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"Furlings - sounds cute and fuzzy to me!"

"On the contrary, we are neither cute nor fuzzy if our translation of your words is correct," a voice said from behind the pillars.

The four members of SG-1 soon had their weapons trained on three very feminine figures that looked very similar to the Greek descriptions of nymphs. One of the nymphs, apparently the leader, raised her hands to show they were empty, "We are simple folk. Please, do not threaten us."

"Who are you?" Jack asked, lowering his weapon only slightly.

The leader spoke again, a smile on her face the entire time, "We are Furlings. Who are you to come to our planet through the doorway?"

Jonas took up the narration, "We are peaceful explorers from the planet Earth. My name is Jonas Quinn. This is Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, and Teal'c."

The golden haired nymph looked over the four explorers. She stopped with Teal'c, "You are Jaffa, correct?"


"Why are you with these humans and not with your brothers?"

Teal'c bowed his head slightly, "These that you see have become my brothers."

The nymph smiled while one of her fellows whispered in her ear. "Forgive me," she said to SG-1, "I have forgotten to introduce myself and my companions to you. I am Aglaia. These are my sisters: Chara and Dareia. I am sorry if we frightened you."

Jack lowered his gun another inch, "No problem. What did you want?"

Chara smiled, amused by their behavior, "We heard the Great Doorway open and were sent to investigate by the Satyr."

"The Satyr?" Jonas asked, intrigued.

Chara frowned at him, unsure why he didn't know about the Satyr. "There is always one chief Satyr, many younglings and always many nymphs. The Satyr is our master."

Jack looked back to his team, "So…Furlings aren't fuzzy, then?"

Chara smiled seductively at Jonas, "Well, the Satyr is a little fuzzy."

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