Author: Sancia Chislaine

Rating: PG

Warning: SLASH.

Disclaimer: The characters and places mentioned in this story belong to J.K. Rowlings and Warner Brothers Entertainment. I am in no way affiliated to anything or anyone that might own the Harry Potter series.

Hogwarts always appeared darker to Draco Malfoy on the nights he decided to slink around past curfew. Others might have appreciated the darkness but over years growing up as a Malfoy he'd learned that dangerous things (human and supernatural) lurked in the dark.

Tonight however being in the dark required more than caution. Tonight a Malfoy had merited the darkness with fear.

He had been asleep only just a few minutes ago and Draco cursed every last stipulation that might have led to him being pressed against the frigid stone wall by the hooded figure in front of him as it was now.

Tonight the darkness was just to dark for him to understand. Tonight his fear of the dark was consuming him and leading him even further into its clutches. In the dark he felt lost.

He whimpered quietly as the hooded figure tightened its grip on his shoulders and sunk further into him, pressing his body tightly between the stone wall and its own.

Tonight it didn't occur to him that his arms were free to swing around in the darkness nor did it matter that the figure in front of him was shorter or felt frailer than him. Tonight what mattered the most was the black mist that floated around him; only the darkness mattered.

"Scared Malfoy?"

He sighed, it was Potter. The idiot had purposely been trying to scare him and Draco was afraid of Harry even though the fear was unintentionally there. Of course Harry needn't ever know that and Draco would never tell him.

"Don't you have better things to do Potter?" Draco asked testily.

Tonight maybe Harry was walking around in the darkness because he was one of the idiots that appreciated the black cloak of the night but Draco forgot that he should hate the dark haired wizard for that. Tonight all he could concentrate on were the roaming hands running up and down his sides and the darkness that watched as Harry Potter leaned in closer to him once again.

"What are you doing Potter?"

Draco's eyes closed instantly at its own will as the other boy's cold lips lightly touched his. He should have been afraid of what he was doing but the great Harry Potter wasn't so why should he? Harry was smiling as he kissed the blond fully on his lips and as much as Draco disapproved of the action he himself was smiling as well.

"Are you still afraid of the dark, Draco?" Harry asked as he loosed his hold on the blond.

"I fear only the things that I can't explain," Draco replied and gently kissed Harry's cheek.

Tonight Harry smiled and for once Draco appreciated the darkness because his fear of anyone finding out about him and Harry was far worst that the dark mist that hid them from the world.


A/N: This is my very first Harry/Draco story as I am usually a Hermione/Draco shipper but I signed up to write 50 Draco centric stories and I figured that I'd try something new and see how everyone reacted. This shot little one-shot has not yet been reviewed. Please review.

Sancia Chislaine.