WARNING: This story contains content of Wicca and Witchcraft! If this offends you, DO NOT READ!

Seeds of Love

Rogue sat in class scribbling notes, counting the seconds as they ticked by. Fifteen more minutes and she could abandon her books for the safety of her cabin sanctuary. Ostara was looming on the horizon, and she needed to get the traditional spring cleaning under way.

When the bell finally rang signalling the end of the last class of the day, Rogue grabbed her books and raced down to the lake. Rogue threw her bag on the futon as she got everything ready. She burned sage and smudged the room, before going over the floors and walls with an herbal wash of lemon and lavender., straightening and shifting things as she went. She straightened the surrounding outside area, composting all the dead and decaying matter, and swept the area clean.

When everything was finished, she walked through the woods, tapping the handle of her besom against the earth in an effort to wake the Mother from her long winter's rest. She dyed red eggs in honour of the sun, and gave one to each of her friends.

Rogue sat weaving daisies into a garland, when she looked up to see a giant hare, which was starting to change colour, bound across her vision. The hare was an animal of the Goddess, and the true herald of spring, the changing colours from brown to white, meant spring had finally arrived.

The hare stopped in front of Rogue, only a few feet away. They stared at each other in awe; the Goddess was about. The amount of time they sat there was immeasurable, but eventually the hare went on its way, and Rogue went inside.

Rogue entered the cabin to find Logan admiring her clean home. "You're quite a clean freak". Rogue smiled, "you could use a little spring cleaning yourself, I've seen the state you live in". He chuckled, as Rogue sat down at the table.

He passed her a book on herbs, magical, medicinal; a veritable encyclopaedia, and pair of snow-white gardener's gloves. Rogue smiled, it never ceased to amaze her how much Logan took the time to understand her new world, and how comfortable he seemed with it all.

Ostara was a time for new beginnings and growth, in fact Easter found its name in the Goddess Eostre, and both the egg and hare were honoured symbols of the holiday. "Thought you could use help planting", she smiled, and as an afterthought, wondered what it was that made him feel that he needed to spend this time with her. In fact every Sabbat, as sure as the sun would rise, there he'd be.

Rogue took the seeds she had blessed at Imbolc from under her alter and unwrapped them from their cloth, changed gloves, and the planting began.

They planted the seeds with care, Rogue whispering encouragement to them, and giving them a burst of energy to start them off; she loved working with Earth. Patting earth over the last seed, Rogue wiped her hand across her cheek, unwittingly smearing dirt over the pale surface.

"You have a littleā€¦", Logan said, motioning to his own cheek. Rogue blushed and wiped at it, only succeeding in making a bigger mess. Logan tried not to laugh, as he took out a handkerchief and held her chin in his gloved hand, while he wiped her face clean. The day had grown hot and Logan had removed his shirt to avoid getting it dirty, which proved a wise decision, as he was covered in dirt.

Rogue really didn't know what to do with that information. She got up, and grabbed a bucket of water they were using to feed the seeds, and in one swift motion, he was drenched. He glared at her, shaking himself like a dog.

"You were dirty".