Part 26 – The End!

Summary: Dean's family been murdered, and Dean… giving up on his life…

Disclaimer: I do not own them, though I do want to kidnap Dean to my own pet. Can I?

Beta: Blame it on me.


3 Years later…

Dean's house

"Dad… please help us…" Dean could hear the voices, as he ran from one room to another, only to find, each of his kids, brutally, murdered.

"No… no…" Dean murmured and took his son's dead body into his arms as he cried, mourning each of his kids' names.

"Dean… they are after me… help me…" Dean could hear the panic in his wife's voice.

Soaked with blood he ran over his wife, gun in his hand and knife hidden in his boot, he stepped into the room he saw the demon.

The demon moved his hand over the form of his wife as every stroke made burns of ice on her.

"No… take me…" Dean begged, as he aimed his gun over the demon.

"Why should I do that?" the demon laughed over Dean, and then with a glare, Dean could see his wife turned over iceberg, and then when the demon lowered his head, and then gave Dean a large grin, the iceberg shattered into small pieces.

Dean collapsed on the cold ground as he let go.

He cried over his only beloved family.

"Kill me…" Dean stared over the demon, begged him to kill him, as he had nothing to live on.

The demon stared over the mourning man and laughed, and then it lowered Dean's fragile body and smashed him into the wall.

Dean's gun fell over, made a crack sound as he fell on the cold floor.

"Leave him alone!" Voice heard in the doorknob.

The demon stared over, and yet, he kept playing with Dean's broken body.

"No… you are killing him!" Sam cried, hoped that the demon will leave his brother.

"I didn't see him resistance." The demon grinned over the man who aimed at him a gun.

"I will kill you." Sam warned it.

"If you kill me, your brother will die." Demon warned him as he fist his hand, and Sam could hear Dean's bones been cracked.

Sam shot, and could see the demon vanished away, and Dean's fragile body fell on the cold pieces of the iceberg, as his body is broken.

"Dean…" Sam hurried over him his hands grace him softly.

"Kill me…" Dean asked him.


"Please kill me…" Dean begged from him.

"Please don't ask me to do that." Sam said at him.

"Then give me the gun, I will kill myself." Dean asked for the gun.

"No I will not."

"Please… I lost everything…" Dean sobbed.

"No… Dean… you didn't lose everything…" Sam tried to cheer him, and added, "Me and dad need you… you have us."

"You will leave me…" Dean said.

"No… we will not do such thing." Sam assured him, and stared up, over his dad who nodded.

The End!