Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks


Daitai Otonashii Ookami


Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks; Panic! at the Disco

A/N: I'm sick, and was lying in bed listening to 'Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks,' and thought… wow, some ideas. And, there's a scene between Axel and Roxas I thought of, and couldn't get it out of my head. It can't happen just yet.. Sadly.. -tear- Therefore it'll be in the next chapter. I just have to work up until that point. I really wanna write that scene, so I have to get this chapter done before I can work on the next one… So… I rolled out of bed, and crawled the two feet from my bed to my computer chair (nifty, no?), and ended up here. Let's see how a flu induced chapter turns out (then again, I've had it since Thursday, and I wrote chapter one two days ago… -shrug-). And for a reference, the library in this fic will resemble the one from the original Hollow Bastion from the first KH.


That's when you s-s-stutter something profound,
To the support on the line.
And with the way you've been talking,
Every word gets you a step closer to hell.

--Panic! at the Disco

"That was so stupid." Roxas muttered, shoving his hands into the simple black cotton pants that adorned his hips. "I can't believe we actually went in there to begin with."

"I know man, and my god, did you fucking hear what Riku and Sora sat there and said? Fuckin' stupid." Axel agreed, his words not sounding angry though, just a little upset, and maybe a little sad.

"Whatever, it's not like they matter anyways. Let's go out to the Garden." The blonde decided.

They were suddenly turning down another one of the many endless white hallways that a normal person (who hadn't been there for years) wouldn't have found any different from any of the others. Even a few of the regular patients still got lost at times.

The two walked quickly, yet quietly, their shoes making continuous clicking noises on the polished floors that annoyed them to no end, but they had mutually agreed long ago that it was better to not complain about the noise than it was to just stay silent and enjoy the silence. The lights were relatively dim, which they both were thankful for, it was bright enough with all the white, they didn't need it more blinding.

Coming to the end of the hallway, a door was ahead, one that had an odd-shaped doorframe. The wood came to form a point where the two sides met at the top, resembling a tall house. The door was still rectangular, but there was a triangle of colored glass that was placed in the excess space, drawn with an intricate design of a keyhole.

Roxas pushed open the door, still in the lead, as Axel followed after him. They were met with the scents of water and green. It was a walled in area, located directly in the middle of the facility. The shape of the space itself was a diamond, there were animated paintings that covered every inch of wall space available, and there were no widows to see back into the hospital. Cameras were located in two of the corners, but were rarely watched by the security, since the patients knew it was better to behave in the Garden than it was to misbehave and get it taken away.

Roxas let him limbs carry him, they already knew exactly where he was going to sit down at, since it was the same place every time. Plopping down in the grass beside the thick gray stone fountain that was in one of the corners with a camera, he crawled over to the side that jutted out, so if you went behind it, you were obscured from the camera's view. Axel came right after him. The space between the stone of the fountain and the stone of the wall was only around two feet, and the fountain's walls themselves were only about two feet high.

They laid down, Axel on the left, Roxas on the right, and the grass underneath them. The water that sashayed through the different stone mazes and fell from unnatural waterfalls made soft trickling noises, meshing together with the smells of the different species of flowers, allowing the boys to close their eyes and at least pretend they were somewhere else.

"Hey Axel?" Roxas asked, eyes still closed.


"Nothing, never mind."

"Tell me when you're ready."

"O-okay." Roxas just tightened his eyes more. He just wanted to… disappear sometimes.

Axel sighed, before wrapping an arm around Roxas's shoulder and pulling him close. Placing a gloved hand on his cheek, Axel leaned forward and placed a light kiss on his lips.

"Don't be all angsty, Roxas. It really doesn't suit you."

Roxas just smiled, knowing that this was Axel's way of trying to cheer him up. Brushing Axel's hand away from him, he rolled over so he was looking down at the tear-drop tattoos that were so very Axel.

"Hm… Axel.. Is this you being nice?"

"Maybe. If it is, do I earn a kiss?" He asked, staring up at the blonde that was grinning above him.

"I guess so." Roxas shrugged, before descending upon Axel's mouth. Biting his bottom lip, Roxas got no response, so he trailed warm kisses from Axel's lips, to his neck, before going to his exposed collarbone. Roxas nipped at the joint that was between the bone and Axel's neck, causing a shudder to run through the other boy.

"Damn.. c-cheater." Axel said, eyes clenched together.

"Not my fault I know your weak spots." Roxas smirked as he sat up, rolling off Axel in the process. "If you had just opened your mouth when I kissed you the first time… The whole thing would've been avoided."

"I like a challenge." Axel grinned.

"Doesn't take much, does it?" The blonde said thoughtfully. "Let's go back already, I'm hungry."

"Good, if you didn't eat again today, I'd be worried you were turning into Sora or something. Although I'd rather of stayed here a bit longer.. Ah you're right, let's go." Axel said standing and offering Roxas a hand up.

Ignoring Axel's hand, Roxas stood, brushing the grass off of his clothes before walking back towards the door. Glancing at the walls as he walked out, He couldn't help but notice how well done they had been, and wondered just how long they had taken.

"Who do you think did these, Axel?"

"Hm, prob'ly someone with a lot of talent. I mean, look at that castle, it's got a lot of detail."

"The castle's nice, but look at the lady in the yellow dress and monster you can see through the windows. They're so small, but still… just.. wow."

"Yeah, I know. My favorite's still these." Axel stopped before they reached the doors, standing on the tips of his feet to trace two circularchakram withflames surrounding them.

"And mine's still Oblivion." Roxas said, pointing to the black key that was below the wheels Axel liked. It looked more like a sword than a key, and Oblivion was written in a swirling silver font along the handle.

They both glanced at the room once more, before going back through the door, where they were once more met with white, and the smell of pills and tears and things they didn't even want to think about. It was like they were changing worlds, and they wanted so badly to have just stayed back in the other one.

They day went by slowly, the two managing to mostly avoid the others, although Demyx did manage to track them down once in the library and convince them to listen to the new song he learned to play on his sitar (the song vaguely resembled something about 'you,' 'my sunshine,' and 'my skies are gray'). When he insisted on playing it a second time, Axel threatened to burn his hands off, and miraculously struck a match from nowhere, holding it close to Demyx's eyes, so that he muttered a 'fine,' and finally left.

Neither of them were hungry, so lunch and dinner went by unnoticed. The food always tasted the same anyways, horrible. Eventually, night fell, and the PA system called for everyone to retreat to their rooms for the night.

Their door was pushed open, the darkness was suddenly illuminated when Axel flipped on the light switch. Trays with a cup of pills and a cup of water sat on each tray next to the two separate beds. Making a face, Roxas went forward and put the water in his mouth, before placing all the pills in his mouth and swallowing.

"I still don't know how you do that." Axel muttered, as he put two pills in his mouth and took a drink of water. Repeating the process three more times.

"Practice makes perfect." Roxas shrugged, before letting himself fall onto the bed, not bothering with the blankets.

"Hm.. Is that your philosophy about everything?" Axel smirked, as he walked back over to shut the door and turn out the lights. The room suddenly went dark, and Roxas held back a whimper.

"Don't worry." Axel assured him, as a crackling sound was heard, and a match appeared in the darkness. Axel's face was outlined in a warm glow. "I've still got candles, don't freak." He withdrew a small circular t-light, before he lit it and placed it on the tray that the pills had come in. "I'll put it out when you fall asleep."

"Thanks." Roxas said, staring at the small flame.

"No problem."



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