First Glances

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Spoilers: Post "Chosen" and after all seven books for Harry Potter

Timeline: At the moment, 2003, this puts Harry at 22 going on 23 and Buffy at 22…

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"Blah" means speech

'Halb' means thoughts

Muggle London

'Yup, this kind of teleportation is worse than when evil Willow did it,' Buffy thought. At least when Willow took Dawn and herself from Rack's place to the Magic Box, she stumbled, but kept her cool.

When they arrived at whatever place they were at, Buffy immediately fell to the floor. She thought she was strong enough to handle it, but it caught her off guard, considering she realized that it was Harry Potter she was traveling with.

She quickly shook her head, clearing her hazy sight as she took in the dark room. Fortunately, as a slayer, she was gifted with being able to see in the dark. She wasn't in a dungeon that was for sure.

"You bring me to an apartment? If this is your idea setting the mood, then you're clearly mistaken." Buffy said as she stood. "And if you're the great Harry Potter, then why were we so easily able to get inside this place?"

Harry ignored Buffy's questions as he turned on various lights in the apartment. He flicked on the last light and turned to see Buffy already making herself at home on his couch.

"People can't get in without my say so," Harry finally answered. "It's charmed that way, but since I charmed it, I can easily get in and out."

"Sorta like with vampires," Buffy nodded. "Can you explain why I'm here, not that I mind being taken against my will."

Harry regarded her for a second before sighing and sitting on the same couch. He looked at the floor, trying to decide whether or not to tell her about the prejudices of the Wizarding World.

"They were supposed to have told you," Harry finally looked at Buffy. "The Watcher's Council, it was their job to inform you about what happened."

"I don't know if you heard, but the old Watcher's Council is gone," Buffy smirked. "And even when they were around, I didn't listen to their rules and I eventually quit."

"That would explain it then," Harry chuckled. "In my world, the government is known as the Ministry of Magic."

"MoM," Buffy laughed.

Harry grinned before continuing. "There's a department in the Ministry called the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures."

"So, I'm considered magical, got that already when I stepped into the Leaky Cauldron."

"Yes, um, there are three divisions, the Beast, Being, and Spirit Divisions," Harry stopped. He was hoping he wouldn't have to continue with the divisions because he already knew Buffy would get upset with what the Wizarding World considered her.

"I don't know what that has to do with me," Buffy shook her head. "I'm not a spirit, and definitely not a beast, but I am a human being."

"True, but in our world, slayers weren't considered beings, that was mostly for goblins, elves, and werewolves."

"I don't match any of those, and yet you keep saying them," Buffy said annoyed. She took a deep breath and went through the categories again. There was no way she was dead again, so she wasn't a spirit. She wasn't considered a being because she wasn't a goblin, elf, or werewolf. All that was left was… beast.

"They think I'm a beast!" Buffy cried out in outrage.

Harry was glad to have placed the silencing charm on his apartment when he moved in because Buffy would have definitely caused people to complain.

"Why would they think that? I mean, I'm just one girl, wait, not anymore, but we're just girls who save the world without asking for anything in return!"

Harry had almost missed when Buffy said 'we're,' but decided he should wait until after he explained.

"You see Buffy, slayers were once a part of our community. Sometimes they would help protect wizards and witches whenever we went against something we couldn't handle. Other times, slayers married wizards."

"I'm not seeing the bad here."

"There was a slayer, and no one knows what really happened, but one night she supposedly went crazy and killed any wizard she could get her hands on."

"Do you believe that?" Buffy glared.

Harry stopped her from asking more questions with a hand and continued talking, "After it happened, the Wizarding World thought the slayer had too much power and when they found out that she was with child, they didn't want to see how powerful the child could be.

The slayers before her, they never attempted to have children mainly because they didn't want to give up the fight for so long and they didn't want the demons to know about their child and go after them."

"So they killed her and the baby?" Buffy quirked an eyebrow. It was taking all of her willpower to not go back to that Diagon Alley place and let loose some mayhem.

"Yes, and after that, the laws against the slayer were made," Harry nodded. "The Council was outraged at what happened, but they didn't want to go against my world. They accepted the new rules, and kept their slayers from stumbling across the Wizarding World."

"And then there was me," Buffy muttered. "But you never answered my question, do you believe what happened?"

"As a trained Auror and someone who is used to dealing with rumors," Harry sighed. "No, I don't believe that a slayer who was happily a part of this world with a husband would go crazy and kill a bunch of wizards and witches."

"It's nice to see someone who's competent," Buffy smirked.

"I don't know what happened, but I think she was fighting against dark wizards and witches who were probably well liked in the community because of their influence."

"And because of their 'influence' the community didn't once think she was just doing her job," Buffy connected the dots. "Corruption at its finest."

"That's why I took you away so quickly. If any other Auror saw you, or if a wizard or witch spotted you, then I don't know what would happen."

"You'd have some injured people on your hands," Buffy crossed her arms on her chest. "I definitely won't be going back there for a while, and I'll make sure to tell the other slayers about this."

"Other slayers?" Harry asked. Everyone knew that there was only one slayer at a time.

"You didn't hear about that either, huh?" Buffy rolled her eyes. "Just know that I needed an army to go into the Hellmouth, so my friend, Willow, did a spell that made all the girls who had the potential, or would have the potential to become a slayer, into slayers."

"That's what that was?" Harry's voice squeaked. After hearing how his voice sounded his cheeks flushed once again.

"Didn't think that octave was capable from a man."

"We felt the power from the spell, but we only thought it had something to do with making the sinkhole," Harry explained. "We weren't allowed to go anywhere near the Hellmouth, and we didn't think there were any survivors."

"Nope," Buffy shook her head. "Willow created slayers and we made that sinkhole ourselves. We got out of there as quickly as we could, but there were losses."

Buffy tried to stop the tear that formed in her eyes when she remembered how many people were lost because of the fight. Harry could see this and so badly wanted to reach out and hold her, to make the pain go away, but he knew he couldn't.

"Since you seem to know who I am, I guess I don't need to explain anything about myself then," Harry changed the subject.

"Nope, Giles may or may not have known about the stupid laws of your world, but he did tell us about the Great Harry Potter."

"I'm not great, and I'm not someone to idolize!" Harry snapped. "I had to do things I'm not proud of, and my work still isn't done."

Buffy placed her hand on Harry's arm in understanding. She wasn't upset that he yelled, because she had felt that way more than enough times. Neither of them wanted the weight of the world on their shoulders, but it was forced upon them. They fought the evils of the world, but got nothing in return.

"Is that why you work for the Ministry?" Buffy asked softly.

Harry nodded and continued, "After I heard about what an Auror was, I wanted to become one. I didn't think I would be forced to become one just because of Voldemort and his Death Eaters."

"I know how you feel," Buffy sighed. "But I do what I do because it helps people."

"Yea, but at least I get paid," Harry laughed.

"Smart ass," Buffy glared. "I guess I should go before someone comes looking for you."

"No one is going to bother me, you could stay if you want," Harry rushed. Damn his luck with women.

"You need to work on your flirting skills," Buffy smiled before standing up and stretching. "I really should go before my friends get worried."

"Right, of course," Harry followed her to the door.

As Harry opened the door, Buffy walked past him, but stopped. She stood on her toes and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She winked at him and left the room.

After he shut the door, Harry placed his fingers on his lips and smiled.

'It's a shame I'll never see her again.'


The End

Sequel is coming…