Title: The Red Sun

Rating: 15+

NOTE: I don't know about the pairings yet. But I think anything will do. (Hete or yaoi for Naruto) I guess since you guys are the readers, it's best for you to decide and vote on it. Whichever character that gets the most votes will do. And trust me; I can make any couple happen! (Without looking that it happening with a sudden bam! Like one minute that was nothing going on and the next they are together.)

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"…" - normal speech.

"…"- thoughts

/"…"/ - Naruto talking to Kyubbi

"…"- Kyubbi speaking



"Those who can't let go of the past cannot see the future; let our present pave a road."

What would you do, when you began to fade? What would you do, when you can't tell the difference between yourself and the mask you wear? What would you do, when the skies rain down blood?

His eyes were cold; colder than normal. Before it wasn't like that, before there was always a spark of anger, irritation or annoyance. But now, it was like ice; ice so cold that burns.

"Sasuke," Naruto plead, "come back." His body trembles, from the pain of loosing Sasuke or from the bloody arm that was still embedded in him, he doesn't know. "Please, Sasuke, come back with me, please."

His eyes were still cold.

"Good bye, Naruto," his arm left Naruto in a swift motion. Naruto's eyes widen in pain, "S-sasuke…"

Darkness engulfed him. Black, all he can see now was black.

Naruto woke up with a startle; cold sweat dripped down his head, his lungs screams for air.

"It was a dream, right?" he whispered, hands clutching his chest. "Sasuke didn't really go with that perverted snake, did he?" he smiled weakly, completely disregarding the fact that he had called his rival by name and not the usual "bastard".

"It was all a dream; a nightmare."

"If that's what you want to believe brat."

/"Fox!"/ Naruto's eyes narrowed/"What does that mean?"/

"What do you think it means?"

/"It didn't happen!"/

"It had and it will again."

Naruto growled at the comment: but it will again? The mean to the cryptic message was lost to him.

Slowly, he rose from his bed, and got ready to meet his team. A air of eeriness washed over him. Something is not right…something feels…strange.

Walking down the hall;

Funny, I don't remember my hall being so wide…or the door so tall…crap!

Running into the bathroom in panic, Naruto flung the door open. A small mirror lay on the floor.

Almost hesitatively, he picked it up…oh gods!

I'm a chibi!


"What, brat?"

/"What? What? I'm a chibi!"/ Naruto wailed.

"You're twelve." Kyubbi corrected calmly. (AN: in my story, Sasuke betrayed the village at the age of 14, and Naruto had a growth spurt at the age of 13, but he is still shorter than Sasuke, just a bit taller than Sakura.)

"Twelve," came the indifferent reply.

How is that possible? Unless…


"It had and it will again."

:End of Flashback:

"The Valley of Death! I died didn't I? And you saved me by bring me back to the past."/

Kyubbi smirked, "You're not as dumb as you made yourself out to be. But yes, I send you back to the past."

"I see…so I get a second chance to save Sasuke."/

"You have a second chance to be stronger."

He was always alone; always overlooked, shadowed, and fading. His mask; for as long as he remembered, shielded him from the world around him. From the glares, hatred, harsh whispers and coldness. He had worn the jester's mask for so long; played the fool, that he can't see himself anymore. He can't tell whether he was just the lonely child or the ignorant prankster.

Who is he?





Or perhaps, Uzumaki Naruto, the hero, legacy of a new beginning?

Naruto walked down the streets of the hidden leaf village with ease, ignoring the cold eyes that glared at him. To him, this coldness was no longer a concern. To him, it doesn't matters anymore. His dream to be Hokage had faded, and instead, in place of it was his dream to find himself, who he truly is, and saving Sasuke, protecting those who he had once failed.

Now Naruto train day and night, getting stronger. With his memories of the past life and the abilities that he possesses, Naruto had decided that he will not play the fool again. He will become stronger than he ever had, and he will not pretend anymore. He no longer cares for the village. He only cares for his precious people. Everything was the same as before he turned twelve, but Naruto vowed that his years after twelve would be different. Very different.

