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The 3rd chapter of Rainy Day Babysitter in which Near re-enters the plot and Mello has to deal with L's divided attention :3

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Rainy Day Babysitter: Chapter 3-

Near stood alone in the hallway. Having been abandoned by Roger with the excuse of "I have to get milk lest the children throw a fit at breakfast time," he was less then pleased.

Glancing down the hall Near could spot a faint light cutting through the bottom of Mello's door, and having noted that L wasn't in his usual position perched atop the couch eating jelly beans he could only suspect who Roger's pick for a baby sitter had been.

With a sigh Near wiped his wet sneakers off on the carpet. He knew it wasn't exactly polite to leave muddy stains on the floor, especially with the knowledge that this rug was in fact a new rug since Mello had spilled chocolate syrup on the old one, but to be honest he was in too much of a sour mood to care.

His umbrella had snapped and broken halfway through the gates of the Wammy House effectively leaving the poor child cold and completely soaked. Roger hadn't been much of a help either, being quick to leave him standing there after taking one fleeting glance at Mello's door.

Near had the sneaking suspicion that Roger was more afraid of the volatile blonde then any other member of the house, which actually made sense seeing as how he always sent one of the children to alert Mello when he needed to be told something. The fear wasn't completely unfounded really, and Near was totally willing to let it fester if only doing so didn't involve constantly being on the receiving end of Mello's fits.

Near closed his eyes in slight aggravation. A bath was what he needed. A nice, warm, quiet bath with no arguing, yelling or pillow throwing of any kind.

Sluggishly Near began dragging himself down the hallway choosing to ignore the squishing sounds his shoes made and the unpleasant way his white shirt clung to his small frame. A bath would make everything better, and afterwards he could dry himself off with a nice fluffy towel, lock himself in his room and do his best to forget that somewhere across the house Mello was internally squealing with delight over L paying attention to him. Near rolled his eyes. He's probably showing him his cookie collection or that stupid fort he planed on making this morning or...

Aw crap

Near stopped dead in his tracks as a very unwelcome realization hit him.

Mello had stolen all the towels in the house.

To make the aforementioned fort.

Because according to him "Towels were the only form of insolation that could protect against cooties."

If screaming hadn't been completely out of Nears ability he would have woken up the entire city.

Back in Mello's room L stared curiously at the small blonde who, at the moment, had his ear pressed closely against the wooden door.

"He stopped walking..."

L tilted his head "Who..?"


L quietly hopped off the bed and came to kneel down beside his pensive friend.

"Why do you think that might be?"

"I'm not sure.." Mello replied slowly "but his footsteps sounded wet..."

"It is raining..."

"Mm.." Mello nodded quickly and went back to listening.

L watched Mello at work for a few more moments before following suit and pressing his ear against the door. He stared absently at the back of Mello's head before quietly asking "Maybe if he's wet...we should offer him a towel."


Mello's face blanched as his eyes slowly roamed over to his dresser and the dozens of towel corners sticking out of it. His mind then switched to panic mode.

Oh God! If L finds out I stole all the towels I'll get in trouble! And even worse...my fort will be susceptible to COOTIES!

"H-Hey now L! I don't know..." Mello began quickly, stepping back from the door and posing innocently with his hands behind his back. "I've heard on numerous occasions that Near likes being wet, in fact he prefers it to being dry!"

L tilted his head again and shoved his thumb into his mouth. 'Really? Is that so..."

"Indeed it is." Mello nodded enthusiastically and began walking away from the door. "Now..if you will just help me put these comic books away I'll be glad to-"

Mello's sentence was cut short however by the sound of a door opening and L's soft voice.

"Hello Near." it said, "Would you like a towel?"

Mello was sure his heart was somewhere near his pelvis at this point.

Outside Mello's doorway stood a dripping wet Near, shivering slightly and pulling his baggy, practically transparent shirt closer to him. His white hair was plastered flat around his face and clung wetly to his cheeks and forehead. Mello thought he looked like a drowned lab rat.

"Um..." Near glanced quickly at Mello in response to L's question. Near was no fool, in fact he was a super genius, so he knew all good and well that there would be consequences to alerting L to the fact that Mello was currently in possession of all the house's towels. "I..." He stumbled over his words slightly, taking one more glance at Mello's glaring face before coming up with the super genius response of , "I'm allergic to towels."

Double crap.

L's brow furrowed slightly "Allergic? Really...Mm, I believe you should inform Roger about that."

"Yes. I agree." Near responded quickly, stepping back slightly as Mello's face took on a disturbingly pleased look. "I promise you I will as soon as he returns, as for now I'm just going to-"

"I suppose you could borrow some of my clothes seeing as how your's are soaked."



Two pairs of eyes turned to look at the source of the exclamation. Mello stood hunched over and breathing rather heavily. "Your...your clothes..?"

L's mouth formed into a small smile as he walked over to Mello a kneeled down in front of him. "Yes, of course. He might get sick otherwise. As a responsible baby sitter I must make sure the children I care for do not fall ill, don't you agree?"

The response he got was a series of strangled noises worthy of a dying cat.

"Good." L patted Mello's head and turned to Near still smiling sweetly.

"They'll be big on you, I'm sure- but they'll be dry. Is that alright with you Near?"

