale jumped on the bars.


Time passed by slowly and pleasantly as the atmosphere of the Lombreau created a relaxing scent around the customers. Everyone was enjoying their meals with small talk thrown into the mix.

A waiter passed down the aisle with a cart which contained two plates. One contained a cheese omelet with wheat bread toast and two small slices of bacon. The other contained a set of Belgian waffles with grilled hash browns; the favorite breakfast foods of one particular guest. He crossed over to the two seated booth and set the plates in front of the respective customers.

"Thanks so much, sir," Gar said as he handed the waiter a decent tip.

"Thank you," Raven added as well, she was about to tip him as well, but Gar put his hand up and put hers down. He gave her an I-don't-think-so look and she got the message. Apparently, Gar wouldn't be letting her pay for anything this morning. Typical macho attitude.

"So I hope you like the company as much as the food here," he said, eyeing her plate. She smirked back.

"That all depends on you now doesn't it Gar?" He thought about what to say next as he forked a bite of waffle and ate it.

"Thank you for treating me, thought, it really is very nice here."

"No problem, it is isn't it? But I only come here when I am trying to entertain or when Roxie feels like going out."

"Interesting. No offense, but Roxie seems a tad bit old for you, wouldn't you say?" Gar got the joke and the two managed a small laugh.

"Well, well, looks like you do have a sense of humor after all," he winked at her. "No, Roxie is way to much for me, but she's the best assistant I've ever had."

"No kidding. How long have you two been in the business?"

"I've known her for about as long as I can remember. She's the one who introduced me to working with sponsoring other companies like Vic and Kori's." Raven listened interested while she slowly ate bites of her omelet.

"You see, I work in communications for advertising and commercialism. Since 1996, its really been rising to a success, so much so that I got my company to service more companies in tech, fashion, and pharmaceutical industries."

"Sounds great. I guess there's no downside right?" Raven finally cut in.

"Not so much, unless I get bought out by a competitor. But, uh, I really doubt that's going to happen anytime soon," he boasted. He put his hands behind his back as a show of confidence.

"Methinks someone is a little overconfident. Does arrogance run in your family?" she crooned at him funnily. He brought his elbows to sit on the table and leaned in closer to Raven's side.

"I call it self-esteem." He playfully said in defense. "And to answer the other question…nah, I don't know enough about my family to say if any of them were arrogant."

Raven's eyes widened slightly at the odd statement. "Care to elaborate on that last statement?"

"My parents are sadly not with me anymore. They died a few years back with a really bad illness," he said the last part rather slowly, but at the same time didn't want to ruin her mood.

"Oh, I…I'm so sorry to have brought that up."

"It's alright, I don't think much about it anymore. I'll never forget them, but dwelling never helps anything, right?"

"Yes, you are right. It's good that you think that way I suppose."

As usually expected after an awkward statement, the booth became to calm for comfort. Both continued to eat, but with no liveliness anymore. Raven still scolded herself for saying something stupid like that for the sake of conversation. Thankfully, Gar was not the kind of person to let a quiet moment like this last for too long before he got bored.

"Anyway," he dragged out, "enough about me. I really am taking too much time with myself aren't I? I say we start delving into what makes Raven Roth tick."

Her smirk returned, as did his boyish grin. Inside she knew she would have to deal with this eventually, but was she ready to. There was still a lot about him she didn't know about yet.

"We'll see. There really isn't much to tell. But listen, if you ask a question I agree with, I'll answer it. If not, I won't. Deal?"

"Sounds fair enough, but…"

"But what?"

Gar paused. This was a subject that was silently deterred twice already by the girl, and he was worried that if he brought it up again. Not to be cheap, but since he revealed a personal truth about himself to her, he thought she would feel he deserved an answer like that as well. Maybe she could open up just a bit more. Not likely, but a man could hope.

"There really is only one thing I have been wondering about you lately, and I really would like to know. I can understand if you don't feel right about it thought."

"I guess I can take my chances just once, perhaps. What's on you mind Mr. Logan?"

He hesitated for a minute, not like him at all, but what could he do? The last thing he wanted was to offend her.

"You know you seem like a really nice girl, and your daughter as well. Now what I'm wondering is why two great girls like yourselves are out here all by yourselves for some unknown reason. Is there something tragic that happened to make you leave what home you might have had before?"

He expected a pause or a dirty look in his direction like last time and the time with Vic, but to his surprise, there was none to be found. He saw an unfamiliar expression on the girl. Not unpleasant, but not inviting either. A middle ground of emotions was present on her face as she looked at him.

"I suppose I can't keep this in forever," she whispered to herself. Gar tried to listen to that, but it was too quiet to hear.

"Listen Gar, I don't mean to sound enclosed, because I'm not. But there's a lot more to that than you realize."

As Raven looked down, away from his eyes, she didn't expect anything else to happen. But it did. Out of nowhere, she felt a hand slightly over hers. She peered back up to see the gesture and breathed a little faster. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Gar spoke up.

"I'm willing to listen, but only if feels right to you," he said quietly to her.

She gave a petite smile in the direction of his hand and slipped her hand out of his. She looked back up into his green eyes. Slowly and comfortingly, she actually felt her small sense of nervousness dissipate from her mind. He was being so good about this, even when she half expected to be jeered into answers. He didn't though. He was calm and collected to the situation, and that unexpectedly created a good reason for her to do the same.

"Okay then," she said with more self assurance than the last two times. She could do this. He perked up his ears to her, giving her his full attention.

"About a few days before we ran into you, my daughter and I weren't doing so well back where we used to live in Jump City. My ex and I had a lot of disagreements about Gale and just life in general."

Gar's mind never wandered from her information, and he remembered to nod in all the right places.

"He was once so romantic and dashing to me at first. When we were first dating, I never thought I could be happier. He took me out all the time; we were so close. He was so handsome and I could talk to him about anything. But then, we got a little to into our relationship and that ended up with a pregnancy."

"Gale," he interrupted slightly, partly not to be left out of the conversation. And partially to quell her non-existent gushing over this ex-lover of hers.

She nodded her head. "After that, everything changed. And I mean everything. The charm, the energy, the passion. It was like every feeling he had for me was completely destroyed when Gale was conceived."

Gar's expression was something that hadn't appeared since Victor and he got into a fight once. His face was full of serious droll at the information.

"Please don't get the wrong idea. Gale is my girl, and I would go to hell and back for her. But since we were so careless in getting pregnant with her, he felt completely quashed, I suppose. Long story short, she became a thorn in his side, and he became a very neglectful person to both of us. One day I got tired of him and left…thereby ending up on your doorstep."

Quiet filled the room. Not just the booth but the whole restaurant itself. Everyone was eating and Gar was too busy taking in all the information to say something. He felt both relieved to know, and at the same time horrified to find that someone he perceived as so great to have gone through such a rough patch of life.

"Not what you were expecting huh?" she asked plainly. Looking back at her response, he thought the same thing. But he didn't want to stay silent and create more awkwardness.

"No it wasn't, but you know something?"

She looked back at him, both staring eye to eye. Blue to Green. He reached out to cover her hand like he did before, and this time Raven saw no reason to disturb it. She let it be.

"I kinda like that about you."