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Gran Gran knew that the day Aang came would change everything. She had been right.

For the past two years, Gran Gran had cared for Katara and Sokka while her son, Hakoda, was away at war. She had seen how silent and serious Katara had been after her mother was killed by the Fire Nation, and despaired, wondering if the energetic little girl she had once known was gone forever.

And then Aang came to the South Pole.

Gran Gran had noticed the changes immediately in her granddaughter. Katara was quick to trust, that was true, but the depth of loyalty she felt to the young boy was stronger then any the old woman had ever seen before, especially after knowing someone for only a few hours. With Aang around, Katara was quicker to smile and laugh, and Gran Gran could only stare in amazement as he revived something long dead within her granddaughter. And when Aang had been cast from the Tribe, Katara had been ready to go with him, if he hadn't convinced her otherwise. And Gran Gran would never forget the look on Katara's face when the Fire Army took her friend away.

"Your destiny is now entwined with his."

Gran Gran had meant what she said, in more ways then one. She couldn't exactly say it was love at first sight, but there had been something between the two that she had sensed, not love exactly, but something very, very close.

I guess my senses are sharper then I them give credit for, the old woman thought, chuckling in amusement. She wondered where the three were now; Pakku had told her last he saw them, they were heading to the Earth Kingdom, for Aang to begin his Earthbending training with King Bumi. She hoped they were safe.

It had been hard, letting Sokka and Katara go, but Gran Gran knew it was for the best, and she realized now that she was right. Lost in thought, she didn't see Pakku pause beside her, didn't know he was there before he spoke. "They are quite close, you know."

She jumped, turning to him. "Who's close to what?"

"Aang and Katara."

"I don't doubt that," she murmured, remembering. "They're best friends."

Pakku shook his head. "I don't mean like that." Gran Gran looked at him curiously. "What do you mean, then?" she asked, wondering what the heck was going on since she had last seen her granddaughter.

"I don't mean they aren't best friends, because they are. I've seen it myself. I mean… I saw them once together, practicing their Waterbending when they were at the North Pole. They were practicing how to combine their attacks. They barely even spoke to each other, but… the way they did it. So smoothly, so perfectly in sync, like they had rehearsed it a million times."

"How many times had they practiced?"

"When I saw them, it was only their third time."

Gran Gran raised a brow. "The third time?"


She chuckled softly. "You know what they say about benders that can move together in such harmony, Pakku?"

"No." The old man looked curious. "What do they say?"

"They are each other's counters, equal in every way." She glanced up at him, and a small smile formed on her face.

"It is said that destiny brings them together."

The End


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