Painted Skies

Chapter 1 – Running...

I asked Shelly if I should do this too, so I am. Speaking of Shelly, she is an awesome writeer too! And to Monica too! Thanks girls! You'reimput for metodo this is why I'mposting this!This for the HSM Romance Themes Challenge in the style of Trelsi! DUH! I don't own anything, but the name of the camp and the idea. Enjoy!

Troy Bolton sighed, getting out of his cabin. It was the beginning of his fourth day at Camp Whacha-Ma-Call-It and he still hadn't seen her. Her name was on the list of councilors and was mentioned when he talked with Chad and Gabriella about the groups of kids, but he hadn't even seen a tiny bit of her, besides a picture of her and the owner of the camp hanging in the cafeteria.

"Troy?" came the sleepy voice of Chad Danforth.

Troy turned around, sighing, "Morning, Bro'."

"The kids are still asleep..." Chad yawned, joining the fellow councilor outside of the cabins. "You gonna go lookin' for her again?"

"Her who?" Troy asked.

"'Her who'?" Chad mocked. "Don't play dumb, Troy. You know who! Her who!"

"Oh, her who!" Troy said sarcastically. "THAT DOESN'T HELP!"

"Sorry," Chad muttered apologetically. "Kelsi Aneé Neilson who."

"Oh... yeah, probably. Stay with the kids. I'll see you in the cafeteria," Troy informed and started jogging off.

Chad rolled his eyes, walking back inside, and went to sleep.

Troy continued to jog through the woods, looking for her frantically. If only he could see her again. He wished he could, but from what he's concluded, he wouldn't see her until school starts again. And that's if he got lucky.

As he headed down the path on Melbrooke Hill, he collided into something, or rather someone.

"I'm so sorry!" a small voice squeaked out an apology.

Troy focused his vision and saw who he was looking for, crawling around as she looked for her glasses.

"Kelsi," he chuckled, spotting her glasses and placing them on.

Kelsi blinked and smiled brightly. "Troy!" she exclaimed, enveloping him in a tight hug. He embraced back, holding her even tighter than she already was holding him.

"I've been looking for you all summer," he whispered as they pulled away.

"Why would you be looking for me?" she asked as she stood up, dragging him to his feet with her and they began to run again.

"I... I... I really don't... know wh...why," he stumbled in confusion.

He looked at her as they ran in rhythm. Her long chocolate ponytail that swung from left to right with each step she took. The bottle-cap glasses that covered her dazzling ocean blue eyes. Her lime green sweats, Converse shoes, and lemon yellow halter top that only some like her could pull off.

"You okay?" she questioned in concern.

He shook his head, realizing they had stopped and met her gaze. Those blue eyes. The ones that talked him into doing the school musical. Or rather cried him into the school musical.

"I'm fine... It's good to see you, Kels'," he assured, taking her hand.

"It's good to see you too... Troy," she agreed, pulling away nervously, feeling extremely awkward around the former basketball star. And with that, she started running again.

"Kelsi!" he called after her, not even trying to catch up with her. "Boy; can she run!"


Troy popped up in bed, gasping for air. Gabriella and Chad were sitting on bed at either of his sides, but someone else was there too.

"Kelsi," he sighed softly.

"Hey Troy," she giggled gently.

"We bumped into Kelsi by the lake this morning when we went to go from an early swim. Chad and I were about to come and get you, but when Kelsi saw you asleep, she generously convinced us you needed some rest," Gabriella explained.

"She just sorta sat down with a notebook and stayed by your side all morning," Chad added.

"You had a slight fever, but it's gone now. It kinda scared me when you started crying and smiling at the same time. You also said my name over and over," Kelsi admitted, making Gabriella and Chad laugh.

"Oh..." Troy blushed fiercely, taking Kelsi's hand. "It was just a dream. A wonderful dream."

Kelsi pulled away, like she had in his mind, but this time she didn't run away, just turned her head away, trying to hide her flushed cheeks.

"Well, Chad and I are gonna go get something to eat at the snack bar," Gabriella said, getting up and dragging Chad with her before he could say anything stupid aloud around Kelsi and Troy.

"Hey Troy?" Kelsi muttered, looking back at him.

"Yeah?" Troy questioned, staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

"You wanna go running?" she quirked with a sly grin.

He groaned, falling back on his bed, throwing a pillow in his own face.

"What? What'd I say?" she asked in confusion.