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Summary: Mikan Sakura, the infamous no-star, has finally had it with Natsume's behavior and being with him for five years has shown her that there is no way to melt the ice around him… But then again, knowing his weakness is another thing…

Mikan's Anger

I was going to kill Natsume, so help me god.

He was seriously trying my patience.

"Hey Natsume! Didn't I tell you to come here and help us?" I called out angrily. I would've gone to him if I wasn't carrying a very big and heavy box together with a few students. It was the festival again so we were trying to put together a Haunted House which was supposed to scare people – another great idea from me.

I saw Kokoroyomi-kun narrowed his eyes and shook his head. Damn him! He's reading my mind again!

I saw him glare at me from being sworn at and left without so much as a word.

Oh well, another one left. More people seem to not think this wasn't important or wasn't going to succeed like the last time and only few even from our class joined to help make the haunted house.

Damnation to them all!

Man, I really should stop hanging out with Natsume so much.

I'm swearing more now and I didn't used to swear at all.

Oh yeah, almost forgotten about him!

I was about to call out to him again when I noticed he wasn't where he was supposed to be.

"Okay, now that's it." I muttered furiously as I quickly went to where I know he would be but not before leaving the box and a few pointers here and there to Iincho since my so-called best friend didn't want to help me.

And I found him.

Well, after being with him for five years or so, I should really know something about him.

"Natsume, I told you to help us, didn't I?" I asked heatedly.

"Yeah." was the simple reply.

"So why didn't you help us?" I said exasperatedly. "At least, you could've have shown compassion or be a gentleman for once in your life."

"Just because I'm your partner and consider yourself as my friend doesn't mean you can order me around." Natsume said flatly. "Don't flatter yourself, Sakura."

That hit a nerve.

I know he cares about me even a little bit.

That's why he stuck with me even when I'm so annoying.

And he does these little sweet things too, like carry my books when I can't carry them and from time to time, help me get more control of my alice.

So it really hurt me when he shoved into my face like I don't mean anything to him and the fact that he called me Sakura had done it.

"I quit." I said as I look at him straight in the eyes.

He looked right back at me.

Aha! I caught his attention!

"I quit from being your partner, your friend. I've done everything in my power to make you at least open up and make you see that even when bad things happen it's not wrong to smile again." Okay that sounded cheesy but it was flat right out my point so I continued on anyway. "I give up. I'm sorry Natsume."

I walked away, half expecting he'd call out to me and say sorry and tell me not to leave him.

Oh puh-lease! That will be the day when I sprouted wings and join the pigs.


I opened my eyes as I woke up from a very deep sleep.

All that work for the festival had finally gotten its toll on me as I look at my reflection with the bags under my eyes.

I was no longer the infamous no star; I was actually a two-star student now. But that didn't hinder the other students from making fun of me still and the fact that I was to supposed to be an honor student long ago and wasn't because of a certain teacher just made them make more fun of me and get me into trouble, most of the time. Although when I'm with Natsume, nobody dared to insult me except, of course Natsume himself and my best friend.


I almost forgot what I said yesterday to him.

I quit.

Can I really do that?

I'm so used to him and aside from his best friend, Ruka; I'm the only other person he can tolerate; actually the only girl he can tolerate.

Hotaru and he don't really talk much.

But they seem to have an understanding of sort and love to torture me.

I smacked myself in the head.

"I quit. I quit. I quit." I said to myself repeatedly.

I can't take back what I said or there will be no more dignity on my behalf.

And that's not saying much either.

So how will I get through today? We're usually together with our little group and surely they'll know something's up.

Ignore them. This wasn't the first time it happened; I mean, the two of us fighting but this was different because when I said I quit; I was serious and meaning I'm cutting all my ties of him.

I can do that right?

Just because I'm your partner and consider yourself as my friend-

That phrase just can't get of off my head and frankly, I was so hurt by that I actually cried for a little bit.

Okay, a little bit is quite an understatement.

A lot actually because after all those years, I truly considered myself one of his friends if not, one of his closest friend and I prided herself for being quite close to him too.

Used to anyway. I thought bitterly.

And he really meant it.

So that's that huh! After all that I've done for him, all that I've sacrificed; it just meant absolutely nothing.

My anger was rising again and there was a perfectly good reason too.

You don't give a damn about me?

Let's see then Mr. Hyuuga Natsume.

You're going to regret everything you've done to me since we first met.


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