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I haven't written in years so it probable won't be up to expectations. In this story instead of someone getting teleported to the DBZ world or a girl going to Cell's ring. Well, you'll just have to read it to find out. 'Thinking' "Talking"

Chapter 1

It was storming really badly out side and so dark you could barley see where you where going. The clock in the living room Struck

6:00pm while the TV was playing the Cell games. "YAA beat the snot out of them, Cell," yelled Emily. Nobody was home so she had

the whole house to herself. 'Man this is AWSOME; I can't believe how Hot Cell is' (sigh). Suddenly, there was a big flash of lightning

& a big Boom outside. The TV screen started to make funny noises and was flashing different colors. "What the bloody Hell," she

whacked the TV. The second her hand hit the TV a blinding light filled the room, then every thing went dark.The sound of pouring rain

and raging winds could be heard outside the window as Emily got back up from where she had fallen.

"W'oh, ok what just happened…oh great the power went out, better find the flashlight," As she searched for the flashlight in the kitchen,

she heard a slight groan come from the living room. Her head turned slightly toward the living room while she grabbed the flashlight and

flicked it on. While she made her way back to the living room she grabbed a bat from the hallway closet. When she got to the living room

and walked in the flashlight went out. She banged it but the light didn't work, that's when she saw a human shape lump laying in the

middle of the living room. She got closer to it and started to raise the bat in the air to hit it. There was an electrical sound and the power

came back on. The bat swayed and hit the ground a few inches away from the figures head. Emily just stared in disbelief at who laid out

cold on her living room floor. After a few pinches and one good punch to the arm she decided that she wasn't hallucinating and that she

was really staring at Cell who was still unconscious on her living room floor, she managed to whisper one word, "wow".

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