Near stood perfectly still with the horrified appearance of someone who truly believed he was about to be smothered to death by a mass of blonde hair.


It took L three tries before Near finally pulled his eyes away from Mello's murderous expression to answer him.

"Yes. That will be...fine. Thank you L for your...kindness."

L smiled again and stood to his full height, walking past Mello and Near out into the hallway.

"I'll be right back." He told them before continuing the stroll to his bedroom, "I'll bring a shirt and a pair of pants with me."


One look at Mello's face told Near that being left alone with him was simply not an option.

"Wait, L!"

L turned around somewhat alarmed by the usually quiet boy's sudden outburst.

"Is everything alright Near?"

"Um.." Now that Near had spoken he felt rather foolish. What was he supposed to say? 'Please L don't leave me alone with Mello because I'm afraid he'll torture me, or even worse force me to eat one of those stale old cookies he has in that creepy case in his room?' Surly not.

"I..." Near felt less then eloquent this evening and was pretty sure he was catching a cold to boot. And he was much less then thrilled to have to keep coming up with excuses for his actions, but what else could he do? It was either go with L or get pummeled and the latter really did not sound pleasant, thank you.

"I..." Near breathed out before finally uttering. "I've always been curious to see what kind of atmosphere you work in. As one of your successors I've been looking for an opportunity to study where you live and what you see everyday. So I was just wondering..." He could swear he felt Mello's hatred sweltering behind him. He stepped closer to L in an attempt to escape it and quietly asked "May I come with you to your room?"

L's only response was a thumb shoved in his mouth and a long, hard look at the ceiling. A few moments passed, and just when Near was about to look up to see what L found so damn interesting he heard a shift in the ground in front of him and looked up slightly to see L's endless stare peering down at him.

"Alright. You can both come with me."

This answer seemed to mollify Mello's mood a bit and in turn let Near breath a bit easier.

"Thank you L."

"It's alright. However we should hurry up. Staying in those clothes much longer will surly result in sickness."

Near agreed whole heartedly and quickened his pace behind L's retreating figure. He could hear Mello's animated footsteps behind him and allowed himself to hope that maybe getting to see L's room would appease him to the point of forgetting about the borrowing of L's clothing.

Yeah. He couldn't believe it either.

L's bedroom was a short walk away from Near and Mello's own bedrooms. It was simply further down the hall. Mello believed that this was because L's coolness was too great to be contained in a bedroom near the door. No no. L had to have a bedroom far away from the sniveling brats of Wammy House- a bedroom where his enormous brain could reign free and create wonderful solutions to fantastic problems! Mello mused over this joyously as he walked.

Pay attention! He told himself, This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Upon reaching the door, L's hand raised lazily to hover above the doorknob before grasping it, turning it slightly and pushing his door open. The room was dark, only being illuminated by sudden streaks of lightning from outside his window.

"You guys wait here alright. Let me turn on the light before-"


L's attempt at keeping the children safe from the impending doom of his messy domain had proved useless, seeing as how Mello had already done a rather skillful face plant into a pile of L's dirty clothing.

"That's why I told you to wait." L sighed as he flicked on the light.

Near stood politely outside L's room until the latter ushered him in, helping him side step the mountains of candy, clothes, and assorted toys that were scattered around. Mello quickly composed himself and, after picking a pair of underwear off his head, went about inspecting and touching everything in L's room.

Nothing seemed particularly unusual about the place L spent most of his time in. It was a tad messy perhaps but-...alright it was a sty, but it was L's sty!

Mello crawled up onto L's bed and bounced on it once or twice noticing it made the stack of plates on the foot bump against each other. Mello crawled over to said plates and peered at the few crumbs left on them. He tasted what was there- Strawberry cake. Mello smiled to himself. He could have guessed that!

Across the room L was kneeling down in front of Near. By this time the tiny boy had mostly dripped dry so all he needed was to be clothed. L dug through more piles of clothing in the corner of his room until a drawer became visible. He opened it to reveal some half folded white shirts.

"This is where I keep my clean clothes you see..."

"Ah.." Near hadn't even realized that there was furniture in the room until L had somehow found his dresser amongst the giant conglomeration of various items. Near noticed with a bit of frightened fascination that L had a collection of porcelain clown dolls on his night stand. He quickly averted his eyes however as he was sure one winked at him.

"Ah- this will do well."

Near turned back to L to find him holding up a simple white shirt, only a few sizes larger then what he usually wore. Near peered at it doubtfully.

"I don't think that will fit me.."

L smiled at this and handed the shirt to Near. "Yes. I know, but I don't have any pants that would fit you. I suppose you can use this as a nightgown. Would that be alright? It's dry at least."

Near took the shirt slowly, finding himself blushing at L's kindness. Was this why Mello idolized him to much? Speaking of which...Near suddenly became very aware of Mello watching them from his position on the bed. Turning his head slightly Near's suspicions were confirmed as he spotted Mello glaring at him intently. If looks could kill Near would be long past dead. Near turned back to L with his face in a downcast, unsure of what to do with himself.

He soon felt a hand on his head gently tousling his white locks.

"Don't worry Near- I'll help you dry your hair off." And with that L stood and, taking Near by the hand, began gently leading him to the bathroom in search of a blow dryer.

Oh yeah. He was way past dead.