Double Drabble story: Part I

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Blame it on me.

Summary to part I (to each DD part): Dean watched his brother as he laughs with his friends, while he feels all-alone.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural.

Dean POV'

I sat in my car, my beautiful black car over the Stanford University.

I wait, like I wait for my victim to come over the bait.

I watch the university's gates. Luckily Sam didn't even see me as I watch him, examine any move that he did.

I watch him as he laughs with his friends. He must at last feel to belong to something to feel normal, not like me, a simple 'freak'.

I knew that he wish to be normal, but how could he doing that to me? I am his big brother, I thought that he loves me… but I guess that I was living in dreams, as he left, as mother had left me; Sam left without even say it to my face, and now Dad.

Will I know how to act as him amongst friends? Will I know how to laughs again?

But with father I felt so safe and secure, and yet in myself, I've been fragile to loneliness, as the darkness come to hunt me.

End of Part I.