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A/N: This is the first piece of work I'm posting in Behind the Rainbow II. This is in fact the original prologue of Behind the Rainbow, as I once wrote it, nearly two years ago. I wonder if you can guess who'se POV this is, and what you think of this? Now remember, Behind the Rainbow II wil contain things that never made it into the story, to what happened after-scenes. It's like having a bunch of one-shots. Thanks again for my beta azntgr01! (oh, and don't expect fast updates with this one, it's not finished like Behind the Rainbow was)


The beeping of the machines, and the soft murmurs and sobs are the only sounds in this small room. The room is not as white as I had always imagined it would look, but still, I can think of nicer places to be.

I can barely look at the bed standing in the middle of the room. You lie in it, looking so pale, so frail. And I hate it. I want to scream at the injustice of the world, want to give you something, anything to make you better, yet knowing nothing's going to save you now.

Your friends are devastated and their families, too. Heck, even your aunt is crying, although, that shouldn't surprise me too much.

I've managed to get my godfather into the room as well. He was so absorbed into looking for a cure; I think he just didn't want to see you like this. But well, looking for a cure has gotten useless. The doctors told us you've practically left your body behind yesterday. Flying away, you called it.

The machines keep your body going, but we all know that's the only thing we have left. You will not open your eyes anymore; will not be looking at us with your sparkling eyes. No more adventures at Hogwarts, no more secret meetings. No more Quidditch battles and 'rivalry' to uphold. No more...

And this fact - coupled with knowing that in one hour the machines will be stopped, and your last link to this earth, your body, will cease to be - makes me, yes me, the ice cold, aloof person, cry.

It doesn't help knowing that you fought long and hard, in the end you still lost. And you just can't have lost. Not like this, not in this way. You were supposed to grow old, have lots of children, keep the press of your back, celebrate Voldie's defeat with us, not die before even reaching your last year at Hogwarts.

I cry even harder, and feel a warm body sit behind me, holding me. By the smell I know it's my godfather. Thank goodness I have him. I even have some real friends, your friends, but... I'd rather have my very first friend back. It's just not fair.

Oh god, the doctors are here. They're going to stop the machines. They're going to make you go away. No, no, that's not right. You weren't in your body ever since yesterday. You're already gone.

It's stopped. The machines stopped beeping, and the only sounds in this room are now of crying people, of heartbroken people. I can't stand to look at your body anymore, so I turn and bury my face in the folds of my godfather's clothes.

I sniff and mumble, "Goodbye, Harry. I hope you're with your family now."