Okay guys this is my first FanFic, maybe my last if it doesn't get good reviews. The scene is set right after Kate and Jack have their "I'm not, sorry about the kiss" discussion and are interrupted by Michael.

Sentimental Journey


"MICHAEL?" Kate exclaims, as she and Jack both reach down to help Michael sit up. Jack pulls out a bottle of water. Michael is trying to say something, "The…Others…they…" he closes his eyes.

Jack holds the water bottle up to Michael's lips, as he and Kate are both trying to hold him up. "Here, drink some water, try to stay calm" Jack glances over at Kate, wide eyed and worried, then studies Michael's face. He looked severely dehydrated and mangled. Face like he had just come out of a fist fight. Jack could only guess at what Michael had just been through. Guilt fell over him, if only he could have stopped him from leaving. He also felt relieved, Michael's condition was bad at the moment, but he would survive. Jack to Kate, "He's delirious, probably due to the dehydration; we'll have to carry him back." Kate nods.

Their attempt to lift Michael was interrupted. Michael said in a low voice, "No man, I'm good," and he grabs the water bottle from Jack's hand and starts to drink eagerly. Jack to Michael, "Take it slowly, too much water at once could send your body into shock." Michael slowly puts the bottle down and takes a few deep breaths. "I found them." Michael said with a blank stare into the darkness. Jack to Michael "We should get you back to the hatch so I can take a better look at your wounds." Jack was eager to hear what Michael had to say about what he'd been through and what he had found, but right now was not the time, nor was Michael, in any condition. "Okay Kate on three" Kate knew exactly what he meant and got into place, putting one of Michael's arms around her shoulder, Jack did the same. "One, two, three…" They lifted him up, despite Michael's claims to be okay, and started back to the hatch, into the dark jungle.