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Tok tok tok tok tok.

Regal blinked, looking up at his office door. The blue haired president of the Lezareno company seemed to be in a daze for a few moments, unused to this new experiance. Nobody ever knocked. Presea often came in unnanounced, to dump more papers on his desk or to chat over some coffee she had brewed. He had offered her a plush job working for him, now that Ozette was gone. She could have gone back to being a lumberjack, but how could he accept that? Especially because he had grown so much closer to her over the journey they had, especially because she was Alicia's sister.

And it was late at night. Presea had gone home- in fact, everyone had gone home. He was the only person left in the building except for janitors, and they didn't clean his room until after he left. Who could it be?

I'm getting rusty, he thought. In battle if something new came along I assesed it and then modified my fighting style to accomodate it. I didn't have time to think. It was instinct. He cleared his throat, straightening his tie. Whoever it was, he'd have to make a good impression. You didn't be the president of the Lezereno Company for long if a late-night visitor caught you staring at the door like a confused cow.

Tok tok tok tok... tok? He could hear the hesitation this time.

"Come in," he said, rapping his fingers on his desk as the door slowly creaked open.

He blinked in surprise at the guest, sitting back in his chair. Although he wore business suits and slicked his hair back, and freed his hands from their shackles, Sheena Fujibayashi looked much the same as he had last seen her three years ago. Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun and she waslooking way too shy for someone who walked about with a nonexistant neckline with ease.

"Sheena," he said, warmly. He stood up and walked to her, putting a massive hand on her petite shoulder. "It has been far too long."

"Yeah, you're telling me!" Sheena was far more exhuberent in her greeting than he had been. She leapt up and wrapped her arms around his neck, hanging off of him so the height difference wasn't so great. "How're ya doing? I've been busy learning how to be a proper cheif, but now I'm back! Sorry, am I wrinkling your suit?" She grew concerned, making him want to chuckle. Three years, and she thinks he cared about a suit?

"Wrinkle all you wish," Regal said. Despite that, she let go of him and he could see that she had dropped a parcel on the floor outside the room. Curious as to what it was but not wishing to pry, he instead said: "Have you been to see everyone else?"

"Are you kidding? Lloyd and Colette drop by sporadically, and Raine and Genis every three months. Exactly every three months- they keep track. I see the Idiot Chosen almost every week." Though she said his title with scorn, Regal could see her lips curling up in a slight smile as she mentioned Zelos. "The only ones left.." she skip-hopped backwards, scooping up the parcel on the floor and hiding it behind her back with a smile, "Are you and Presea!"

"I apologize," Regal said. "Running a company is a full-time job. I would have visited..."

Sheena would hear none of it. "Nah nah nah. It's just as much my fault as it is yours! So here..." she held out the parcel to him with both hands. She seemed to lose a little bit of her bubble, her cheeks turning red. "I got you a present! Heh... I hope you like it."

Regal took the present, accidentally catching one of her hands in his for a brief moment. Ignoring the unwelcome shiver that went up his spine, he took the present and stepped back a safe distance. Sheena's face was still red.

He opened the present. "A cat..?" he asked, holding up a small porcelain cat.

"A Mizuho waving cat!" Sheena corrected, getting over her shyness and pointing out that the cat had it's right paw raised as if in greeting. "Maneki-neko.This one brings you good fortune and riches. I figured it was fitting since you're the president of a big-shot company. Here-" she snatched it out of his hands and deposited it on his desk. The desk was bare of ornaments, save for a photo of the entire group in Flanoir. "Isn't it cute?"

"It's very generous of you," Regal said. He remembered times when they had been cooking around a campfire, when she had gotten over her initial shyness with him and told him about Mizuho. Even though three years had passed, it seemed as though it was just the same as it had been. "Do you have another one for Presea?"

"What?" Sheena blinked, and then blushed. "Oh, y-yeaaah! Of course. It's just, the gift shop ran out of bags and I just didn't want to, you know, just hand it to her. It would be weird if I didn't wrap it or anything. I'll get her one tomorrow."

Regal furrowed his brows in confusion but otherwise made no remark. He could tell Sheena was lying, but for what reason he had no idea. "So," he said, "Have you come here alone?"

"Hmm? Yeah, pretty much." Sheena shrugged carelessly. "It's just been bugging me, since I hadn't seen you in a while and I really wanted to." She paused. "I mean, you guys are my friends, and I had no idea if you'd just forgotten about me, or thought I had forgotten about you guys." She repeated herself, trying to make it obviously clear that she was using the word 'you' as a collective term and not meant solely for Regal. She looked around the presidentail office. "Hmm. Well this place hasn't changed much."

Regal tilted his head, confused again. Speaking of not changing, here she was again. Sheena reminded him of Colette in that she always felt the need to defend herself, or apologize, or to clarify what she meant. It made for awkward conversations sometimes. "I prefer not to waste money on redecorating. It's just a room."

"Office or not, it's still y- y- your own personal room." Sheena stifled a yawn, appearing much like a sleepy kitten herself. "Make it a little brighter so it's a pleasure to come to work."

"And speaking of rooms," Regal said, "You should be getting to yours. Here's my pass- ask them for the presidential suite. Free of charge."

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Sheena held her hands up and backed away. "Sorry, but I just can't accept that. I'm here to visit, not to mooch off of you guys."

Regal, seemingly unnaffected, was quick was his reply. "Then you can stay with Presea and I for the night."

"You two live together?"

"Well... yes. She is still legally only a child, she needs a legal guardian."

"Right, of course, of course."

"...Obviously, I am not having any relations with her, if that is what you fear."

"What!" Sheena turned bright scarlet. "W-why would I fear that? Jeesh, Regal! You can do whatever you want and I'd totally be cool with it." She stopped, crossing her arms and tapping her foot for a few moments, her eyes closed in deep thought. "OK. I'll stay with you guys... but only for a night! This is still mooching in my opinion."

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