Team seven was worried about Naruto. Lately, the blond had not been himself. He was no longer the loud, obnoxious dobe that they know him as. For the past week, Naruto had been aloof. Naruto didn't greet Sakura with enthusiasm in the morning; he didn't greet at all for that matter. He no longer picks fights with Sasuke. Hell, he didn't even complain about the lame D-ranked mission they have been receiving. Just the other day when Sakura invited Naruto out for ramen; he declined. Him! The ramen-loving-dobe declined! There is something serious wrong with him, and everyone can't help be worry. After all, it's not everyday that one of your teammates would leave happy and come back stoic the next morning.

It was another day of boring mission; the cat, which belongs to the Lady of the fire county, was on the loose again. Truth to be told, the cat was happier to be lost than found. However, a mission is a mission, so thus Kakashi and his team was now deep in the forest, looking for the poor little fur-ball. But fate would have it, favoring the poor fur-ball, refuse to let the poor thing being abused any longer, sheltered the tabby professionally and away from the genins.

Kakashi sighed and glanced toward his students. It had been hours and there was no sight of the cat. Not that he mind, in his logic the cat would turn up sooner or latter. But what bothers him the most at the moment was the silence. Ha! Can you believe this? Silence? Team seven, the one with the loud-mouth ninja? Unheard of! But here they were, in the deep of the forest, and not a sound. The jounin sighed again, dejected; this is going to be a long day. Maybe if he tell Naruto that he would train him today, the blond would be more…Naruto. After all, Kakashi reasoned, Naruto had always wanted him to in the past.


Naruto ran up to one Hatake Kakashi in excitement after training.

"Hey! I need a favor!" he grinned obnoxiously.

However, before Naruto could make his request, Kakashi replied lazily but firmly. "Stop right there…I already know what you are about to ask, but I'm busy. I've got other things going on," taking out his Icha Icha Paradise, Kakashi continued, "I could not give you my full attention."

Naruto's bright eyes dulled, but quickly regain his composure and shouted, "Let me guess! You're training Sasuke, right?"

Kakashi shrugged, "Now, now don't complain,"

Naruto glared hotly at his sensei before turning away.

"Bleh! I don't need you! I've got other things to do, too!" he glowered loudly, but inside, his hear clenched painfully.

Kakashi sighed and returned to his book as Naruto walked away.

:End of Flashback:

Now Kakashi regrets his actions. But felling sorry won't do anything. He's going to train and pay more attention to Naruto from now on!

Meanwhile, Uchiha Sasuke was throwing glares every two seconds at his blond teammate. Annoyed was an understatement. Sasuke was furious. For once the blond was quiet and Sasuke was not at all happy as he had imagined he would be. But perhaps a part of him was also concerned for Naruto. It seems strange for the two of them not arguing every minute or so. But still! The dope was seriously getting on his nerves. A part of his mind wonder, "When did I let him get so deep under my skin."

If anyone ask Sakura what she thinks about Naruto, she would tell you that he's a selfish, arrogant, idiot who always picks a fight with Sasuke. If anyone asked her if she had ever cared for Naruto, she would laugh in your face. But here she was; worried, and she hates it. Stupid Naruto!

Walking ahead of his team, Naruto was obvious toward the concern of his teammates. In his mind, he was having a deep conversation with Kyubbi.

/"Kyubbi, do you get the feeling that someone is staring holes into the back of my head?"/

Kyubbi snorted, "You think? Your sudden change had made everyone unease. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone thought that you are planning to take over the world."

/"I guess it is abnormal for someone to change so suddenly. But I don't want to wear my mask again. I nearly couldn't tell it from me."/

"Well, brat, what should we do? If you don't wear your mask everyone will began to think that the seal broke…or worst, they would start asking you questions. How can you explain that you were really 14 and had died fighting Sasuke."

/"Let's not forget that you send me back in time. Or the fact that Sasuke was going to betray the village and leave with Orochimaru."/

"Oh, yeah, right, that snake-homo."

/"Kyubbi! I am serious here!"/

"So am I! He has to be a homo if he goes after Sasuke with such intensity!"

Naruto sighed good-naturedly. He knows that Kyubbi is trying to cheer him up. But really! Orochimaru a homo? Now that idea just plain scary.

Hopes he will never take interest in me!

Falling back on the situation at hand, Naruto sighed again, but this time in frustration. Debating and weighting his options, Naruto finally decided.

/"Oye, Kyubbi, if I ever start to loose myself, call me back?"/

Kyubbi nodded, "Of course. So when are you going to put your mask back on?"

/"As soon as we find that stupid cat."/


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