The Bishounen Boys

By Splash

Notes: Just another one of my crazy ideas... This series is going to rely more on the anonymous conversation flowing thing... well, you'll get it when you come across it ;; It's one of the quickest ways to write for me ;; But I won't be doing that for the actual NC-17 parts for obvious reasons...

Why Bishounen Boys? It's a 5 boy band, but "guest singers" might come up once in a while... so who are the original five? Why, it's Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, Daisuke and Ken, of course! Who'd ya expect?

Koushirou: What about me? Or Jyou! Or uh... Wallace, maybe?

That's why I said GUEST SINGERS... HINT. HINT.

Jyou: Oh..

Basic plot/setting: A "normal" American city, a "normal" American high school, with "normal" American high school students... ho boy...

Ages (2002):

Taichi Yagami: 15 (freshman)

Yamato Ishida: 15 (freshman)

Takeru Takaishi: 12 (7th grade)

Daisuke Motomiya: 12 (7th grade)

Ken Ichijouji: 12 (7th grade)

In this series, Takeru is NOT related to Yamato (or vise versa), but their parents were close friends when they were young, and that's how they know each other. Their relation now... you'll have to wait and see!

Chapter names will probably be set after some kind of boy band song, but they won't be "songfics." If lyrics are used, the Bishounen Boys are probably singing them themselves

Fic Warnings: AU (Alternate Universe. You know, I only found that out a short while ago. I always thought it referred to angst or something before... honestly! ;;), Boy/Boy relationships of all kinds.. it's a REALLLLLLLY big polygon Well, not really, but you'll just see when you get there... being the kind of person I am, the best stuff is still Taito and Daiken..

Rated PG-13 for Yaoi and uh... stuff related to Yaoi... I'm planning to go lemon in this pretty soon, though...

Disclaimers: I don't own Digimon or the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync or other boy bands mentioned in this fic if they WILL be mentioned... thank God Anyhow, it'd be pretty interesting if... uh... they actually DID this kind of... stuff... looks away

And now for the tiny, tiny teaser!

May 16, 2003

" Mock elections are always fun," is what Principal Downing always said. Well, counting them was just a huge chore. You sit there in a boring room and count ballots alllllll day long. Eck.

" 891, 892, 893..." God... whoever this guy was, he sure had it going. He already had way over half of the school votes for this category... speaking of which, I didn't even bother to check which category this was for.

I asked the guy next to me what I was counting these Goddamn ballots for.

" The question asks 'Who would you want to jump into bed with?'."

Peh. High schoolers these days... I remember a time when the word "sex" was like a swear word...

I finally finished counting the ballots, 953 total. That seemed a little awkward, considering the entire school population was barely over 1,000 people... I checked the bulletin board next to me listing the common stats of the school and looked under "total population of females."


" Strange. Yamato Ishida has 953 votes for the person they would want into jump in bed with." I said to the guy next to me. I think his name was Ed or something, but I didn't pay attention when he introduced himself. Was it going to kill me if I didn't know?

" So the guy's popular. Your point?"

I quickly re-read the bulletin board to make sure my vision was correct. " This school only has 678 females."