Shuichi's Fridge Magnets

By Hikari-kun of Hikari-kun and Cia-chan

Some people collect cards.

Other people collect bottle tops.

Some people even collect postcards.

Shuichi collected fridge magnets.

It was becoming a real problem too. Yuki just couldn't see the end of it. Currently, they had more fridge magnets than they had fridge space, and therefore Shuichi had fun trying to find other fun places to stick his magnets.

He'd even stuck one to the bathroom radiator for God's sake!

Yuki was sure if he didn't put his foot down soon then the damn things were going to take over the whole house. And that was not something he wanted to see. Even threatening Shuichi by telling him that if he found another one lying around in the house he'd explode didn't work. The brat was still finding new hiding places for them.

The worst thing was, the one on the bathroom radiator could make Yuki feel very insecure when trying to take a shower or going to the toilet.

He'd had enough. The magnets just had to go or he was afraid his sanity would be lost.

One the morning he was going to dispose of all the annoying little magnets, Shuichi had gone out early saying that he would be back in about an hour.

Yuki took his time to strike.

He got up and began taking off all the magnets in the bedroom, in the bathroom and anywhere else he could find them. But as he came to the kitchen, he found a note on the table.


Here's your very own fridge magnet! I had it specially made for you!


And beside the note sat a Yuki fridge magnet. Yuki put down his mountain of fridge magnets for a moment to hold the magnet in his hand. And on the back Shuichi had written his own little inscription.

Yuki, you're mine forever!

"Great…" Yuki said, fingering the magnet in his hand "This is now officially the strangest thing you've done brat," but while he said that, a smile was evident.

Maybe he'd leave the magnets around for a little while.

A/N: Eep. I should be working on posting up the second chapter of 'The Shining Light' but I just had to write this. I was looking at our fridge and saying to my sister 'We've got a lot of fridge magnets' and then this idea suddenly popped up into my head. Hope you likes : )